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Sandra Bullock Drops Dime on Sunny's Mom

9/21/2010 7:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sandra Bullock is talkin' some serious smack about Jesse James' ex-wife ... according to new legal docs.


Jesse's ex, Janine Lindemulder, claims she was driving with daughter Sunny recently when the kid accused her of being a liar.

The conversation started innocently enough -- when Janine was explaining to Sunny it was wrong to lie. 

According to the docs, filed in O.C. Superior Court, Sunny blurted out, "Sandy said that you lied to the police and that's why you went to jail."

This isn't the first time Janine has claimed Sandra bad-mouthed her in front of Sunny ... as TMZ first reported, Janine alleges Sandra said within earshot of Sunny, "Quite frankly, I'm glad Janine is in jail. She can go ruin someone else's life."


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How much trashier can these people get?!?! Sandra may not be an angel either but, I'm sure she's glad to be out of this mess. At least, she can focus on her family now. As for this woman and Jesse, I can only hope Sunny doesn't grow up to be like either however, I don't see how she has a chance in the world. Poor child! Maybe, it's time to take her away from both parents. Sad but, true.

1501 days ago


Some of you act as if you are personal friends with these people and care about what happens in their lives. The fact is that they could give two ****s about you or what goes on in your lives, so why do you people care so much about them? Oh yeah, I forgot. Some of you people have no lives.

1501 days ago


What the hell was Sandra supposed to say? the woman was in jail for a reason. Lie to the kid? Seems like Sandra did everything right.

1501 days ago


hey # 36, but yet YOU are here posting. Looks like you are pot calling kettle black.

1501 days ago



1501 days ago

West Vasquez    

Sandra Bullock is a heartless wench who is too good to have her own child so she tries to steal one from a mother who is fighting for control of her own daughter from a loser ex-husband. Why not go back to africa and take another child that needs help. There is a special place in hell for Sandra Bullock.

1501 days ago


grow up - if you were a good mom you would not have been in jail to begin with.

1501 days ago


So Sunny would prefer that Sandra lie to the kid like she does? Kids are way smarter then they are given credit for.

1501 days ago


First she sells the story about the letter to Kat Von D now she is back to picking at Sandra. I think Jesse will play along with Janine so maybe the Judge will change the custody agreement. If so he can say I have to move back to CA instead of the REAL reason which would be to be closer to Kat. I do agree with Janine that she should not have been introduced to Sunny so fast.

1501 days ago

hung and dashing    

How can people even have a debate over credibility when the story or account is about Janine Lindemulder being said to be a LIAR?

When you lose or have no real credibility how do we even know for certain this conversation took place between Lindemulder and her daughter? Did her daughter tell the story to the Press? Seems it is coming from Lindemulder. But she would be the once accused of being a liar which is the point of the story she's relating here.

So its a catch-22. Could the girl have said that to her mother? Sure. Could Sandra Bullock have said that to the girl? Sure. But with this crop of trash there isn't much any way to know for sure-sure. So its just hearsay.

And if Lindemulder DID lie to police it isn't like that should be a mystery. I am sure a kid ASKS, "Why is my mommy in jail?" Is Sandra Bullock suppose to say, "Cuz. Now eat your beets."

1501 days ago


This is probably the best explanation Sandra could give to the child about why her Mom was in jail. This woman needs to get a life and become a better role model.

1501 days ago


if Sandra was a good mother as she speaks for her on all recent interviews she woudnt get caough in gay bar with naked man around
i mean you be a good mother without keeping the flathering for yourself

1501 days ago


Mummy...aunt sandy says you're a beeeeeyaaaaatch....

Now that can get uncomfortable!!

whew glad I'm over here!

1501 days ago


What was Sandra suppose to say..Well Sunny your Mom is in jail for being a crack whore. Yeah that would have been better than saying she lied to the cops. How about stop doing thing that put you there in the first place. Clean your act up for your kid.

1501 days ago


Since when is telling the truth talking smack?

Here it is, peeps. Deadbeat parents do a LOT of things wrong. They lie to cover it up, it confuses the hell out of the kids, kids grow up not knowing which end is up and what the hell is normal, right and wrong. People like Sandy are there to set them straight. Plain and simple.
Janine, like all other deadbeat mothers, needs to dry up and blow away so these kids can have a chance at normal. 'Nuff said.

1501 days ago
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