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Dina Lohan -- Armed and Dangerous

9/24/2010 9:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan isn't the only person who could theoretically end up behind bars on Friday ... Dina Lohan says she'll have Michael Lohan arrested if he shows up at his daughter's hearing.

Sources close to Dina -- who has a criminal protective order against her ex-hubby -- tell TMZ Dina is bringing the protective order to court and if Michael dares to pop his head in, "There's gonna be a situation."

Michael, of course, doesn't care.  As we previously reported, Mikey plans on showing up with a super special guest.

It's unclear who's performing in the third ring.


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I don't understand this.

If they are both in the court house and have to go through metal detectors and with all the security/cops, etc. and it's both their child in court, then how can they enforce a restraining order? Even though consensus says neither is a good parent they each have a right to be there for their child, right? It was a court house that issued the restraining order so, I would think, this is one place a restraining order would bear no merit as long as all parties know that they can't arrive/leave at the same time. There should be some type of communication between lawyers on arrival and departure times to keep them separate. Also, they can sit on separate sides and not talk to each other or they will be in violation.

Now, if Lindsay had a restraining order against dad then I could understand but, she doesn't. If she really wanted her dad out of her life, then why doesn't Lindsay get one. That seems to be the logical explanation. Am I wrong? All in all, they all seem like idiots and allow this Lohan circus to continue when it doesn't have to. Therefore, I don't understand how anyone can keep both of her parents from being there. To be honest, it shows they each care even if it's only for selfish reasons.

1488 days ago


Can we say white trash?

1488 days ago


I am sure Lisa Bloom has everything taken care of in advance..

1488 days ago


He's bringing a guest to his daughter's court hearing? Could this whole Lohan thing get any more cheesy?

1488 days ago


At least Michael is the only one living in reality. Dina keeps on claiming that her 24 year old "child" has already paid her dues and does not have a substance abuse issue. Daddy recognizes that Lindsay needs help in the worst way. Who's the crazy one, Dina? And bravo to Lindsay for the show she has been putting on this week, going to AA meetings and such. I hope Your Honor shows no mercy.

1488 days ago


Is it any wonder Lindsey turned out to be such a peach. These people are a disgusting excuse for parents. They should both be jailed for just being bad people.

Maybe Michael will have more pictures of his chubby ex-fiance...who knows maybe Dena took the first batch while he pulled her top down.

1488 days ago


Dina -- how about yanking the soft core porn pictures of your underage daughter Ali instead of looking for cameras to take your picture in Court? Worst mother ever.

At least Michael recognizes Lindsay has a problem.

1488 days ago


PLEASE put her in a 90 day rehab, and put an order of protection on her to keep her skank who*re mother away. I pray for Lindsay, a Woman I don't even know. She will NEVER, EVER get better as long as Dina is in her life. Dina wants everyone to hate MIchael, yes he's a dirtbag, but she is even worse. She sold her Daughter out, plain and simple. She enables the drug use, I would go so far as to say she does it with her. People are rooting for Lindsay, everyone loves an underdog. I am just sick of her getting away with sh*t! She has single handedly made a total mockery of the California justice system.

DINA- you are a useless POS. I would love to curb stomp your tracks! You have wh*red your Daughter out, and now she is going to pay the price, one way or another. If she dies of an overdose because she can no longer handle her "life", her blood is on your hands. Get a job, stop riding her coat tails and for GOD sake, be a MOM, not a pimp!

1488 days ago

Normal is OK    

I stick by my post from yesterday:

I remember watching the movie "Mean Girls." I thought she was talented and she came off like an all american girl.

But now Li-Lo or ho whatever she is called is all washed up.

It bothered me too, how she snubbed her nose at the law. She walks away from trouble like some princess above all of us. We all know any one of us "normal people" would be doing time.

But I started thinking about it.

Lyndsey doesn't have anything on any of us "normal people" anymore.

She threw away her talent, you could hose her down a hundred times and she would still look dirty.

She doesn't have a true friend in the world and her own family would betray her in a heartbeat.

What's worse is she has the money and connections to get clean in the most comfortable way possible.

But she is to high or stupid to see it. Her fake friends and family would rather risk her life than take a chance of losing their free ride.

So she will probably die in some desperate, nasty situation. There will be pictures for sale leaving behind the legacy of the train wreck she became.

Her mother will want everyone to feel bad for "her" because "she" lost her child. When that public sympathy runs out Dina will bring out disgusting "never seen footage to make a little more money.

So now I am thinking to myself "Lyndsey doesn't have nothing on this normal girl."

She isn't winning anything...

I have true friends with genuine feelings and advice.

I look pretty sweet after a shower and my truly mother loves me.

I may not have a get out of jail free card, but that's ok because so far I haven't needed it...

Most of all, No one, even Li-lo has a "get out of death free"

I just pray she doesn't kill some innocent person's family... Remember that today Judge Cox.

1488 days ago


what rhymes with punt?
i really don't know how these parents just don't kill themselves..they have to be the worst parents on the planet...and THEY KNOW IT....could you imagine if we all were like them, needing attention 24/7...using people...distroying our children...there must be laws somewhere against people like them.....????? if she has a gun she should make it a murder/suicide..

1488 days ago


Oh Diana, Go SIT DOWN, They need to Drug Test Your Insane behind.

1488 days ago


What narcissistic people those two are.... She will not lose her meal ticket under any cir***stances and he is making money every time he foams at the mouh. Although he is in a 12 step program and it is about progress not perfection..... they need to let go of Lindsay so she figure things out.

1488 days ago

get real    

Who Pays for Dina's UpKeep?????????? Who pays for her Hair? That color Job is at least 500 in NY or BH. Who pays for her Travel from NY to Calif. all the time? Who or How does she pay her Mortgage?What does she do to generate an Income.. She lives Pretty Lavish.

1488 days ago

Bill F. Murray    

Dina & Kate Gosselin, Mothers of the CENTURY!!!

1488 days ago


Hey Dina, Just maybe you should worry about raising your kids right and teaching them right from wrong instead of a enabler so they can support your lazy worthless butt!
She is trying to draw some attention on anything else and try to take some of her coke head of a daughter that she is enabling!
Grow up Dina and be a mom for once!

1488 days ago
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