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Katy Perry's Dress -- Too Hot for 'Sesame Street'

9/23/2010 6:46 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katy Perry's costume -- and song -- have been yanked from "Sesame Street" ... after the show began receiving complaints like, "that was the most messed up thing iv [sic] ever seen."

Katy shot a segment for the show -- which was supposed to air on New Year's Eve -- in which she sings a cleaned-up version of her song, "Hot N Cold" with Elmo.

The song made its way to YouTube Monday and racked up nearly a million views.  But some parents started complaining her cleavage was too front and center.  We've learned producers have decided not to air the song on the show.
Fact is ... what looks like Katy's bare chest is actually covered in flesh-colored mesh that goes all the way to her neck. 


Gwen's Wax Figure: Abs-olutely Perfect

Gwen Stefani flew into Las Vegas today for the unveiling of her new wax figure at Madame Tussaud's -- and attention to detail is uncanny ... especially in her stomach!

The No Doubt star's abs have always been sick -- and the six-pack on her double is just as impressive.

Check out the pics -- and see who else has been immortalized in wax!

Gisele & Ben: Playtime in the Park

Gisele Bunchen took her son with Tom Brady to the park in New York this weekend -- and it resulted in some of the cutest photos ever taken.

Forget about Vogue, W or GQ -- these are the supermodel's best shots!

David Hasselhoff Time Warp

While David Hasselhoff is facing off in this season's "Dancing with the Stars" -- take a trip down memory lane and watch his tantric talent grow as the years fly by!


Justin Bieber -- Sucking Face with His Opening Act

Justin Bieber was locked in a serious make-out session with the chick who stars in his "Baby" music video ... but the shocking part -- it all went down in the back of a Honda!!!  And TMZ has the photos.

The chick playing tonsil hockey with The Biebs is 16-year-old Jasmine Villegas -- who also happens to be the opening act on Bieber's concert tour.

The photos were taken on Thursday, September 9 in Venice, CA by some Canadian tourist who just happened to notice his country's most famous pop star in the midst of a make-out session with the luckiest teenage girl on the planet.

The two had been rumored to be dating ... but they insisted they were just "really cool friends."

Sorry to disappoint you, Chelsea Handler Rihanna Kathy Griffin Kim Kardashian America.

Courtney Cleans Up for Premiere

Shia LaBeouf, Michael Douglas, Josh Brolin, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Carey Mulligan all hit the red carpet -- but, surprisingly, Courtney Love was the one who really stood out at the "Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps" premiere.

Showing off her body and tattoos in a tight red dress, Love really glammed up for the event at the Ziegfeld Theatre last night in New York City -- where her makeup was also top notch.

Check out more shots of Courtney and everyone else at the premiere!

Katy Perry -- The Bachelorette's Bikini Party

Katy Perry strapped a wedding veil to her butt this weekend for one last fling as a single woman -- at a bikini bachelorette party in Vegas with Rihanna and a bunch of her friends.


Our pals at obtained a whole bunch of awesome photos of the singer lettin' loose at the pool at the Hard Rock Hotel.

Perry -- who was doin' some boozin' at the pool -- was clearly mentally prepared for the weekend ... dropping the following tweet before the weekend kicked off, "Signing up for a liver transplant now.”

Celebrity Scramble!

Can you guess whose beautiful famous face was given this nasty celebrity scramblin'?!


What's the Big Frigin' Difference?!

Take a glance at these sneaky snapshots and see if you can spot the differences in the following photos!

**HINT -- There are THREE differences in the above photo!**


No Avatar


I am ALL for artisitc expression and parental responsibility (not the media's) in what children watch....But here's the thing. I'm not a Christian and I fall to the left on most issues....but really? All of the artists featured on Seseame Street in the past were dressed appropriately on the show; even if their off-show antics weren't child-friendly. Katy would do herself a BIG favor if she'd use her talent instead of constant in your face forced sexuality. It's tacky. She is a beautiful lady and she has a great voice- she has to have a gimmick and sexed up, candy coated is her gimmick- but why is that ever appropriate for Seseame Street? I don't want my girls watching that. I'm sorry. All these parents who keep saying lighten up obviously don't have little girls

1470 days ago


I am a mother of two children, and I have to say, why are some people trying to make this situation O.K.? It's because of the fact that our children are exposed to non-godly morals, that our world is going to hell in a handbasket RIGHT NOW! Freedom is good, but we have taken it to the extreme, we need balance and GOD GIVEN COMMON SENSE!!! We need to WANT to please God just for the fact that IT IS RIGHT!!! Katie is a beautiful, talented woman. Her talent whether she is beautiful or not should be enouph!!! The fact that in today's world, that talent alone is not enouph is a major and very real problem that has HUGE CONSEQUENCES!!! PEACE!!!

1470 days ago


I think with sesame they need to lighten up. How many of the kids that see this have been breastfed? And even then they arent big enough to cause a massive cleavage problem that kids would be staring at them with the "WTF?" look kids get

1470 days ago


...But violence is ok?? and Viagra,Cialis ads are ok??

1470 days ago


sextapes in regards to her? Um...that's something new to me. She had her single "I kissed a girl" but there hasn't been any sextape related thing...

in regards to how she is dressing, maybe it was not the wisest choice, but c'mon! A lot of those kids see things worse nowadays just being in public can't shelter your kids from everything.

1470 days ago


not to sound like jane curtain no 83 but what in the h**l are you talking about

1470 days ago


bill, we know you dont care, that is why you say such mean is important for children to be innocient as long as we can give it to them...its our nice....

1470 days ago


First of all Warren, you assume Im a mother. Wrong, spin again. I am a father. And both of my daughters have been raised to repect other individuals. As for the question of your views? You barely make any sense. I was bought up in a very good household as well as my wife. We are proud members of our church, but we dont thrumb the bible like guitar srtings. We adhere to our beliefs and dont IMPOSE them on other. I actually am a deacon in my church. We live in a good home, our extended family is very happy, and we are well looked upon in our community, which we are very involved in.

The problem in society today is that a selected 'majoity' of people still feel the need to evangilate to others beliefs of thier own, and not really the word of God, whichever you choose to pray to.

And even though I might no be totally admirable on what Ms. Perry does, the skit for Sesame Street was not out of line. Like I said before, if you have a problem with that, its your problem. I dont see a child who is being brought up correctly looking at that skit is going to think 'OOOOooohhhh. . . .boobs!!!' They dont think that way UNLESS they are being brought up being taught thats dirty and nasty.

Statisticall, 65% of all sex offenders grew up in a household that was abusive and undisciplined. Thats a huge percentage. You need to step back and look at things through the eyes of a four year old and NOT the eyes of a perverted adylt, mr I watch naked women spread for me on my computer.'

You just branded yourself as a pervert, because that has got to me the most rediculous rebuttal I have ver seen.

And to the producers of Sesame Street, I watched you 40 years ago when I was 4. I watched it when my kids were that age with them. And you know what? I think we all are going to watch SS tonight.

1470 days ago


You are absolutely right, Diana, Tinkerbell does wear a lot less, and she's bustier too. Shows a LOT of thigh in that little get up of hers, but no one gripes about that. Oh maybe they will!

1470 days ago


Jesus, folks. No wonder you people still think somebody elected Bush. You're incredibly backwards and, shall I say it?-- stupid. DId any of the children die when they saw this woman? Did they break out in blisters and hair? Do you seriously they're going to need years of intensive therapy? You're not worried that george w. dingbat lied and killed hundreds of thousands of people...or that the very people who broke our economy received the bail-out money to "fix" it: you're worried about a medium cut red top that, believe it or not, actually covred her breasts. If you're really looking for the moral high ground, folks, express your petty outrage at the real wrongdoers. Given your many ignorant definitions, any woman who breastfeeds a child is a victimizer and molester.

1470 days ago


Some parents have their minds in the gutter. Like a 2 - 3 - 4 or 5 year old is gonna notice that stuff... some parents need to get a grip and quit whining about everything. The people complaining about this prob swear in front of their kids.

1470 days ago


Who the hell is Katy Perry???

1470 days ago


I think this is one of the problems with our society as a whole. The human form should be admired and thought by everyone, even 3 and 4 years olds that it is beautiful and never anything to be ashamed of. There's nothing wrong with the outfit she was wearing. Since when are children offended by cleavage? Maybe our children wouldn't grow up with so much body image issues if we didn't make such an issue out of theirs and others bodies. You're all causing more problems than you're solving by bringing so much negative attention to something that's totally fine. She looks cute. Children aren't stupid. They are aware that she's an adult and can dress that way because she's an adult. Even my 4 year old knows that she can't dress that way at this point in her life. Seriously.

1470 days ago


I don't see why SS made such a big deal. they make it seem like this huge deal but when u actually watch it it really isn't that bad. the lyrics are clean and i mean it is a kids topic. your kid isn't gonna be messed up cuz they see some cleavage. i mean most people bath with there kids so i mean they've seen worse.

1470 days ago


Goodness gracious. Don't little girls know that they will have breasts someday? Don't they ever see their mommie's boobies? Her breasts aren't that big, and the dress looks like a prom dress. Completely harmless. Of course, the little boys might enjoy it, but don't little boys enjoy it when they look through the Sears catalog. I'm an adult and I enjoy looking at the underwear ads in the Sears catalog. Does that make me a pervert? Of course, but who cares? Life is 70 years long and then you die, so why not let the little kids see the top of Katy Perry's hooters? It's going to be much worse when they grow up and come home in a coffin after having to fight some invisible Muslim army over in some God forsaken country.

1470 days ago
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