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McCourts Screwed After MLB Nixes $3 Billion Deal

6/20/2011 2:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

MLB commish Bud Selig just rejected a proposed $3 billion dollar TV deal between the Los Angeles Dodgers and FOX Sports ... a deal that was the basis for the divorce settlement between Frank and Jamie McCourt.


As TMZ previously reported, the McCourts reached a settlement to their divorce on Friday that was predicated on MLB signing off on the FOX deal.

Now, with the demise of the deal, the McCourts are back to square one -- PLUS it now seems unlikely the Dodgers will be able to pay its players and employees this month.

If the team misses payroll, Selig could seize operational control of the team and eventually force a sale of the team.

UPDATE: A rep for the Dodgers, on behalf of Frank McCourt, released a statement saying, in part, “Commissioner Selig’s letter of rejection is not only a disappointment, but worse, is potentially destructive to the Los Angeles Dodgers, and Major League Baseball."

The rep continued, "Accordingly, we plan to explore vigorously our options and remedies with respect to Commissioner Selig’s rejection of the proposed FOX transaction and our commitment to protect the long-term best interests of the Los Angeles Dodgers.” 

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If the McCourts can't make payroll on the team's income WITHOUT the FOX deal, then they need to go.

They have greedily raised prices across the board and cut security to about nothing, which resulted in a viscious beating of an opposing fan. Now that fan's family is going to just about own the team.

1158 days ago

Sunset Strip Dealer    

Any of you morons who are against the rejection of this deal either have no clue or do not live in LA. Anybody with half of a brain would agree with Selig, I do not care for Bud Selig but when you run a company on future earnings it is a deathwish and McCourt is proving this. McCourt is a waste of skin who has run the Dodgers into the ground. None of the money was going to used for players, it was all going to pay for his incompetence.

1158 days ago


Incompetent ownership in LA is business as usual. This is a power play by MLB that would be best served if they moved the team back to Brooklyn. The main problem with LA baseball is its culture of outsourcing which fills the roster with south of the border mediocrities and in turn winds up with a 2nd tier lowbrow reputation and a ghetto ballpark filled with gangsta thugs who beat up visiting fans.

1158 days ago


If your a dodgers fan you don't want the deal with fox....I'm an Angels fan and a few years back the Angels made a stupid deal with Fox.... Now the only way you can watch the games is either in person or not only pay for cable or Satalite tv.. but another 10 bucks on top of that for the Fox sports channel. They only show 1/8 of the games on local tv. There are no preseason games to watch until the freeway serious and thats only because we can watch the dodger coverage. It was the dumbest move the Angel's have made since that moron bought the team and changed the name of the team.

1158 days ago


Waytago, Bud! One of your better decisions. Hey Frank...and Jamie...seeya. Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

1158 days ago

john wayne gacy    

funny part is, the one who is laughing
the hardest the entire time all the way to
the bank, is rupert murdoch & newscorp.

at every turn of the stile, he wins. PERIOD .....

1158 days ago

Rock Singer    

Great, the divorce settlement should be that they both have to eat nitrate filled Dodger Dog's for the rest of there lives

1158 days ago


dynahog 3 hours ago
I think they have to take NLB and its Commish to court in this matter. Perhaps there is something going on under-the-table putting money in the Commish's pocket.

It makes no sense to turn away $3 Billion that keep the Dodgers well afloat with payroll payment capabilities for years to come.

It is GOOD for Baseball, and GOOD for business.

I sense a political side here. FOX is notoriously known to be less Liberal Extremist than say CBS, NBC, ABC and others. FOX has a good number of shall we say: less than moderate and more conservative in Republican ranks - and they draw the Audiences to prove it.

What is the NLB Commish's political party affiliations?

Bud Selig

Bud Selig the Baseball Commissioner is a very heavy ($$$$$) donor to Democrats and things Democrat Party related...

"NewsMeat" found $113,150 from 1980 into 2010... donated by Allan (Bud) Selig as himself, from Milwaukee Brewers or recently as NLB Commissioner.

Seems the McCourts (both of them) are also long term heavy donors to Democrats, Democrat PACS, or whatevers.


So is this bias by Bud Selig against the McCourt Dodger deal with Fox for $3 Billion punishment for straying from the Hungry Dogs?

Yes, the people who just inked a deal with Glenn Beck are against Fox for political reasons! NOT!

Get a clue! The owners are all major republican donors, and they pay Selig! He didn't make this decision; the owners did!

17 years ago people still had giant satellite dishes in their back-yard and all the tv's in a house had to watch the same channel!

It wont even be the 177mil a year because McCrt is taking a lunp sum to "personally" try to buy-out Jamie! Which means about 150mil/yr minus taxes - (fed/state) - leaves enough to pay 3 or 4 good players!

17 year deal @ 120mil/yr is indentured servitude!

The second largest, arguably the largest, media market in the US: LA can pull a multiplatform 3billion for 9 years deal!

Sorry, your logic lacks true insight into baseball!

1158 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

don't delete my account, tmz. this is a link TO YOUR OWN SITE!! I AM NOT A SPAMMER!!!!


but they need to take into consideration their 'fans' before they make any final decisions, because WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND???! would want to provide a baseball park for fans like this, and 'fans' who almost murder other 'fans' in your ballpark! in the history of baseball, this is a shameful situation. very disturbing, really.

watch these disgusting bastards who call themselves 'supporters' (or fans!) of the dodgers (or any team, for that matter). pfhuckin loonie.


1158 days ago


I am a hardcore Dodger fan and I am happy as hell. The McCourts were using all the money on themselves instead of the team. If they got that $3 billion they would have put it in their own pocket.

1158 days ago


Dodger fans here in LA hate the McCourts. We can't wait until they're OUT OF HERE.

Thank you Bud. The McCourts are carpetbaggers and not good for MLB.

1158 days ago


Ole stupid ASS McCourt & his tranny wifey NEED to het OUT of
Los Angeles NOW!!!!!!!!!! Bye, bye!! You two Jackals ripped
OUR LA DODGERS out of waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much $$$$$$$, go
back to your stupid ass parking lots NOW!!!!!!!!!! Hoooooooooooooray 4 MAX, MAX, MAX, MAX, MAX!!!! :-)

1158 days ago


The McCourts have sold every square inch of Dodger stadium to hang all forms of advertising, got rid of just about every good player they had and totally mismanaged what was once one of the premier operations in baseball. I am glad Bud Selig is paving the way for the team to be sold to a viable owner who will hopefully rebuild the franchise.

1158 days ago


worst comissioner in sports history . selig makes like $14 mill a year to do nothing. give us a fricken salary cap bud so it doesn't cost $300 to take my family to a game.

1158 days ago


Thank you Selig. Now PLEASE SELL!

"We plan to vigorously explore our options...."?????? You have no options. Sell the fu*&$ng team. The McCourts are what's bad for the Dodgers and baseball.

Sell the team. Let someone who has the TEAM'S best interest at heart take over.

1158 days ago
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