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Oksana Grigorieva -- PR Strike on 'Today' Show

9/21/2010 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Oksana Grigorieva's legal team is ready to launch an offensive in the PR war against Mel Gibson ... by going on "Today."

In an attempt to turn the tide in the PR war with Mel -- sources tell us Oksana's lawyers -- Martin Garbus and Daniel Horowitz -- will appear on "Today" on Wednesday ... sans Oksana ... to reinforce the point that Mel wanted to have a child with her ... and wasn't "tricked" into it.

We're told Oksana's lawyers will also point out she turned down a $15 million settlement from Mel because she didn't like the custody situation ... and hasn't taken financial advantage of her other baby daddy Timothy Dalton. 


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So much of her PR and gagged order.

Her lawyer must be as daft as her for going to talk show.

Your beyond salvation Oksana, America is on to your game.

1502 days ago


evening all:)

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Wow we are gaining more Mel supporter since the PR war been unleashed.

Feel free to signed up to our Loyal Mel Gibson supporter anytime, just leave me a message to be added on the top list Ta!

1502 days ago


I can't wait for her to appear at any talk show and get booed.

1502 days ago


I have a few questions:

If Gibson wanted a child with her and the child was planned, why did Ox call Robyn to announce the pregnancy? Honestly, my husband's ex is the last person I would call with that news. Spite?

Why did Ox or a friend leak the news of the preganancy to the tabloids? Why was Ox SO EAGER to get the news out there - to EVERYONE?

Why did Gibson have to have an emergency meeting with his kids when they found out? A planned pregnancy doesn't require emergency meetings with your older children.

It doesn't sound like is was in Gibson's plans to have a child with Ox - though I have no doubt he loves the child.

GIven his Catholicism I doubt he ever want to have a child OUT OF WEDLOCK!

It's no wonder the guy was half nuts and couldn't live with himself and was exploding and was unhappy (see his texts).

He conscience was killing him.

1502 days ago


I have seen somewhere where Mel Gibson was telling his children the pregnancy was accidental.

Honestly his children prediction came true, that she was after their father's money.

1502 days ago


May 27, 2009

A few weeks ago, before the story broke, Mel sat down all seven of his children to break the news about Oksana’s pregnancy. Mel assured his children that the pregnancy was unplanned but they’re furious with him for leaving their mother, Robyn, and plans to take the appropriate measures to protect their inheritance.

1502 days ago


They are wasting their time. There is nothing they can say to change my mind. They could tell me the sky is blue and I would still not believe anything they have to say. But it does oddly seem like they are addressing things said right here by the TMZ posters. snort!! Stick a fork in it, boys. lol

1502 days ago


Is it just me? This email of hers does not at all sound like a woman who was fearful for her life. Maybe her team is confused. They are trying to repair her image but I see them doing more damage to it. I can't help but chortle, as curious would say.

1502 days ago


So basically all these text leaks to TMZ were to lay the groundwork for the appearance of Ox's attorneys on the Today Show?

1502 days ago


Put Timothy Dalton and Mel Gibson on the show and ask them if the pregnancies were planned. If they both say yes the pregnancies were planned then I'll believe it. We all know that's never going to happen. She rolled them both, she's a money grubber plain and simple!

1502 days ago


Lol it will contradicts to her dv claims

1502 days ago


Is it just me? This email of hers does not at all sound like a woman who was fearful for her life. Maybe her team is confused. They are trying to repair her image but I see them doing more damage to it. I can't help but chortle, as curious would say.

Posted at 5:51 AM on Sep 21, 2010 by Shell

I agree Shell, I don't know why they think this makes her look better. All it's saying to me is she was not afraid. hmmmm

1502 days ago


Enough。I don't buy it.

1502 days ago


Everytime this woman moves/talks she makes Mel look better. The fact she even hired a PR team shows how much she lives in unreality. Even time she talks infront of a camera she reveals her true motives. Time is always a friend..the true character of who someone is always is revealed over time. She has been revealed for someone who uses men for her own gain, and has no morals. She was never a celebrity she only hooked up with celebrities. Yet she wants to act like she is one. Everyone she has hired for PR has made her look worse not better--this won't be any different. She is a woman who will play the victim of this for the rest of her life (because she doesn't have a life) this will be her WORLD. The only limelight she will ever get is through Mel Gibson's name. She doesn't have one ounce of class/grace that Robyn has. Robyn was the one who could have gotten all kinds of attention in the media--but she was a woman of class. She not only has physically beautiful gorgeous eyes, her eyes shine because she knows love, she knows forgiveness, she knows integrity. She didn't go to war because her heart isn't a victim or someone who likes chaos. Every time Oksana hires someone or talks she makes Robyn Gibson look like a beautiful example to the world of what a classy woman is!

1502 days ago


They want to win brining this Prostitute to the Show?

1502 days ago
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