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Lindsay's Got That 'Warrant-for-Her-Arrest' Glow

9/21/2010 7:45 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

With her probation revoked, a warrant issued for her arrest and a mandatory court appearance on Friday, Lindsay Lohan got a facial yesterday.


At least her skin is healthy.



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How is it possible that she has any money left to do anything?

1492 days ago


Lindsay Lohan posted this on her twitter:

Went to spa yesterday and relaxed, got my skin soft for my friends at lynwood and got my nails did for court.
about 3 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

She also attended an AA meeting:

Gotta go to AA meeting like I don't understand how going to these meetings will make my pee test clean #confused
about 13 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

1492 days ago


No doubt got her lips done, not good enough to look like a guppie, going for the Cod look for the judge and of course, will be needing a new tatoo on her fingers to impress the judge.

1492 days ago


getting off addictive stuff is damned hard. at 66 I know, she needs all the help an support she can get from all of her friends and family and the rest of us. you idiots who think you are so good, your a bunch of smug *******s.

trash your own ****ing life and family. jerks.

let's dump on your sorry ass at TMZ.

you go LiLo you can make it.

1492 days ago


Thanks for that enlightening bit of information, Joe Blow... I've long suspected NICOLE of clandestinely being Lindsay's true PR rep. By the way, the Jim Beam thing is just a little questionable... to me anyway. "Supposably" she only drinks Belvedere vodka, since it's the most expensive - therefore better.

A side thought: It's too bad that we can't attach photos to our posts here. I have a pretty accurate picture of NICOLE. I'll stop short of actually explaining what I mean, but the phrase "Grunt grunt grunt grunt grunt grunt" comes to mind.

1492 days ago


OK....judge finds out last week that linds had dirty screens speed,coke...waits until 8:30 am following fri. to intervine on pri obation o info. during interval a child chooses to run out in st. after his ball and linds. bently collides as fate has it. who is culpible mostly ? linds... or the judge who did not immediately have her arrested as a means of public safety ? If I stayed in LA in *^' I would be dead,incarcerated or nuts. instead the courts held me accountable where I moved to and I am 25 yrs. clean and sober. Not sayin' linds is not also culpable now that e she owns the fact she has this phenomonel diseasethat tells you you don't have it.Denial...its a wonderful thing and part of the diagnosis . whats the judges excuse?

1492 days ago


Nicole..aka Nicole Enabler

This woman must be part of Lindsay's Dream Team.

She's always here keeping tabs on anything Lindsay Lohan related.

I use to think she was an obsessed fan,who watched Herbie..over,and over,and over again..and cranking up some of Lindsay's lip sync-ing misic,while here making it a full time job defending this bimbo.

It's obvious Dina hired some chunky girl for a few bucks an hour,do do a PR campaign here at TMZ.

Because there is no way in hell anyone would spend that much time defending Lindsay...without getting something out of it.

I am 100% positive Nicole is on the Lohan payroll.

If not..she has to go down in the record books as being the most obessed,and stupid fan ever to walk the planet.

1492 days ago


Dina Lohan is WAY to much of a tightwad to pay anybody anything. C'mon... calling 911 because she didn't get ANOTHER free ice cream cake? That, my friends, is completely irrational, and it just goes to show how far out of touch she is.

I'm convinced that it really WAS her in the park in Merrick hurling verbal abuse at that group of innocent eucalyptus trees, accusing them of being paparazzi and threatening to play "hardball".

David Crosby once described a person who snorted so much cocaine that it actually burned a hole through their nasal cavity and right into their brain. That happen to you too, Dina?

1492 days ago


Mike- All good suggestions, but Lindsays is set on self destruct mode right now. With young starlets like Shenae Grimes, and Jessica Stroup who are naturally skinny and beautiful it musnt sit well on your subconcious if you rely on on Cocaine, and everything else Lindsay dose to create the illusion she is as thin as them.

1492 days ago

Joe Blow    

Hey everyone. Nicole just texted me while on her break from cleaning Dina Lohan's toilet's and asked me to correct a previous statement that I made.

In regards to the September 19,2008 incident where Lindsay plowed through a group of Cub Scouts, it needs to be noted that while Lie-ho was going 120mph down a one-way road, that the group of 20 Cub Scouts very clearly leaped in the path of her runaway vehicle, all to just make Lindsay look bad. There was also Ecstasy and Morphine involved in this incident, not just crack cocaine. Nicole Enabler would also like to add that no matter what Lindsay may or may not have done during her drunken drugged out escapades, as long as she says "I'm sorry", she shouldn't have to go to jail, or even be on probation, and that all should be immediately forgiven. I stand corrected, my apologies Nicole.

1492 days ago


Why don't let the mama enabler, Dina, join her in the joint?

1492 days ago


It's her life, and if she wants to live it in that way, that's her democratic right!!

To be honest, jail will not do her any good now, and for what crime anyway, harming herself?? Her other crimes, including the DUI have now been wiped as she has suposedly served her time. It's not her fault the jail system is overcrowded!!

She needs proper expert help coupled with the love and support of her family and real friends, and not ones who are going to take her out clubbing!! I can see the judge putting her in jail, then slapping a restraining order keeping her in LA. Now that will solve all of her problems won't it!!!

Finally, to all the flamers on here, just remember that she is a real person with feelings, and deserves to be treated that way. We all have problems, just that when someone is famous, they are under the microscope. What was it Friedrich Nietzsche said?? "we all have hero's who live for us, but for whom we punish" True of all celebrities, and I for sure am glad to be a normal Joe!!!

1492 days ago


Nicole aka..Nicole Enabler

I hope Dina is paying this pooer girl at least i smaking 25 cents more an hour than minimum wage.Nicole Enabler works dam hard twisting the truth,and ya have to give the girl some credit.Lindsay is not an easy girl to defend.

Lindsay is so happy to have a girl like you defending her in times of crisis.

My big question is.."How were they able to brain wash this poor girl to do this kinda work?"...I suppose it beats scrubbing toilets at a highway rest stop.'re doing a great job.

After Lindsay passes away..The Catholic Church sure could use someone like you defending all these priests that have been playing around with little boys.Only a woman like you could turn it around for them,and make it out to be the children who instigated these monsters.

There are alot of worthy causes for a woman like Nicole to be involved in.

With more people like her..our prisons wouldn't be over crowded,priests would be more trusted around children...and odds are we'd finally have peace in the Middle East.

Nicole Enabler is one hell of a woman.

Thank you on behalf of the Lohan Family..(hands clapping)..:)

1492 days ago


God I can't believe this trick isn't dead yet, guess there is always tomorrow.

1492 days ago


@25 Patrick

Would you be willing to pay the taxes necessary to build and support enough jail space to accommodate jailing everyone you think deserves to be jailed?
The United States already incarcerates more people than any other country on earth and the track record of using jail as a means of correcting bad behavior is one of absolute failure. Those who go to jail come back at an astounding rate.
I believe Lindsay should be jailed for a reasonable period of time, about 8 months. I do not believe anyone should be jailed for what they might have done. Lindsay deserves 8 months because of her lack of respect for the courts and her failure to even try to comply with the orders of the courts she has been in front of.

1492 days ago
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