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Oksana Grigorieva -- PR Strike on 'Today' Show

9/21/2010 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Oksana Grigorieva's legal team is ready to launch an offensive in the PR war against Mel Gibson ... by going on "Today."

In an attempt to turn the tide in the PR war with Mel -- sources tell us Oksana's lawyers -- Martin Garbus and Daniel Horowitz -- will appear on "Today" on Wednesday ... sans Oksana ... to reinforce the point that Mel wanted to have a child with her ... and wasn't "tricked" into it.

We're told Oksana's lawyers will also point out she turned down a $15 million settlement from Mel because she didn't like the custody situation ... and hasn't taken financial advantage of her other baby daddy Timothy Dalton. 


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The trolls are coming out of the woodwork. Perhaps this is part of Oksana's high powered PR team...trolls.

I must be getting aggravated, that's twice I'm disrespectful. I am just irritated with fly by night posting wonders who are disinterested in anything other than their own words in type.

1491 days ago


# 96 worth reposting regularly because it describes the sociopathic behavior of Oktanic exactly

"A friend of a friend of mine is someone who worked at one of the former lawyer's for OG. This source just told me that OG, was considered to be a high risk client because she had so many different stories that did not add up. It was further revealed that she has been coaching her son, prepping him to be her pet witness. What kind of mother would do this?

These poor lawyers cannot make her lies into the truth for her and she withholds information from them about former events, evidences and debts. Apparently are now extremely nervous about rumors, that she has secretly recorded her meetings with them too.

That's probably not for immediate extortion use, she may leave it for while, because she's busy for now with increasing evidence piling up against her, like Violet Kowal's tapes. And if they're lucky, she may be put under a gag order not to spill the beans but we know how adept she is at following THAT law. She just keeps on, even when instructed to not speak, sell or release private conversation tapes by "The Court". That Mean Old Judge doesn't scare her.

This Oksana is no ordinary creature (human?): anyone that takes up with her is actually in danger of being flushed down the toilet, and their careers demolished.

How many times is she going to get away with making believe SHE is the victim, in order to drag others in to help her in her extortion attempts. She ruins anyone who helps her. Her representatives become guilty by ASSociation. Wake up people! This is what she does over and over and over. This is not a victim of DV, this is a predator using a popular and serious cause to enrich her and get revenge on a man she has sworn to destroy.

She has invested so much in trying to make the world think that she has been assaulted and harmed in some way, when it has actually been her, doing the assaulting by indulging in character assassination and by purposely putting a little baby in a dangerous situation in order to elicit a reaction of defense for and on behalf of that child, and destroying the future of all the children involved by assassinating the characters of their other parents.

This reaction wasn't what she'd hoped for. So she made up the whopper where he punched her twice in the face with a closed fist. Here is a joke; Oksana is a woman that can't even "lie straight" in bed.

Buyers BEWARE of anything that comes out of her mouth. You are not on stable ground when dealing with her. Look up the word (sociopath), and don't be surprised if you see the word Oksana printed there as it's meaning.

It actually says that a sociopath has an inability to hold down a job; sound familiar? A sociopath finds it hard to sustain a relationship; sound familiar? A sociopath has no regard for the rights of others; sound familiar? A sociopath never takes responsibility for their wrong doing, they blame others for it; sound familiar? A sociopath shows no remorse for hurting others, children included; sound familiar? A sociopath never let's the truth get in the way of what they want; sound familiar?

As for her filing a lawsuit against MG for defamation, let's look closely at this.

Is there no end to her audacity? Those of us who have been following this from the start see that he has never made a public comment about anything to do with her since she released the tapes. She has not been able to elicit any more reactions from him, in spite of her continued antagonistic behaviors. What a blow for her.

Her frustration level at not being able to elicit any reaction from MG, since she carried thru with her threat to release the tapes, if she didn't get what she wanted, has reached hideous proportions.

So now she accuses him of what she has been guilty of all along. Defamation of character. Ha!

She accuses MG of terrible lies, but they are not just any lies, and this is where she is really twisted. We now see that so many of the things that she accuses him of, are the things she that she has done herself. How's that for sick?

These new lawyers should beware of her sting. Respect for others is not in her creed. She will screw you, the way she screws everyone. Ask her friends. Oh, I forgot, she doesn't have any.

Posted at 10:25 AM on Sep 17, 2010 by J.T."

Back to the pet store for more bull stix Okstanic

1491 days ago


Thanks for that reminder about sleezebag Dingo.

Waving hellow to whowever is reading - except Cynthetica.

1491 days ago


I'm confused...If there is a gag order (which we know Oxymoron hasn't followed) How the hell can these lawyers step foot on the "Today" show and discuss any part of "Mel wanted a baby with Oxymoron" aren't these lawyers about to blantantly walk all over that gag order? Doesn't sound right to me? Anyone care to fill me in how they are getting around that?

1491 days ago


Gene, it's not even a single day. I think we heard 30-40 minutes of recordings. I am not going to judge a man on 30-40 minutes of his 54 years. And if I were goinhg to judge him that way, I'd need to know all he's done in his life and pick the 30-40 minutes myself.

Posted at 11:56 AM on Sep 21, 2010 by Tammy

you must of been one of OJs or Robert Blakes jurors!!!!!!

Posted at 12:23 PM on Sep 21, 2010 by TMZgossip

No. I didn't live in CA at that time. What does Mel have to do with OJ and/or Robert Blake? Was he charged with murder?

1491 days ago


No. I didn't live in CA at that time. What does Mel have to do with OJ and/or Robert Blake? Was he charged with murder?

Posted at 12:43 PM on Sep 21, 2010 by Tammy

What Mel did is much worse than murder - he was politically incorrect (gasp).

1491 days ago


What Mel did is much worse than murder - he was politically incorrect (gasp).

Posted at 12:52 PM on Sep 21, 2010 by Tellthetruth59

I know!! LOL!!

1491 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

Mel wanted to have a baby with her, eh? And her lawyers know this how? Answer: Oksana! And she's obviously a liar.

This TV appearance is for PR. And, of course, Mel can't deny it. What's he gonna say: I didn't want a child with Oksana. He can't say that because it would come back to haunt him some day when the baby is older and can understand what he said.

Not everybody is as dumb as Oksana. Some of us know what she is: a Russian bitch!

1490 days ago


The release of the recordings were done in a sensationalized tabloid way. If it were done in a more dignified way, Oxana might be perceived as a classy and honorable person.
In this case, less is more. It was an overkill and showed a lot of holes in her story.
Anyway this story should ahve ended in the $15million settlement.

1490 days ago


welcome to United Soviet America!
if party said that person is guilty
then media, TV, judges, court must all support party!

looks like a supreme test of people gullibility
rich Mel is bad, poor mother Oksana just saving her child,
bad father must go to jail, you have prove on tapes!

God please stop this insanity and protect Mel and his family.

1490 days ago

voice of reason    

How can it be called a PR war when the only crap coming out is from her??

Posted at 1:32 AM on Sep 21, 2010 by kali

Exactly kali

Lets see....

She starts the PR BS and it backfires
Now she needs to fix the PR BS that backfired
On to national TV to use the "baby card", and maybe the naive public might just buy that Mel, after fathering 7 children was yearning for #8....NOT

Its just incredible how she and her PR keep underestimating and playing the public.
Thank God rational thinking people in America are not buying the BS, people are asking questions and digging for information, and now even some in the media are turning the tables...

She and her PR must be oblivious to how the public is so turned off by her, her stunts, her demands, her allegations, using her children, destroying Mel.
With each new stunt, she digs herself deeper and deeper and looses more ground.

Its too late for PR. She has revealed herself for who she truly is, and it aint pretty.
Its a train wreck waiting to happen.

What a legacy this mother is leaving for her children! Shame.

1490 days ago


What is wrong with you people? This man threatened to kill her. Talk about blaming the victim. Team Mel??? You people are what is wrong with American . . . star struck!! Just because he made a few good movies, he can do no wrong?? He hits a woman holding a baby? You all are messed up.

1490 days ago


That's why the call it PR its all bull.

1490 days ago


I cant stand this gold digging ugly arse woman. I wonder if she has drugged him or maybe put something in his food to make him so angry and confused. Seems funny to me she has kept letters and just happened to record him when he was angry etc. Personally, I think she set him up the minute she met him. He probably got the best sex of his life until he made it clear he wasnt gonna marry her. Then out pops the pregnancy trick. I wish Mel would try to get custody. Then she would owe him. Would be hysterical. She should be deported without Mel's kid. Mel has many supporters and most think she is nothing but slime. Hope other men are taking notice and will not get within 10 feet of her. Or..if she cleans Mel out, some man comes along and does the same to her. Unfortunately, they cant get pregnant and wipe her out in the name of the child.

1490 days ago


I see there are a dozen or so Mel Gibson sychophants posting here. Well earth to you all - the vast majority of the normal world out there thinks that Mel has some major psychological and emotional issues. In other words - he is nutter than fruit cake friends. Get over it.

PS. the best thing you people could do is offer Mel some advice to A) Get a good shrink and B) Get treated(by that same shrink) for his mental issues (ie with a medicated prescription perhaps).

Nah but to you losers Mel's behavior over the past couple of years is normal and cool. You are not helping him by encouraging it all.

1489 days ago
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