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Probation Dept. Cuts Lindsay Lohan a Break

9/22/2010 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan may actually skate on a failed drug test ... sources connected with the case tell TMZ.

We've learned the second test Lindsay failed showed a positive reading for Adderall, but the L.A. County Probation Department is not recommending jail time for that violation -- because there is an ambiguity in the paperwork that went from the court to the Probation Office.

The Probation Department is recommending 30 days jail time for the first failed drug test which showed a positive reading for cocaine.

Now here's where it gets interesting ... Judge Elden Fox has a couple of options on Friday.  He could sentence Lindsay on the spot to 30 days in jail for the cocaine violation ... but because of overcrowding Lindsay would be released the same day.

Judge Fox's other option is to deny her bail, throw her in jail and set a hearing that would take place 30 days later.  Under this scenario, Lindsay would not be released early -- she'd sit in jail for 30 days until her hearing.  We're told judges do this "all the time" when they want to make sure a defendant does the time.

Friday should be interesting.



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quoting Shawn Chapman Holley, a lovely lady and a good attorney but real, real clueless of how bad Hohan is

Ms. Lohan is serious about her sobriety," Chapman Holley said in court.

Hohan Translation: "I am serious about getting high"

"She is very serious and has learned her lesson."

Hohan Translation: "I am really serious about getting high asap"

The attorney later told journalists she was hopeful Lohan could create a new life for herself after 22 days of rehab treatment.

"I am hoping this is a new beginning for Ms Lohan. She has completed everything that has been asked of her," Chapman Holley added. "I am hoping this will allow her to move forward in her work life."

Hohan Translation: "I can't wait to move into my dealer house...hey that is moving forward for me, no more late night runs to his/her house"

"She's healthy, clear-headed, positive," she added.

Hohan Translation, "I clear-headed about scoring drugs and positively going to get drugs as soon as possible."

Wake up, she is a mess, stop coddling her too Ms. Holley!!

1437 days ago


Lindsay can afford her drugs, she doesnt need to steal or anything so in my view the girl is just doing what everyone else is doing in every night club from London to L.A. Being young and having fun. I think that she can use whatever drugs she wishes, its her body, screw these miserable anti-fun bible bashers. Life is short ENJOY IT. The entire entertainment industry RUNS ON COCAINE, not just Lyndsay!

1437 days ago


Now, An illegal immigrant comes to this country trying to find work to support his/her family and everyone wants jail time for him/her. The all Americans, Lindsey Lohan and Paris Hilton, blue eyes and blond as they can be, violate the laws up and down and they only get a slap on their hands. This country is so ****ed up. I don't get it. This is some bullcaca.

1437 days ago


Dina is probably celebrating this news with a cocaine laced carvel cake.

1437 days ago


The only way we'll stop hearing about LL in the news is when she finally OD's Hey Lindsay.... Hurry up please.

1437 days ago


I wonder why there aren't more discrimination lawsuits against the county from inmates guilty of the same or similar charges. I'm sure there are plenty of people doing time for at least ONE of the many violations she has incurred.

If my son or daughter was jailed because of one of them, I would sue on the basis of discrimination.

1437 days ago


I seriously think the state of California wants her to overdose..just to be rid of her why else let her off?

Why shouldn't she do inferno? it's about a whore who ***********ed every man/woman she ever had in her life..why not have a slut in real life perform in it..this way before she OD's she get's that Oscar nod then on oscar night they can put her picture up and all of the entertainment world can cry pretend tears and exclaim ohhh what a tragedy. Like they really care..

1437 days ago


@65 - You're an idiot! Cocaine is illegal, in case you forgot. Throw her a*s in jail for a good long time.

1437 days ago


I don't think Lindsay is in her "right mind" these days. She probably has a bunch of "yes men" and enablers who tell her what she wants to hear instead of the unvarnished truth. Jail time and a few months of rehab MIGHT finally "get the lightbulb to come on" for her. I hate to see these child stars self destruct.

She might be self-destructing by being a "bad girl" for some subconscious reason ... like trying to get back at her father for the things he has done. Maybe her psychologists know what the heck is going on with her. Lindsay really does have some talent if she would just listen to reason.

People aren't out to control her or whatever. People aren't trying to break up her friendships and stop her from having fun. Plenty of people have a LOT of fun ... just without the drugs and booze and all that. There's actresses all over L.A. who have plenty of fun and they are sober or only drink a bit of wine every now and then.

Most people have "seen this movie before" with child actors where they do all of the partying and taking drugs all the time. There's inevitably has a bad ending to the movie. Maybe Lindsay just hasn't seen enough people close to her DIE from drugs and alcohol yet. It happened to a few people she knows already. Usually, that's enough to make most people quit doing drugs like cocaine and the rest of that "stuff". Lindsay needs to get some discipline and emotional resilience and get the heck away from the L.A. party scene and all of her bad influence friends.

If Lindsay had some REAL friends they would tell her ...

"Stay the hell away from people like us who are partying all the time Lindsay! You need to stay away from all prescription drugs, street drugs, and booze and just get your head straight! Get your career back on track. Don't blow everything you've been working for by doing drugs and partying. Find some friends that are staying sober and hang around with them. Maybe before long our group of friends will decide to get sober and we can hang out again."

1437 days ago


Lnndsay is doing her job and getting paid. entertaining us all, in film and in her fun and sexy lifestyle. I like my stars messed up and on drugs and all dramatic!
Britney was cool when she was mental, now she is as dull as dishwater.
All the big stars from hollywoods golden age where arch drug fiends ,kinda goes with the territory !

1437 days ago


Sorry, I meant #64

1437 days ago


Shocking, isn't it? And it will only get more ridiculous. Excuse for tossing the second dirty test: The paperwork was lost (Judge switched assistants w/ Lindsay Lohan). How 'bout a little chest-thumping, NICOLE? I know you can... I just wonder who you're going to champion once Lindsay finally faces cremation? Perhaps you could move on to Courtney Love.... she probably could use a real friend.

Hey Lindsay! I've heard that OJ has been complaining that he can't get his hands on any good cocaine. What say you swing by Nevada and drop off a few ounces of some fine Bolivian Flake? I'll bet he'd be willing to fork over a few spare million that he's been hiding from the IRS/Goldmans. Be a pal.

1437 days ago


I swear Dina comes here to post positive comments LMAO Hey Dina, you are a screw up of a mother

1437 days ago


If the jails are overcrowded---KICK someone out that has been there for awhile & put Miss Prima Donna in their place.

This is beyond unbelieveable & I think the whole world should revolt on this. NO-ONE else could get away with this crap!!!

1437 days ago


The 90 days in rehab when she didn't fail any drug tests before the hearing was ****ing ridiculous.
As soon as Judge Revel was off the case everyone knew Lindsay was getting out early.

Lohan goes on to say that Shawn Chapman Holley is to blame for Lindsay going to UCLA. “It has come to me attention that while Lindsay could have followed this path, Shawn Chapman Holly and Lou Taylor leaked to the press the fact that Lindsay was due to go to Morningside Rehab so that the judge would redirect her to UCLA ( where they wanted her to go so she would be let out early), rather than spending a longer period of time in Morningside.”

1437 days ago
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