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Sandra Bullock Drops Dime on Sunny's Mom

9/21/2010 7:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sandra Bullock is talkin' some serious smack about Jesse James' ex-wife ... according to new legal docs.


Jesse's ex, Janine Lindemulder, claims she was driving with daughter Sunny recently when the kid accused her of being a liar.

The conversation started innocently enough -- when Janine was explaining to Sunny it was wrong to lie. 

According to the docs, filed in O.C. Superior Court, Sunny blurted out, "Sandy said that you lied to the police and that's why you went to jail."

This isn't the first time Janine has claimed Sandra bad-mouthed her in front of Sunny ... as TMZ first reported, Janine alleges Sandra said within earshot of Sunny, "Quite frankly, I'm glad Janine is in jail. She can go ruin someone else's life."


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Well, does it bother you Janie that your child knows the truth about you? It should have bothered you when you were out doing those things that landed you in jail. Hmmm, just because custody paperwork says that adults are not to bad mouth each other, does not mean answering a childs question truthfully will get you simpathy in the court. You need to give the courts hard evidence of YOURSELF DOING GOOD over a period of time (not a few months), and not find flaws in everybody else in order to get what you are requesting for custody or visitation.

1458 days ago

Pound Sand    

So we believe this crack whore why? This article assumes that she is telling the truth about what Sandra supposedly said to her daughter. Good lord just go the hell away slut!

1458 days ago


Wow! Sandra will never be able to get rid of Jesse's stench. I'm sure Sandra said this to Sunny way-back-when before she knew Jesse was an a--hole. And it was probably because Sunny asked why Janine was in jail and it was a simple and understandable answer to give a 6 yr old.
I Dont get why Jesse is still in TX? He said that KVD makes him happy and she lives in L.A. so why not go back to L.A.? I'm sure KVD will be the kids new stepmom so he should be concentrating in getting his kids to bond with KVD.
It will make this whole mess go away if he went back, since Janine will have access to Sunny and KVD is there for him. Anyways Sandra wont be able to do much once KVD and him are married and she is their stepmom. Sandra will see the kids when she visits and be a good friend and support system for them. So why keep getting herself mix up with these people. Let KVD handle Janine. She should concentrate on her life and Louis' and get this circus out of TX.

1458 days ago


Seriously? She is filing court do***ents over the truth being told to her daughter? Kind of pathetic. Use the court to make yourself seem like a good parent.

1458 days ago


Sandra Bullock is very immature. I once saw her on an interview with Chris O'Donnell and she was a total idiot. So, I gave her another chance and watched another interview....low and behold...idiot once again. Im have no sympathy for her, never did, never will. She was IMMATURE enough to marry the dirtbag.. You sleep with dogs, you get up with fleas! Bite away fleas... Bite away!!

1458 days ago


Janine has had a lousy hand dealt her. Most IRS tax evasion cases are settled with fines and paying back taxes.

She received a federal prison sentence and lost permanent custody of her child, all of which worked out conveniently for her ex-husband.

She's not a bad person, just unlucky to have ever met her ex-husband.

Posted at 4:32 PM on Sep 21, 2010 by Politico Pablo

AMEN!! I think Jesse and Sandy had something to do with Janine's IRS problems leading to jail time in order to gain custody of Sunny. Sandra Bullock pretends to be nice, but is actually a downright nasty biotch. She and Jesse got together to take that child fron Janine, Sandra because she's barren and wanted Sunny and Jesse to get out of child support.

1458 days ago


Skank will drop Sandra's name every chance she gets just to keep her name in the press. STFU already. If you were half as classy as Sandra you would keep your big fat mouth shut. Give it a break already.

1458 days ago


Please, please let this little girl go live with Sandra and baby Louie. If anyone has an inkling of decency, then this should happen. This Janine is seriously disturbed and her insanity exacerbates when she is on drugs, which seems to be regularly. Jesse messed everything up by being a cheater who secretly hates himself. **** the genetics; get the little girl to the best place for her. If jesse had kept it in his pants, then Sunny would have Sandy to counteract all this bull****, which is way too much for any child to endure. I pray she gets counseling; that all of them are forced to go together; the only sane request out of druggie Janine's mouth.

1458 days ago


How DARE you critize her. I was on your team until now, now go pound sand ya B***h. You`ve been a parent for all of 2 minutes. You know absolutely nothing! You didn`t even know your husband was screwing any piece of trash he could. You`ve been critical of her before but this is the last straw. STOP trying to hijack HER child, you got your own now. Try looking after him better than you did that husband of yours. Maybe if you had concentrated on minding your own business, he wouldn`t have cheated. Telling a child her mother lied and went to jail, is OUTRAGEOUS and vicious. I`m seeing you in a whole new light and it`s not pretty. I`ve seen my last Sandra Bullock movie. Knock off this bull right now.

1458 days ago


So Janine says Sandra "bad-mouthed" her by telling Sunny that Janine went to jail for "lying to the police." And this is a bad thing versus the TRUTH about this skank? Sandra did her a FAVOR; she could have said SO much worse without even getting close to the real behavior of Janine.

1458 days ago


How is this bashing/badmouthing Janine? Isn't this a nice way of telling her what happened?

1458 days ago


There is nothing wrong with telling a child that her mother went to jail because she lied to the police! I am raising children whose mother is in and out of jail, and when they ask why she's in jail, I give them a simple answer like that. What Sandra told Sunny sounds completely reasonable to me!

1458 days ago


Sandra, Sandra, Sandra why the hell did you agree to Jesse moving to TX! look what is getting you. Janine wouldnt be doing all this if Sunny was still in CA.
Also Jesse has a new slut which the kids have met and might become their stepmom. And he's probably giving her more access and responsibility of the kids. SO what kind of co-parenting can you and Jesse do when he's with KVD? You werent thinking right when he talk to you about moving to Austin. Now this crap is going to follow you everywhere.

1458 days ago


I knew by bringing things to the surface for my cause it was going to get ugly. And it has, and it'll get worse. I'm not looking for fame or money. Trust me, I feel foolish enough. I'm not in a good place with the public, thats ok. I'll take the blows. Maybe one day , heaven forbid, they experience P.A.S. then they'll understand. Till then, judge if you must.
I have no reason to lie. I choose peace, but not if it means keeping quiet while other parents and children suffer. The little that I know will help shed some light on P .A.S.

1458 days ago


Janine is really trying everything to get her daughter back so she can get child support from Jesse. Janine, give up you loser.

1458 days ago
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