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Michael Lohan -- Jesus Is Lindsay's Homeboy

9/23/2010 8:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Michael Lohan is showing up to Lindsay's court hearing on Friday -- but according to the actress' father non grata, he ain't going alone ... he's bringing some divine help.

Michael tells TMZ, he's rolling deep with some guy named Jay Koopman (left) -- an evangelical preacher who currently helps run youth ministries all over the world.

Michael tells us he wants Jay to lend Lindsay some heavenly advice in her time of need -- and hopefully get his derailed daughter back on track.

But here's the rub ... Dina Lohan also plans to show up in court ... and there's a restraining order requiring Michael to stay 100 yards away from her at all times.

A family that prays together ...


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Oval Beach    

Hmmm...Jay Koopman and youth ministries...Paging Mr. Eddie Long...Mr. Eddie LONG...please pick up the pink courtesy phone located near the "Boy's" clothing section changing room.

1460 days ago


I agree with the "Who's the scary fish?" comment though!

Definately no beauty queen...drag queen maybe.

1460 days ago


Hmmm, let's see. Isn't the blonde Erin Muller, Mikey's cokehead ex-fiance? And I'm not sure, but is the brunette the Cat Woman of plastic surgery fame?

If Papa wants to pray, so be it. If he wants to get closer to Jesus through Jay Koopman that's just dandy too. The only point of bringing this guy to the courtroom though is for media coverage for Mikey. How much ya want to bet that he'll be releasing a statement that Jay Koopman will be the spiritual adviser for his non-existent rehab center?

What a joke. A sad, sad joke.

Do the crime, do the time...and Lindsay will. Too bad the judge can't lock up Papa for being a public nuisance.

1460 days ago


If the restraining order is in force, Michael can not be anywhere near Dina. What drama to be seen tomorrow.

1460 days ago


Ernie, a TMZ poster, regularly writes here about sin and how he'd like to spank it out of Lindsay Lohan's bare behind (only kidding) with harsh, not at all kinky, Christian discipline. Sounds remarkably like that Jay Koopman guy. Or Ted Haggard.

In fact, I admit it seems very unlikely, IF Ted Haggard were to hookup with Lindsay Lohan, he'd be somewhat immune to her charms and they could keep each other clean in the name of the lord, and Michael Lohan and Ernie.

Michael Lohan has totally kept out of trouble since finding God. So Judge Fox should totally do the Haggard/Lohan thing.

1460 days ago


Linsey's biggest problem is that she dosen't have her father in her life. Her mom is an enabler who let's her do whatever she wants. Her father knows she has a problem (lots of them) and as much as people hate him, he can get her on track. Brittany Spears was a rambling nut until her father stepped into the picture and now she's back on track. I believe Michael can do the same. Who says women don't need men?

1460 days ago


Who knows whether or not his intentions are sincere or not. I think only Michael Lohan knows that. But I think almost everyone can agree that publicly voicing his feelings on Lindsay's situation reflects bad on him and her. He needs to shut up and keep all this stuff as private as possible. Because it really does look bizarre.

1460 days ago


...How much ya want to bet that he'll be releasing a statement that Jay Koopman will be the spiritual adviser for his non-existent rehab center?...
Posted at 4:03 AM on Sep 23, 2010 by Amtrak

I think you are spot on with that one! It all adds up when you put it that way Amtrak. He always has some shady motive.

1460 days ago


Not everything in this world is black or white or one way or the other. He probably really does genuinely care about his daughter and is a stupid famewhore at the same time.

1460 days ago


All of the comments about Lindsay needing a father figure in her life are exactly right! All girls need a strong male role model whether it's a biological father or not.

Speaking only from my experience, when I look back at the times I was side tracked something was usually going on between my father and me. For whatever reason, if our relationship was strained I always seemed to pull some crap.

I think Lindsay is the same way.
She is a smart girl and hate is such a strong word. I believe she hates the fact that she is just like him more than she actually hates him.

Lindsay's parents need to keep their children out of their affairs. It's a no win situation for everyone involved.

1460 days ago


Oh yeah, that's just what Lindsay needs: a Fundamentalist Evangelical Christian Preacher. These guys are complete charlatans.

Michael Lohan is absolutely clueless about his impact on Lindsay. She would be wise to try to heal that, because I'm sure her f'd up parents are a big cause of her drug usage.

1460 days ago


Oh purleeeeeeeeze this guy is doing this for publicity when he gives the interviews after the hearing. No doubt TMZ and other websites will pay this AW for his time. SAVE YOUR MONEY, WE DON'T WANT TO HEAR FROM HIM.

What sort of father SELLS 2/3 year old taped phone conversations with his daughter when she was going through a bad time? What sort of father tries to SELL pages from his daughters 2007 diary to an entertainments site? What sort of father talks about his daughter constantly which secures him a financial income? What sort of father who said a few weeks ago he wouldn't talk publicly about Lindsay again but went back on another promise?

Michael Lohan is the pits as far as fatherhood is concerned, he's a conman, he doesn't care about Lindsay or any of his children, all he cares about is how much money he can make out of it.

Lindsay failed a drug test and she will go to jail, she has accepted that. Let her move on.

1460 days ago


>>>preacher who currently helps run youth ministries all over the world.<<<

Just what every parent wants: Mike Low-Hand hugging their teen daughter - in prayer.

1460 days ago


# 10 Just stop it. Lindsay has a drug problem because she chooses to use drugs and hangs around a bunch of losers. Let's stop blaming Lindsay's mom
Posted at 1:19 AM on Sep 23, 2010 by Jim in Cali
Who's blaming Dina for Lindsay's drug use? Most of us here blame Dina for is being an ENABLER who's done nothing to HELP Lindsay. How can you help someone with a drug problem when you refuse to acknowledge it exists?

Do you have any idea at all how destructive an enabler IS to an addict? VERY. It's hard enough for most addicts to finally admit they have a problem to begin with. But to have someone close to you supporting your dysfunction by telling you and everyone else you don't have a problem?

While I could lead you to numerous examples to prove this, I'll give you THIS article from NY Daily news which covered Dina's interview with Matt Lauer. It is only ONE of many.

1460 days ago


@ #10... I do agree with you wholeheartedly that Lindsay is responsible for her own choice to do drugs and to continue to surround herself with looser.

1460 days ago
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