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Japan to Paris Hilton: Sayonara

9/22/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton is officially persona non grata in Japan because of that whole cocaine thing.

Japanese Immigration officials denied Paris entry into their county because of her guilty plea to cocaine possession this week.

Japan frowns on people who get convicted of drug offenses, so Paris -- seen above at the airport a few hours ago -- is on her way back to the US of A.

Before getting the boot, Hilton was detained at the airport yesterday for more than 6 hours.

A rep for Hilton says "Paris is very disappointed and fought hard to keep her business commitments and see her fans, but she is forced to postpone her commitments in Asia.  Paris understands and respects the rules and laws of the immigration authorities in Japan and fully wishes to cooperate with them.  Paris looks forward to returning in the future to a country she loves and has been coming to for the past 10 years.”

Before leaving Japan, Paris also tweeted, "Going home now. So dissappointed to miss my fans in Asia. I promise to come back soon. I love you all! Love Paris xoxo."


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Unlike you I wonder what happened to her sister Nicky. Wasnt she some big shot designer? I could swear I saw her once on CNN.
What is she now doing in her sisters company? Hopefully she is smart enought to not try coke.

1493 days ago


she looks like she came from the trailer park!! trust me i live there!!

1493 days ago


Maybe Japan made a mistake by sending her back. She would have used cocaine there and then Japan would have put her away. They aren't afraid of the Hilton family. Too bad our nations judges are.

1493 days ago


181. You seem awfully hostile given this women is a complete stranger to you and has no bearing on your life at all. Why are you so upset? Have you been arrested for drugs and received a harsher punishment? What exactly are you blaming her for; Being able to afford a lawyer? She is a low risk, non-violent offender who poses no threat to society. The courts are focused on violent offenders who carry weapons, are distributing drugs and pose a threat to the city in which they live. Are you so upset at yourself and narrow minded as to believe her whole life is sumed up by a handfull of events published on the tmz website? And why do you follow her so closely? Why are you so concerned with what other people are doing? What have you done with your life? Not getting caught doesnt mean you have done nothing wrong. I do not condone her behavior. I also dont condone jealous people like you who have nothing else to do with your time. I hope you lose that anger my friend. You will be a lot better off. Good luck

1493 days ago


Kudos, Japan! Giving Paris Hilton the bum's rush is precisely what this celebutante needs. Long overdue, meaningful punishment.

1493 days ago


Based on this sound national policy, it would seem that if the Japanese had won the war, this country might be in better shape than it is today. No thugs, hoes, or crackheads welcome.

1493 days ago


What a vapid little slut

1493 days ago


Contrairy to what most people are lead to believe - Paris Hilton is not as wealthy as most think. Grandaddy Hilton left 90% of his fortune to charity - so all the Hilton family will receive will be about $3 million each. That, plus daddy Hiltons real estate compnay revenues and her own "appearance money", does not put her in the upper stratosphere of wealth. If people are so fascinated with young rich women, why not follow Athina Onasis, who is Paris' age and worth 100 times more than she is. And yet she lives a quiet life in Brazil and avoids the press. If who ever has been sponsering her plug their products pulls the plugs, Paril will have to learn to get by on 6 digits a year.

1493 days ago


The Japanese are funny people, I lived there for a while and learned a lot by watching them. They love to band together for a common cause even when their individual skills may not seem to be related.
Right now, you can bet, there are fashion and other people talking and meeting about how to use the fact that she can not enter the country to sell her products and make money from them. They also like to plan long term so the same people are thinking about her first return visit and how to make it profitable and long term. There will be a lot of paperwork and decision making done before she steps foot on the plane for her next trip and they will do a lot of ass kissing to her and to the government to make her next encounter with customs look like a returning hero who is warned about her behavior while there.

I still say this whole thing is a publicity event.

1493 days ago


OMG at this rate she’ll have to become a {shudders} a HOMEBODY.

1493 days ago



1493 days ago


PERSONA NON GRATA... that's a real shameful status!

1493 days ago


Unlike the USA...Japan and some other countries are concerned with felons crossing their borders and deal with them accordingly. STAY OUT
The USA is overrun (and our Media headlines) with worthless crap the likes of Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan.
They both laugh are convention and authority.
The sooner these two gals finally back themselves into a corner with no way out the better.

1493 days ago


Two things wrong with Paris' publicist's statement: (1) her business commitments - seriously? partying is not a business committment (2) her fans - again, seriously? Maybe Japan is where the only two people in the world who actually saw "The Hottie and the Nottie" reside and Paris wanted to thank them personally.

1493 days ago

David in Bangkok    

I live in Bangkok. Cocaine and Paris is the least of Japan's problems. They do some pathetic and weird **** here that you would not believe. They haven't changed much from the blood thirsty degenerates they were in the 1940's. They pay double the going rate for girls to slake there taste for perversion and keep quiet about it. The Japanese keep this place running with the non-stop sex tours, combined with golf of course.

1493 days ago
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