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Sandra Bullock Drops Dime on Sunny's Mom

9/21/2010 7:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sandra Bullock is talkin' some serious smack about Jesse James' ex-wife ... according to new legal docs.


Jesse's ex, Janine Lindemulder, claims she was driving with daughter Sunny recently when the kid accused her of being a liar.

The conversation started innocently enough -- when Janine was explaining to Sunny it was wrong to lie. 

According to the docs, filed in O.C. Superior Court, Sunny blurted out, "Sandy said that you lied to the police and that's why you went to jail."

This isn't the first time Janine has claimed Sandra bad-mouthed her in front of Sunny ... as TMZ first reported, Janine alleges Sandra said within earshot of Sunny, "Quite frankly, I'm glad Janine is in jail. She can go ruin someone else's life."


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Maybe once Janine straightens up an actually acts like a mother then you won't have to worry about people saying bad things about you!! She was bound to hear it from someone just so happen that Sandra spoke first.. Whan your mother acts like a idiot an a lousy mother someone is going to say something.. GROW UP, BE A MOTHER, an most impotantly SHUTT UP!!!!

1495 days ago


Would she prefer Sandy tell the child that her mother is a drug addict or make up a big fat lie?

1495 days ago


Deal with it. You were in jail.

1495 days ago

either or    

Sad to say, but they're ALL nothing but trash...including the kid.

1495 days ago


It has already been pointed-out here repeatedly that the girl's mommy went to jail because of the IRS, NOT because she, "lied to the police".
Why are you people so ignorant? And that means all of you who are saying that Sandra told the girl the truth.
Actually, Sandra LIED. SHE IS THE "LIAR" in this story.
Kind-of ironic isn't it? She lied about the girl's mom being a liar!
They probably lied like heck too when the woman went to jail saying that they would take good care of the girl while mom was away, when in reality they wanted custody-they are ALL s***. Why didn't Sandy have her own children?
Why does she have to take other people's kids?

1495 days ago


#19 Angel -

Oh, great Oracle of knowledge, Giver of all truth, where exactly shall we mere mortals mark down your profoundly wise words? Awaiting your further instruction...Heh.

1495 days ago


"Janine Lindemulder writing an open letter on Radar Online to Jesse James new girlfriend Kat Von D, now she’s suing our Leo girl, Sandra Bullock. Why did she file lawsuit, Janine says Sandra Bullock has been speaking negatively about her to her daughter Sunny. According to TMZ, it was an innocent conversation between mother and daughter, where Janine told Sunny it was wrong to lie. According to the docs, filed in O.C. Superior Court, Sunny blurted out, “Sandy said that you lied to the police and that’s why you went to jail.” Yes, Janine did lie to the IRS and did go to jail for tax evasion .

This isn’t the first time Janine Lindemulder has claimed Sandra Bullock bad-mouthed her in front of Sunny … as TMZ first reported, Sandra Bullock reportedly said, “Quite frankly, I’m glad Janine is in jail. She can go ruin someone else’s life.” Unfortunately, Jesse James our naughty Aries dude actually ruined Sandra Bullock’s life. But she will bounce back."

1495 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

I gotta watch me more of these Beverly Tatbillies.

1495 days ago


How the heck else was Sandra who is in a parental role via marriage to explain to the child in a simple way why Janine went to jail?! You couldn't express that more simply to not damage the child. Think about it people.

1495 days ago


I think Sandra had no right to badmouth the mother of a little girl like that. It's mean and unnecessary. Why mess the kid up more? Why can't she just hug her and tell her how much everyone loves her. Buy her a handbag, or whatever.

I really think it's wrong for the new squeezes to talk crap about spouses to the kids. Sandra Bullock included.

1495 days ago



Take your beautiful son, Louis, and run for your lives. I feel so sorry for the James children who loved you so very much, and hope you can maintain minimal contact with them. You did nothing to tear this marriage apart - Jesse did.

Take care and stay strong.

1495 days ago


GO SANDRA!!! That kid's mother and father are effed up. Sandra is the only "apparently" normal one around. Hey Sunny, your parents are freaks and racists and cheaters and porn whores and, well they suck

1495 days ago


this is really starting to make sandra look like a jerk. Sunny is NOT her kid and not even her stepkid anymore. i can see now the attraction between Jessse and Sandra - they are both controlling jerks.

Sunny is Janine's child and Jesse better get on board with parenting with her. Sunny is growing up and teenagers don't like to discover that one parent has kept them away from the other. it tends to make them bitter.

1495 days ago


Sandra could have said the truth that Janine owed money.
Sandra Bollock always hated Janine and was jelaous at her.
People are so blind for thumbing up for Sandra. She knew excatly what she was doing involving herself with married man who left his 8 months pregnant porn star wife behind. Dont forget they started dating before Jesse divorsed Janine and she was carrying his child.
Sandra is far from good person as she shows herself all the time.

1495 days ago



Yea and your one of them, get off your high horse and stop talking sh*t. You actually make yourself sound stupid with what you said.

Ohh and you say "Reading your comments of degradation proves how uneducated most of you are"

Typing in caps just makes you look stupid, and well with your lack of common sense and the grasp of the english language, typing that way just points it out a lot more. Maybe you should go get an education, then come back and try and insult others.

Also "way to white trash", I have seen your comments and well lets put it this way, your just as bad as everyone else.

1495 days ago
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