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LeBron's Alleged Father Wants DNA and Gift Money

9/23/2010 4:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

LeBron James' alleged biological daddy claims his original DNA test was bogus -- so now he wants a new test to prove paternity ... plus a chunk o' change for what he calls "loss of gifts."

55-year-old Leicester Bryce Stovell filed new papers in his paternity case against LeBron and his mother Gloria -- claiming the basketball superstar's recent motion to dismiss the case is based on a "fraudulent" DNA test from 2007 ... and should be tossed out.

As we first reported, Stovell is seeking $4 million from LeBron and his mother -- claiming fraud, defamation and misrepresentation.

In the new docs, Stovell alleges Gloria falsified the 2007 test -- which showed a "0% probability of paternity" -- and he wants a second, more carefully supervised test.

And then there's this: Stovell wants $$$ because he lost "gifts of money" that he would have received from LeBron had the test proven paternity.

A man can dream ...

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my comment is for who ever proof reads the comments posted on this site. The comment that #11 made is completely racist and you all let that post go through. This is one of the many reasons why this country is the way it is right now.

1462 days ago


He's filing for "loss of gifts of money"???? Are you kidding? How about 18 years of back child support?

1462 days ago


I hope that any judge actually hearing any part of this law suit forces this freely admitting statutatory rapist to pay all court costs and fines him heavily for wating the court's time with a frivoulous law suit. Make the fine at least in the six-figure range.

1462 days ago


He should start asking the Miami Heat for money.
They'll probably pay him to go away.

1462 days ago


What a complete and utter waste of oxygen.He should be slapped in the face for actually believing that he deserves any of this mans hard earned money. Any judge would gladly throw his behind under the jail for the rape charge but for also wasting his time expecting "gift money". What a joke!!!!!! He will never will. And as for the person who posted comment number 11, he should be slapped for his comment too because he's being racist and very stereotypical. Just because one person is a gold digging fool does not make all the same. Grown up and realize that the person you are downplaying may in fact sign your checks one day.

1462 days ago


What a loser! Even if this guy is his father, he doesn't deserve a cent. He wanted nothing to do with him and now because the LeBron James has money this guy wants to be recognized as his father. The man is crazy.

1462 days ago


This guy wants money for being an absentee father...unbelievable balls. I wonder if he would be seeking out his "son" if he was bagging groceries.

1462 days ago


What kind of father asks for money from his kid? Isn't it the other way around usually? Get off your butt and get a real job, Mr. Stovell! You look like an idiot.

1462 days ago

Anon E Mouse    

This whack job needs to be arrested and charged with harassment and extortion.
This has gone too far.

1462 days ago


I think he's a bit confused. A child can get child support from a father. There is no such thing as court mandated father support from an adult child just because he's the father.

1462 days ago


Um, excuse me, but gifts are....GIFTS. Not back pay owed, or anything that could be construed as "owed" to him! What a jack@$$. He needs to cough up that old child support due! Where was he when the kid was growing up? He didn't help with any homework! He didn't do any laundry or dishes or Boy Scouts! Screw you, ya rotten greedy old man! Shame on you while I'm at it! Loser.

1462 days ago


So nasty looking.

1462 days ago


What an ass. This is all about the money. He doesn't give a damn about Lebron James. If he is determined to be the father, Lebron will have to get a restraining order against the guy because this loser will continually harass him for cash if he doesn't.

I got news for him, there is no adult support that I am aware of.

1462 days ago


Yes, it's extortion and it's awful. Maybe this has already been brought up, but isn't it a little strange that this guy's name is Leicester Bryce and Le + Br kind of = LeBron
Could be a coincidence, may even be a stretch, but sometimes us Moms are sneaky like that.

1462 days ago


I hate this guy

1462 days ago
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