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Paris Hilton

Detained in Japan

Over Cocaine Case

9/21/2010 12:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Paris Hilton is a captive in a Japanese hotel tonight and can't enter the country ...  after being detained at the airport for hours over her guilty plea for cocaine possession.

A source close to Paris tells us she flew to Japan on business and was questioned by immigration authorities as she got off the plane.  Immigration authorities are allowing Paris to stay at an airport hotel until the matter is resolved.  For her part, Paris hasn't decided whether to stay or leave.

Paris' rep tells TMZ, "Paris Hilton was delayed by immigration authorities at a Japanese airport this evening after arriving for business obligations planned many months earlier.  Paris was contractually bound to her business trip and didn't want to let down her brands and many Asian fans."

An employee at the Consulate-General of Japan in NYC tells TMZ ... Japan is strict about letting people into the country with recent drug convictions but these matters are handled "on a case by case basis."

Paris' rep added ... she will fulfill her contract but right now things are beyond her control.

We're told there was a conflict within the ranks of those who questioned Paris -- some of whom felt it was for show.

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Kyodo News now reports Miss Hilton is staying at the Narita airport Hilton and will be denied entry to Japan, for updates, details, see:

Paris, Japan

1388 days ago


"important fo nothing" face" Haha happytobehere YOU SAID IT. That describes the State of Celebrity in the USA.

1388 days ago

Jade evergreen    

@t tea party hater
puhlease Paris Hilton wasn't set up by the cops and you are Paris Hilton fan you're going out way to insult anyone who bashing Paris Hilton and the truth is Paris Hilton had coke in her purse and she the one who put in her purse not the cops jeez

1388 days ago


PROBATION MEANS YOU CAN ONLY LEAVE THE STATE OR COUNTY WITH SPECIAL PERMISSION FROM THE JUDGE....but face it, she will probably do something stupid in Japan and end up in jail. She refuses to see herself for what she is, I for one cannot wait to see the foutain of tears this S L U T will come up with when she ends up in handcuffs and from looking at these pics she feels absolutely no remorse for her actions. Noenwhatsover.

1388 days ago



You said:

"Ive been to Vegas 500 times and I GUARANTEE you that a cop cant smell pot coming out of a car on the Vegas strip unless they are stalking that person."

Well, guess what? A cop CAN smell marijuana smoke coming out of an SUV like the one Paris was if he is RIDING A BICYCLE. They have those bicycle cops in big cities like Vegas you know. The guy was simply riding along and smelled it. The bicycle cops are can ride to crime scenes faster than the cop cars a lot of the time. I wouldn't laugh at cops on their bicycles either or they'll arrest you. I saw that happen to a drunk guy one time.

"the vehicle was pulled over by Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) bicycle patrol officers on the Strip. Because the Strip tends to get really crowded with vehicle traffic at that time of night, LVMPD finds it is far more useful to use bicycles to get around congested traffic jams on the Strip.

It has been reported that the bicycle officers went past the vehicle and smelled marijuana coming out the window. Not because of tailgating. Because in the traffic on a Friday night on the Strip, everyone kind of tailgates. That's what happens in traffic jams.

That was the probable cause used to question the occupants of that vehicle.

From every indication, LVMPD didn't know who was in that vehicle...only that an illegal activity was going on inside. Also from every indication, they didn't do this to specifically target Paris Hilton nor any other celebrity. Also, from everything I see, if Paris Hilton wasn't involved in using illegal drugs, she wouldn't have received any notice at all.

1388 days ago


to Tea Party Hater - there ... you feel better now that you went to the bathroom all over everyone???

1388 days ago


Had to smile when I read this headline.

I posted in the other news post which stated Paris was headed to Japan in a private jet, disgusted that she would be allowed in since I am very familiar with Japanese immigration law (being a foreign Japanese resident myself) and in the landing conditions it's written very plainly: ANY drug conviction- no matter what drug, how long ago, what class of offense (misdemeanor/felony) or whether or not jail time resulted- ends in a denial of entry from Japan. There's no way to go around it.

A conviction for any drugs in any country regardless of outcome will get you denied from Japan for life, that's their law. I'm glad they're upholding it, and I think it's hilarious the post is saying people think it was "for show" that Paris was questioned. She was questioned because she's not eligible to enter Japan, period. She's lucky as HELL she's staying in a hotel while they deliberate on this, because an average person would have spent the night locked up in a small Narita airport holding cell, then transported to a local jail where she would have sat for 3 months, awaiting deportation which would have then followed by a 10 year ban from the country.

Not that it would matter since 10 years down the road, she'd still have the drug conviction and the same thing would happen all over again.

I will vomit if they decide to let her in. They have to deport her and ban her from re-entry, the same they do all other foreigners with a drug record who try to enter.

1388 days ago


Gotta love the Japanese! They are firm. I bet she would have gotten jail time there, just like Paul McCartney.

Whether you agree with them or not, you should respect the law.

Too many unnecessary deaths and crime result from drug use. Some can use recreationally however a lot fall into addiction.

Hope they searched her coochie, lol.

1388 days ago


Hilton went from court, hopped a plane and now is in Japan and detained? Am I understanding this correcly?

1388 days ago

J D     

Hey Paris how did it feel to get your drug ass kicked out of Japan? Was thoes Drugs worth it????? You dumb **** oh excuse me that is where you hide the coke in your *****!!!!

1388 days ago


In most states, including Ga., she would have a felony charge...I Do court appointed work and my clients ask if $ can buy freedom...well in Las Vegas it can

1388 days ago


Vegas doesn't want Hilton and now Japan. WOW!

1388 days ago


I am sick, sick, sick of these young women glamorizing drug and alcohol use and not suffering any consequences. What does this say to the average young person? You would think they would have more self respect and take these offenses seriously. She obviously has an addiction problem and needs some help.

1388 days ago


@ 168 Hime

Mick Jagger has been to Japan many times since he was first convicted of a drug crime. They know it and wave him into their country without any questioning or detention.

This is all just a show, some Japanese bureaucrat is flexing his muscles. She will probably be denied entry and sent back to America then they will apologize and allow her to return. Or they will allow her in with restrictions and spoil her trip.

This is really about foreign trade. She is wildly popular there and is a player in the ladies fashion scene there and they resent her success.

The Japanese are famous for harassing foreign businesses that are too successful.

1388 days ago

Helter Skelter    

A "convicted felon" ? She did her time and should be allowed to travel without being judged. Japan should be ashamed of their actions...this is very reminiscent of the days of Hussein and Hitler passing judgment on people without reasonable cause.

1388 days ago
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