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Michael Lohan -- Jesus Is Lindsay's Homeboy

9/23/2010 8:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Michael Lohan is showing up to Lindsay's court hearing on Friday -- but according to the actress' father non grata, he ain't going alone ... he's bringing some divine help.

Michael tells TMZ, he's rolling deep with some guy named Jay Koopman (left) -- an evangelical preacher who currently helps run youth ministries all over the world.

Michael tells us he wants Jay to lend Lindsay some heavenly advice in her time of need -- and hopefully get his derailed daughter back on track.

But here's the rub ... Dina Lohan also plans to show up in court ... and there's a restraining order requiring Michael to stay 100 yards away from her at all times.

A family that prays together ...


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Ohhh, this is gonna be good. I'll bring the popcorn.

1490 days ago

for now    

The losers are proving again that they actually hate Mike more than they hate Lindsay.
Of course they hate everybody even their own families.

1490 days ago


what kind of creature is standing next to him..looks like a cross between octo mom and a zombie

1490 days ago


@ 69 Agreed.

Now, I've said this before, I'll reiterate it again:

As a recovering addict, part of me feels bad for Lohan. Getting sober in her situation is way harder than, say, someone like me. Getting away from the scene she's in isn't going to be easy, but it will be necessary. She's a paycheck to a lot of people and those people aren't going to say no to her. They aren't going to easily let her do something like walk away for a year. And to be honest, it doesn't appear to me that Lohan sees any need to do that nor CAN she walk away from the spotlight or her lifestyle

And even "true" friends, if she has any (and let's hope she does), probably aren't going to have the tools to help or power to intervene in the Lohan money machine.

Now, I can sit back from my computer and surmise about her childhood and everything that's happened to her to cause this situation and create this person with what I believe is an enormous sense of entitlement. And I won't's hard to feel sympathy for an addict in her cir***stances, who's lived such a lavish life, jetted around the globe, worn the finest clothes, ate the finest food. Should I feel sympathy for her when another person became an addict to deal with the pain of being raped, incested, abandoned? Pretty hard to do.

But all that aside, one reason I've followed Lohan's story (I pay close attention to no celebrities) is from a recovering addicts stand point.

I'll make a wild guess here and say that any recovering addict would probably tell you that they recognize something very, very familiar in Lindsay's behavior.

It's the lies. Addicts lie... to themselves and everyone around them. We become experts at knowing what to say, how to say it, when to say it if we get discovered or put into a corner.

I watched the Lohan's courtroom videos a while back. What I gleaned, between the incredulous looks, the "Oh my God I can't believe this BS" looks of astonishment to her lawyer, the "f*ck you" trick with the nail polish was that Lohan was simply annoyed that she had to be there. And probably didn't believe for one second she'd be sentenced. If everything has always been handled for her, I'm sure she believed this was just another matter that would get "handled" and resented she even had to be bothered to get involved.

And I think that, when it became apparent she wasn't going to get out of this mess without real consequences, she fired her attorney. Rather than accepting the consequences, she blamed her attorney for not getting her off. So she hired Shspiro. And we know how that turned out.

I think, when she became convinced that she wasn't getting out of this, she did what addicts do when they're trapped in a corner. She played the "I do take this seriously" card. It seemed to me she simply said what she thought the court wanted to hear, in the way they wanted to hear it. So sincere. And I formed that opinion long before the piss test news broke.

When you're an addict and you say "I'm really trying" or refer to yourself as a work-in-progress or say that addiction isn't cured overnight, you aren't sober and aren't going to stay sober. These are things we say to excuse not only our current screw up, but to exonerate us from future ones. And we'll keep on saying we're sorry and talk about how hard we're trying for as long as there's someone who'll listen and still believe us. I knew I had "a problem" for a long time before admitting I was addicted and out of control. The biggest lie an addict tells their self is that they can control their usage.

Unfortunately, Lindsay has a new judge. And his knowledge of her courtroom history is no match to having to have her in front of him tearfully proclaiming whatever it is she'll proclaim. Most everybody buys an addicts story, at least at first.

Someone in a prior post said "You don't just stop doing drugs overnight". My answer to that was and is, yes, actually you do. The TAKING of the substance ends just like that. It's learning how to stay clean and applying that WORK that takes time. And by that I mean the rest of your life. It's those last four words that freak addicts out. Hence the phrase "one day at a time".
I can promise you this...if an addict thinks relapse is part of the process, you can bet they will.

Personally, I don't care if Lohan gets clean. I do care, if she doesn't, that she NOT get into a car high or drunk. It's one thing to risk your own life, another to risk that of another.

Right or wrong, there are two reason's I've stayed glued to this story.
1. An interpretation of Lohan's behavior that says she considers herself above the rules that apply to us schleps. And a desire to watch her shock and horror to find out that, while that may be true most of the time, when it comes to the law, she's not. Even if it's only celebrity justice, it's still justice. And, as Robert Downey Jr might tell you, you screw up enough times, it doesn't matter WHO you are.

2. Watching Lohan give these performances about her desire for sobriety and the effort she's putting forth...all addicts give these speeches at one time or another. I wonder if she's still in the "I'm not an addict, I just use for fun. But to get out of this mess I've got to say I know I have a problem and talk about getting better" or if she's moved on to "Ok, maybe I have a little problem here and I should stay out of trouble for a while to get people off my back." I have no way of knowing, but I doubt she's at the "Holy s*t, my whole f'ing life is going down
the toilet and I need HELP NOW".

I hope she gets there.

1490 days ago


Holy crap, did I just write a post that long? Ok, enough coffee!

1490 days ago


Jesus rides beside him, but never buys any smokes.

1490 days ago


Ain't you had enough of this stuff
Ashtray floors, dirty clothes, and filthy jokes

1490 days ago


Hey InTheKnow, can we get some CLiff's Notes for that long ass post?

Mikey, Jesus rides beside him? You mean Michael has a Harley too?

1490 days ago


TMZ needs to stop covering ML - your not helping anything and worse your giving this no talent/s***bag parent more of what he wants - limelight at his daughter's expense. STOP COVERING THIS GUY! HE IS A FELLON AND BEATS WOMEN. TMZ is sick for posting pics of him with half a dozen bimbo's everyday. This jerk goes where the camera action is. He hung around Jon G. because the pap's were all over him and he got some front page time as his buddy. It's gross. TMZ give this young messed up girl a break and stop covering her crappy father. He is the last thing she needs.

1490 days ago


I used to live in Hollywood between 2007-2008 at The Mark Apartments. Jay Koopman used to buy weed from one of my friends. I smoked with him. I'm not sure if he was a preacher back then or was having problems. I about pissed myself when I saw his picture. Damn, Hollywood is screwed up!

1490 days ago


@ 88
lol... yeah, I sorta went off on a tangent.

1490 days ago


The judge should throw all 3 of them in jail.

1490 days ago


I agree, Lindsey's parents should be court ordered to stay away from her. Yeah, tough love! But if these free loaders weren't allowed near her maybe she would clean up her act. As long as they are both around there is no hope for her. And who is her father to file a law suit against the doctors? That's non of his business, she is an adult (often making bad choices)but legally he can't interfere in her medical stuff. Hey Bloom ever hear of HIPAA?

1490 days ago

Rich the Engineer    

Between her pimp 'father', and her druggie 'mother', no wonder Lohan is so screwed up. She should sue both her 'parents'. At least cut them off from her bank accounts, so those two congenitally useless parasites can't keep mooching off her.

What a pair of losers!

1490 days ago


It looks like tranny night at the local gay bar

1490 days ago
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