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Bart Simpson Actress Sued Over Fiance's Debt

9/21/2010 9:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nancy Cartwright -- the voice of Bart Simpson -- is a defendant in a lawsuit involving her fiance's suicide, a failed construction project, and the Church of Scientology ... this according to documents obtained by TMZ.

In the suit, the American Safety Casualty Insurance Company claims a construction company run by Stephen Brackett -- Nancy's fiance at the time -- was hired to fix up a restaurant in 2008.  ASCIC issued an insurance policy to Brackett to cover the work ... and Nancy agreed to cover ASCIC's costs if anything went wrong.

ASCIC claims Brackett only did a portion of the work and "diverted contract funds" to the Church of Scientology, in which both he and Nancy were members.  ASCIC says that when the project was halfway done, Brackett committed suicide and his company folded.

ASCIC claims it had to fork over roughly $260,000 to complete the project ... and that Nancy is refusing to cover the expenses, as promised.

ASCIC is suing her for the 260k plus a whole lot more.


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Steve Brackett wasn't some low level Scientologist, he was an Operating Thetan (OT). It was reported that his friends and relatives said that Brackette was despondent because of financial troubles with his business. He died owning money to a lot of people.

In 2006 just a few years before his suicide Brackette was listed in IAS (International Association of Scientologists) as a Gold Meritorious, a $1 Million dollar donor.

Brackette committed suicide by jumping off a bridge. It almost seems like his suicide had a symbolic reference to Scientology's "bridge to total freedom". I wonder if he was trying to send a message.

1437 days ago


An operating thetan, eh? Dang... make up some wacky nonsense, hook people up to a makeshift lie detector and charge them for it. Then add additional levels of nonsense and make them go through the whole process again and again while charging them up the ying yang. What a cash cow. Who would have thunk it. Got to love that first amendment.

1437 days ago


When did he commit suicide? Two years now, yes she has to pay, unfortunately. That was the contract....Sad but true. Scientology? Give me a f**king break.

1437 days ago


Now that I know they were members of that CULT Scientolocrap, I say take her for everything she has...I will never look at the Simpsons the same. Thanks TMZ

1437 days ago


Um, why buy insurance and then promise to cover their costs? That would be utterly silly. I suspect there is more to this story.

Now, Scientology is involved, so insanity might be SOP. But why would an insurance company play along?

At any rate, and insurance company re-insuring against the claimant, I figure must be at best unethical, and most likely illegal. I'm curious how this works out. Of course, since the modern media can barely read, much less follow a lead, we'll hear nothing else out of this.

1437 days ago


The Church of Scientology is a --twisted cult of individuals!-- complete BS scheme that Hubbard thought would be a great joke, that turned into a fantastic way to make money, tax free.

1437 days ago


Brackett screwed over so many people/vendors and owed so much $ to so many people. He refused to pay what was owed to his vendors and thereby put many, MANY people out of work. I would imagine on top of his enormous financial dealings, he had huge guilt about this as well...

1436 days ago


Anyone who messed with CO$ ends up dead or sued till there out of money. CO$ always wins. Fear Xenu

1436 days ago


So is the broad who plays the voice of Lisa. She gave them a ton of money last year too.

1436 days ago

insurance agent    

That is correct. It had to be a bond issued through an insurance company. He was obviously not a good risk so she guaranteed. The owner probably needed to satisfy the city or county he was in and didn't have the credit. If she agreed to cover it she would have had to sign.

1436 days ago


D@mn dats sad i wonder if there gonna stop making episodes anyway dats no reason to kill ur self.

1436 days ago


Hey! I do a top-notch Bart impression. If she gets locked up, can I be her replacement? Seriously! What gives?

1436 days ago


Suicide is usually the only way out of Scientology but luckily Fred Arminsen was able to divorce Elizabeth Moss.

1436 days ago


We must wipe the CoS off the face of the earth...

1436 days ago


Perhaps ASCIC should include the church of $cientology in their law suit as well to recover the funds Stephen Brackett was leaned on to "donate"/"divert." (Rex Fower, $cientologist, who killed his business partner also had serious financial ties with the "church.") And I would question Ms. Cartwright's perception of reality regarding her now deceased fiance's state of mind. He probably had a moment of clarity that resulted in suicide, seeing how bad things actually were. The church has, no doubt, convinced her it was all on him. I will respect her when she wakes up and steps out of the "church" and away from its lies and speaks up with her own voice.

1436 days ago
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