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James Gandolfini's Truck Impounded

9/21/2010 4:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

James Gandolfini had to bum a ride with a friend this AM, after cops impounded his car because Mr. G was driving on a suspended license.

Law enforcement sources tell us Gandolfini was pulled over for two traffic violations -- running a stop sign while talking on the phone -- while cruising through the Hollywood Hills -- and then determined he didn't have a valid license.

We're told Gandolfini's truck was impounded at the scene (pictured above).


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I live in So Cal and 1/2 the drivers on the road are illegal/no license/no insurance.

1470 days ago

Y do he got    

necks time it will B^^^^ Coppers in chopers and bling blam bule STAY OUTA my TWON

1470 days ago


For poster #3, "Justsayin"

There is no word its'

It's is for "it is"

And its is the plural possessive of it.

1470 days ago


That cop might have saved an innocent person's life today. Running a stop sign while talking on the phone. Sheesh.

1470 days ago


I just dont understand why this is news. Why are people following him around and taking pictures of his car being towed?

1470 days ago


worthless cop! to any of you cops that might read this...karma is a bitch you non pusssy getting pricks

1470 days ago


Is this really worth putting up on the site or is it just a slow day? TMZ is becomming a ad dump there are more ad's them anything els even the TV show is like that.

1470 days ago


Ohhhh, where'd you get your balls? Watch it, you're talkin' to the boss of this family, ohhhhh, get me my shfooyadell, ohhh!

1470 days ago


I do not understand that if you are driving with a suspended license that you roll a stop sign while yapping in your cell without a bluetooth!!! No residuals coming in from The Sopranos reruns???

1470 days ago

Moe Zilla    

C'mon Tony. That cope needs to get whacked. Good! Fuggetaboutit.

1470 days ago


Gandolfini, are you a frigging idiot. You know damn well your're driving without a license, your're on your cell phone and run right through a Stop Sign. Get your license up to date and your truck out of impound. a sshole.

1470 days ago


On second thought; driving without a license, running a stop sign, AND talking on cell phone? Why wasn't he arrested? I love me some Tony Soprano, but he could have killed someone.

1470 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Cop was doing what we pay him to do & you people know it. If he hit one of your loved ones you'd put on a big stage show about wanting his head on a platter, so flip off. As far as tmz posting & airing this footage; They film people walking into restaurants & getting in & out of their cars, do you really think they won't show stuff like this? Btw, that wasn't a question. They SHOULD, so people can take their blinders off when it comes to these "stars". Good actor, idiot citizen.

1470 days ago


#TeamLindsay- Thnak god I live in NY with the left over non compliance people that are on the road..LOL In fact we live in the next neighborhood away from Lindsay and we are so glad she is not here, and can someone take the rest of the family with them. Maybe Maria Shriver can give some tips to the people in Ca how to do it without getting a ticket or jail time.

1470 days ago


Takes a cop with some serious balls to impound Tony Soprano's car.

But seriously, nice to see being a celebrity doesn't get you out of everything.

1470 days ago
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