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Courtney Love -- Motherhood Never Looked So Good

9/21/2010 7:15 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Now that her daughter is no longer a minor and the burdens of losing guardianship over Frances Bean have been removed from her life, reassembled rock star Courtney Love has never looked better.


Courtney showed off her refurbished doll parts at a premiere in NYC last night.

The 46-year-old may have lost a daughter, but she's gained some new things too.



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Let's all cut her a little slack. In the past she's looked like a combination of road-kill and what a Mack truck leaves behind (and, mostly because of poor life choices)...but, she is looking really put together in this photo and it just shows that she can really be beautiful when she wants to be. I just hope she sees the potential in herself and realizes she's got yet another chance to pull it together!

1464 days ago


She does look pretty darn good. I've been off drugs for over 25 yrs now. It IS POSSIBLE, but it takes work. I think it must be really hard to quit when you have funds and there's "misery loves company" around every corner.

1464 days ago


Looks really nice good hair good dress but then the tattoos yuk ruins it all

1463 days ago

Jim in Cali    

Courtney has been touring with her band.

1463 days ago


She did the glam thing once in the 90s, but it didn't last long. I doubt this will last long either.

1463 days ago


plastic surgery redo...

1463 days ago


Oh, they did a goood job on her! Good Doc[s]! Now, wonder who makes the makeup foundation she is using?! WANT IT! GREAT light reflecting pigmentation!

1463 days ago


She works hard at her debauchery! Every man whom sleeps with her says she knows no boundries. Too bad she is singulary and all she does is ********* with different people while trying to assert control over someone/something. If she could get rid her psycological problems, she would actually make a hot spouse to someone..the ying to the yang...the balance! her stregnth would dictate so.

But she is imbalanced and no one can find balance in her except poor dead Kurt. I forget..where was she again when he was killed?

one of those long buried subway tunnels in New York probably seen less action through it's entire existance than the subway tunnel between her legs. Like a subway station, make sure you touch everything with gloves on!

1463 days ago


Sorry, but starving yourself half to death and using implants doesn't make you look good. She is far, far too thin. It's sad that skinny is the "in" look in entertainer circles. What's the thing with women looking like skeletons? What is that signaling? Women are not worthy of eating food?

1463 days ago


Everyone's actying like the boobs are new. She's had fake titties for years.

1463 days ago


If it wasnt for Kurts legacy so she can pay all those plastic surgeries she would have look nowdays like a RATT!!!

1463 days ago


She has a pound of make-up on her face!

1463 days ago


In case everyone didn't know, once you zoom in you can drag the picture around and see anything close up.Use it with caution, especially in this case! Nice track marks on each arm, BTW.

1463 days ago


Wow... she does look pretty. I don't remember a picture that I've seen of her that didn't have "druggie" painted all over her face, but she actually looks really nice here.

When I saw this, my first thought was "... Madonna?"

As for the surgery, wow it does wonders lol. But wait a second.. I thought she didn't have any money?

1463 days ago


wonder what Edward Norton thinks about her new look?

1463 days ago
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