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Extortion Probe Could Derail Case Against Mel

9/23/2010 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva could be checkmated into silence ... silence that could make it impossible to prosecute Mel Gibson for domestic violence -- sources tell TMZ.

Mel Gibson extortion case.

As we first reported ... the L.A. County Sheriff's Department is conducting what we're told is a "serious" extortion investigation.  Our law enforcement sources tell us investigators have "numerous" emails, texts, documents and witness statements that could lead to criminal charges.

If the D.A. files extortion charges against Oksana ... sources familiar with the case tell us it virtually forces her to take the Fifth -- in other words, she'd refuse to testify against Mel Gibson because what she says could incriminate her.

Although the D.A. often prosecutes domestic violence cases with uncooperative alleged victims ... sources involved in this investigation tell us Oksana's testimony is critical, particularly because the physical evidence is shaky.  For starters, we've already told you about her dentist changing his story, not reporting the alleged violence to authorities and failing to get pictures that show injury.

We're told the D.A. considers the two investigations "connected."  If the D.A. files extortion charges, our sources say there's a good chance it could flat-out torpedo a domestic violence prosecution.

And ... if the D.A. decided not to file an extortion case against Oksana to preserve a domestic violence case against Mel, his lawyers would have a field day in court.

The plot thickens.



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prison or made to drive around beverly hills and malibu in a gypsy wagon with clanging buckets and bottles,... ewww the more i think about it the creepier it sounds ...nevermind hahahah
Posted at 12 :35 AM on Sep 24 , 2010 by wondering

Haha....the Beverly Hillbillies, gypsy style! Lol

1490 days ago


i once posted a while back that i thought it be interesting if mel suddenly turned over ownership of the sherman oaks property to robyn.

hahah i could see robyn making inspections to the house at the most inconvenient times. and calling the pest control to fumigate for rats, weebles, and other vermin like inhabitants....


1490 days ago


and boom here we go!!!! new post all

1490 days ago


well ok, maybe not as big a bomb as i was expecting but its early still heheh maybe we will have to wait for the big one harvey mentioned ....

1490 days ago


I'm going back and forth between two articles, so I'm little slow on commenting.
Wondering....u say there's a new post. I don't see it, but it may take me a few minutes. But I'm going by viigo, not the actual website. Guess i'll go check. Lol

1490 days ago


Found it! Lololol

1490 days ago


I assume that Robyn co-owns the Sherman Oaks house cause Icon owns it and Mel and Robyn co-own Icon productions.

Another thing I thought about is that alleged scene where Mel knelt asnd crawled and she just walked away. I think she was dreaming hahahaha I could imagine mel pleading and kneeling but I don't imagine her walking away. Maybe he told her of a time with Robyn and she just changed Robyn to her. I can imagine Robyn walking away when she'd had enough.

1490 days ago


These people all have been suppressed by the Russians during history, especially the Mordvins. Really??? where did you get this information from? I' am not arguing, I don't know or are you talking about history back to Peter the Great? or Ivan the Terrible? )) yes he took up KAzan. But since that hmmmm anything? And how that could affect Oksana's personality? ))

Posted at 9:33 PM on Sep 23, 2010 by Zooma Zoom

The Mordovian mainland was conquered by the mongols (the Golden horde) in the 13th Century. Around 1430 part of the area was taken over by Kazan Tatars, another part by the Grand Duke of Moscovy. In 1552 the whole area was annected by Tsar Ivan IV.

The Mordvin elite quickly adopted Russian language & customs, whereas the local shamanistic culture long was preserved in the rural areas. Only during the 18th Century the Mordvins were all converted to Orthodox Christianity.

During the civil war the area was mostly held by opponents of the bolsheviks. The autonomous republic Mordovia was always allowed to use the native language (two distinkt dialects) in local schools, though only using the cyrillic alphabeth.

The population of the republic (ca. 900.000) consist of 61% Russians, 32% Mordvins, 5% Tatars, 2% others. Counted as Russians are probably many of blended origin in the urban areas. The capital is Saransk, population ca. 300.000.

The Finno-Urgic languages (mainly: Hungarian, Finnish, Estonian, Mordvin) are very different from all Indo-European languages. There isn’t much examples of the Mordvin dialects (Erzya & Moksha) on the internet, but this detail is funny: HOUSE in Erzya: KUDO.

(Source of most information: Wikipedia)

I don't know if Oksana is a native Mordvin at all, as a citizen of Saransk it is perhaps more likely that she is actually Russian or of mixed origin? Also Tatars are still present in the population.

Curious should know, she has spent so much time digging into Oksanas past, or did this part remain unknown?

1490 days ago


I'm thinking the NEW PR team/Lawyers are SCARED, because when the first PR attack by oskana came via RADAR all the MEDIA jumped on board and for 1-2 weeks 99.9 percent of MEDIA was against MEL.

This round, the last week, everybody is saying how foolish her New Lawyers look and none of the MEDIA is repeating her garbage.

In a way, oskana shot herself in the foot, because the DA can gauge public reaction to her PR the last week and see , she doesn't have the support, MEL does.

All the polls on TMZ and elsewhere show overwhelming support for MEL and they think oskana is extorting MEL.

Now is the time to arrest her. And guys we don't even know what the police found out, we are only seeing a little bit of the evidence.

I think , the DA has to press hard on the bodyguard and scare him and make him turn threaten to charge him with attempted murder and assault on Mel's other girlfriend.
Bodyguard was locked up a few years ago for impersonating a cop, so if he doesn't SING to the DA , apply some more SCREWS! He'll squeal! :)

1488 days ago


she is a tramp--too bad Mel -- your choice of women suck..

1488 days ago

sherrie taylor    

I hope Mel get his life back. The woman is a gold digger and she's trying to milk Mel for more money. I believed he gave her money and she's trying to get more and therefore breach the contract. I hope the courts do not ruled in her favor. I HOPE THE COURTS RULE IN MEL'S FAVOR. After Mel wins his case I hope she move on with her life and Mel spent time with his daughter and be there for his Daughter. I think he knows he made a mistake having an affair with that woman. I hope he don't let his guards down with the next woman, and maybe the next woman will not want Mel for his money. Every woman is different and are not gold diggers.

1487 days ago

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1487 days ago
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