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Estella Warren

Arrested for DUI, Assault


5/24/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Actress/model Estella Warren is in jail right now, after allegedly slamming into three cars, kicking a cop and escaping from the police station ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ. 

The crazy incident occurred Monday night just before midnight.  Cops say Warren was driving in L.A. when she struck 3 parked cars in her Toyota Prius. Warren drove away but cops spotted her and placed her under arrest for driving under the influence, though not before she resisted and kicked an officer.

Warren was taken to the police station in handcuffs, and during the booking process she managed to get out of her handcuffs and then run out the back door!  Warren was quickly recaptured.

Warren is being booked for felony escape.  We're told she will also be booked for assault, hit and run and DUI.

As one law enforcement source told TMZ ... "She was really hammered."

According to the L.A. County Sheriff's Dept. website, Warren's bail has set at $100,000.

UPDATE: Warren was JUST released from jail ... nearly fifteen hours after the incident.



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I Chinee    

Who? I have never heard of her. But what an idiot.

1245 days ago


Utterly and totally wasted.

1245 days ago


I have never heard of this dumb bimbo. If she drinks and drives she is a potential murderer of innocent children. Throw her stupid ass in jail for a long time.

1245 days ago


Oh, she did a Lindsay, did she? Mind you, that's OKAY in LA, so she should be fine. Judge Stupid will congratulate her on a fake rehabilitation attempt and will hand her back her car keys, saying, "happy motoring." Then the unknown will become famous for being a skank. Next thing ya know, she'll be posing in see through clothes with fake wardrobe malfunctions and living off the bad publicity.

Happens all the time in LA.

1245 days ago

Joe Boo    

Never Retreat...
Never Surrender!!!

he he

1245 days ago



1245 days ago


If someone is really inebriated, they can do a lot of things they normally would never do and act in ways they normally would never act. Once many people reach that point, all reason goes out the window. If you want to be certain you are in control, don't let yourself become overly intoxicated. That you have control over. You don't once you cross over the line and get really tanked. And never drive with any blood alcohol level WHATSOEVER. It was a mistake, Estella, you weren't in your right mind. Learn from it and pay your dues. Let it happen again and it is a major shame on you. And be thankful no one was hurt. Or else you would be in a world of you know what.

1245 days ago


Glad to know I'm not the only one that doesn't know who Estella Warren is cuz I'm clueless as to who she is.

1245 days ago


The cops try to take he into custody and she kicks one of them but they don't hobble chain her ankles. Then, at the police station she was released out of the handcuffs so she ran out the back door.

Sounds like a scene from a Marx brothers movie!

1245 days ago

Cleveland Gal    

Uh oh looks like she may do some jail time. Probably an hour, that should teach her LOL

1245 days ago

I am Spartacus    

Those saying "who?" must not read because the 1st 2 words of the story are "Actress/Model" so that tells you exactly what she does. Just because she isn't a big name doesn't mean she isn't famous. She's actually more relevant than Lindsay Lohan.

Lucky for her this happened in LA so going by the Lohan rules she's got a long way to go before jail time is even considered.

1245 days ago


Well then if it's a felony can she be deported back to Canada?

1245 days ago


throw the book on this shameless k.u.nt

1245 days ago


Either she's gangsta or she had some meth in her system helping her out. This woman is way more hardcore than Lindsay.

1245 days ago

Lick Heim    

Team Estella!!!

1245 days ago
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