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The Situation:

Why I Kinda Sucked on 'Dancing'

9/21/2010 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Situation did not have time on his side -- which is his explanation for being not-so-hot on "Dancing with the Stars."

The Sitch and Karina Smirnoff groused that they only had 5 days to practice before cha-cha-ing.

The clock is ticking, Sitch.



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Anyone who doesn't do legs, does not lift.

1308 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

The son of Gomer Pyle and Alice The Goon from Popeye. Look them up, he is their douchebag lovechild.

1308 days ago

Mr Baxter    

He wasn't bad at all in my opinion and the judges were far too hard on him for his first dance. If the Situation scored 15, Hasselhoff, Michael Bolton, and Bristol Palin should have scored a 12.

1308 days ago


lol @ #10... GOOD ONE!

1308 days ago


He was not that bad and during rehearsal when he said something like if he was doing badly he would.....then proceeded to do the Ashley Simpson SNL shuffle and some other hilarious dance, that was VERY funny IMO! The only thing I have against this guy is the way he treats women. NO respect or an ounce of compassion. But I recently saw that with his female castmates as well towards men they thought were beneath them in the looks department. I can't WAIT to see what they all look like in 10 to 15 years. It won't be pretty.

1308 days ago


I cant believe people even care what this douche does

1308 days ago

Throwback kid    

The Situation claims to be a ladies man but I find him to be very uncomfortable around girls? He seems nervous and unsure of himself. I noticed on Jersey Shore he almost feels forced to pick up a girl for the cameras but he really doesn't want to be with them.

Last week he brought a girl home, then went into the kitchen to eat while she waited in the bedroom, do you think the Situation was really that hungry? Then he couldn't wait to get rid of the girl.

I'm guessing before he became famous in the last year, the Situation probably did not do too well with woman. He is in his late 20's but dresses like a 17 year old, he has a haircut from 1989 and he talks like a whigger. Add to that he has no education and was on unemployment last year and you have a guy who most woman would not want to date.

1308 days ago


That woman that was jilted on the bachelor had 5 days to and she danced awesome

1308 days ago


He so reminds me of Paulie Shore.

1308 days ago


Five days? That's plenty of time to learn that little stiff dance he performed. I thought he was going to say he only had a couple of days.

1308 days ago


Hey TMZ,next time you run into this guy,could you ask him if he knows that most everyone thinks he is an a-hole.Just curious what his response would be

1308 days ago


I thought he did GREAT, however He is ALL Man so he don't dance like he is half girl .YA KNOW WHAT I MEAN?

1308 days ago


You guys need to shut the **** up, half of you idiots on here commenting have no life and couldn't pull off half the show the man did. Ass clowns commenting on this, just jealous of how much he's making and if you say he doesn't have a personality then you never watched Jersey Shore before. But haters are gonna hate and half of you people are ****ing dumb, tv is entertainment. What do you expect from half of this ****! There are better things to waste your time complaining about.

1308 days ago

Throwback kid    

GDSlayer is more than a man, he is a Mac! way to break down the Situation, I couldn't have said it better. This Situation clown has about as much game as Vanilla Ice and probably about the same shelf life 14 minutes and counting. Thank you Sir Slayer for exposing the Sitch for what he is.

1308 days ago


all of the people that hate on him are the clowns. he just raked in $5 mil this year lol, and you're sitting on a computer talking about how he's a tool. He's got chicks all over him and all u haters prob. have busted ass gfs. i guess its a west coast thing but hes huge on the east coast. you dumb west coast people dont realize whats hot right now, and his style happens to be. remember, NY is where the trend setters are and the rest follow. for example: entourage.

1307 days ago
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