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Oksana to Mel: Here's Why I Played the Tape

9/22/2010 7:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva sent Mel Gibson a long email on March 30, 2010 about the tapes she secretly recorded -- and one of her lawyers tells TMZ the email proves Oksana did not try and extort the actor.


In the email Oksana tells Mel she played one of the secretly-recorded messages from February 18 to her lawyer.

Oksana says, "As far as the tapes go, I only played one to my lawyer, becouse on march 15 Michelle  proposed on ur behalf not a very generous gift for our daughter and there was nothing for me."

Oksana adds, "My lowers also told me that Tom Hansen [one of Mel's lawyers] said I wouldn get a penny ..."

Although that sounds like Oksana is trying to use the tape to squeeze money out of Mel, one of her current lawyers, Daniel Horowitz, tells TMZ Oksana was extremely reluctant to play her lawyer the tape but felt threatened by Mel's legal team.

Horowitz cites this portion of the email, "My lowyers warned me that ur lawyers are cabaple of false fabrication about me in the press, i.e., an unfit mother, a prostitute etc so u can have the baby and I get to go to my ' moth hole' as u told me.  I had no choice, after all of this I had to play one message to them."

And Oksana continues in her email to Mel, "The messages we r talking about I kept on my phone purely for u, to c how scared we were and for u to understand what this have done to us, how painful these words were, but hopeffuly, eventualy to help us.  That was the only reason."

Daniel Horowitz tells TMZ, "Oksana was legally entitled to play all of the tapes for her lawyers and most clients would have done so.  She was being supremely careful of Mel's privacy because she knew that even lawyers in Hollywood might lose track of the tapes and she didn't want to hurt him."

Horowitz continues, "This is the opposite of extortion.  It's someone in love who wants things to get better."



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"I thank God and his immaculate interception?" ROFLOL! I can see you were really studying that catechism Oksana. Is God a football player now?

Posted at 3:16 PM on Sep 22, 2010 by Tellthetruth59

LOL! I am sure the whole conversion thing was part of trying to hook Mel...if she had done it for herself she wouldn't make such a blunder.

1492 days ago


There is no mention of hitting or being terrorized at all...just how hurtful his words were....the other day Harvey told that Mike guy I think that he knew what all went on "trust me" he kept saying ..... this is all going to come out soon....

1492 days ago


Are they trying to blame Oksana other lawyers for the leaks??? She trying to back track. She bit the hand that fed her and now trying say she trying to protect him and the it was the lawyers that leak the tapes. She set everything into motion. Now you have deal with the consequences.

1492 days ago


Genna -

If you go to the top of the page, slide over "Videos", then click on TMZ Live - that should bring you to today's show. The opening of the first segment is the exchange between Mr. Harvey and Mike(?) concerning violence and context.

Posted at 3:44 PM on Sep 22, 2010 by Curious


Okay....wait. Lol. I saw it and sent you an e-mail about the segment. :-) I also read your comment about the dentist perhaps advised her about "her concussion." Interesting that OG would tell Mel that she had a concussion before being diagnosed with one. At least she had the "symptoms" done pat when she went to see Gordon.

1492 days ago


Yes, but she stated in her e-mail on the 7th that she had a concussion. She didn't see Gordon until the 8th of January, and he didn't diagnose a concussion until he saw her, which was on the 8th...not the 7th.

Posted at 3:44 PM on Sep 22, 2010 by Genna
Yep, and this is why I go WTF? over that whole deal.

If a patient presents with symptoms of concussion and reports a recent head trauma, any med school student past the first year knows you go for a scan, not an x-ray.

So why the internist took an x-ray is beyond me. The only thing I can think is that Dr. did do a scan but that Miss Oksana erroneously called it an x-ray.

The medical records are in the DA's hands, can't wait to hear what they say.

1492 days ago

Zooma Zoom    

Hmm... she says in the email "they had a rear love"

I wonder if the word "rear" is really poor spelling? Or did they... well you know. lol

Posted at 3:47 PM on Sep 22, 2010 by Bubba

that explains Immaculate Conception ))))))))))

1492 days ago


What an IDIOT. She needs to go back to school and learn how to spell! Sorry EXTORTIONIST... We don't believe U. Your high priced lawyers will be stiffed in the end by you, cause you will have to pay them from for 5K a month payment from Mel. Get a job you loser!!!! You can always work on Hollywood Blvd!

1492 days ago


Tellthetruth59.....LMAO....those pesky little voices in her head granting her permission...Sweets was so right when she told us OX told Mel's wife she was pregnant.....OMG...God granted me permission to tell....WTF

1492 days ago


Maybe Mel can plead "insanity" because he certainly is insane.

1492 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

I wood bee willingk to give heer moneys so shes can take English lesonz.

Posted at 3:20 PM on Sep 22, 2010 by lulusez

LOL! YOU made me choke on my ice cream! LOL!

1492 days ago


I honestly haven't laughed so hard since the days back in July when we all played days of terror/nights of terror/afternoons of terror where, in the best gothick novel tradition -- the lady runs INTO trouble (of course in her beautiful diaphanous underwired nightgown)


I am still laughing too hard -- 'my king' 'you are the best' 'our luv is tru' -- OMG

@ Curious -- okay, queenie, stop the sillies!

Tee hee

1492 days ago


She wrote immaculate interception (vs Conception). Apparently God was watching out for her and rerouted a text meant someone else (Robyn, Hanna?) to her and she discovered that Mel no longer wanted to be with her. Then she asked God for permission to send her respond text and He granted that permission. So it's obvious this woman is under God's care and He has cellphone number too.

I hope that makes things clearer lol!

Posted at 3:46 PM on Sep 22, 2010 by Tellthetruth59

1492 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

she says in the email "they had a rear love"

This is NOT how she got pregnant.

1492 days ago

voice of reason    

and there was nothing for me". Nuf said

Posted at 3:21 PM on Sep 22, 2010 by J9


Her lawyer Garbus, today on national TV, The Today Show, said that Oksana is a woman of "stature and accomplishments".

What woman of "stature and accomplishments" would ask for a hand-out?...., "and there was nothing for me"?

Everytime they try a new stunt more poop comes to the surface. No wonder her latest lawyer bailed.

1492 days ago


LOL zooma. I am going to quote that!

1492 days ago
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