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Katherine Jackson: Who Can Live on $26K a Month?

9/23/2010 10:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson can't make it on a $26,000-a-month allowance ... so she's asking for more.


TMZ found a judge's order filed yesterday in the Michael Jackson Estate case, in which the judge notes, "Counsel will give notice of proposed action re: adjustment to family allowance for the benefit of Katherine Jackson."

TMZ has already reported Katherine pulls in a temp allowance of $26,804 a month.

The document does not say how much more Katherine wants, but it's pretty ironic since she's making a lot of money on the side.


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I would like for people to buy Raymond Chandler's book 'All that glitters' and read it and see that in 1993 Evan Chandler bullied his son over his sexuality, harrassed him, made lewd comments about his friendship with Michael Jackson. It is even recalled in the book that one time Jordan Chandler was in the bathroom when his father touched his butt and asked him:"Is that how MJ touches you at night? Who is on top? You or MJ?" Jordan was annoyed by his father and he yelled at him: "Leave me alone, that's disgusting!" Later Evan defended his actions by saying that he was concerned and desperate to know whether his son was gay and whether he would confess he was MJ's lover. Are you kidding me? This is sexual harrassment in my opinion. And also this is homophobic bullying of a parent towards a child. Jordan Chandler was being abused emotionally (the lewd comments), physically (the beatings and the kidnapping and the forced isolation from his mother June), and sexually (touching his private parts, drugging him with sodium amythal(to plant false memory in his mind that he was having sex with MJ) by his own father and yet Michael Jackson took the blame for all of this. The police never investigated the Chandlers, never examined Jordan's body to see the bruises he got after being beaten by his father who kidnapped him. Instead Michael Jackson an innocent man was photographed naked and humiliated by the media who labeled him a pedophile. On top of that the Chandlers extorionated $20,000,000 out of him. I want the truth to be out and if Jordan Chandler is not willing as a man to denounce what his father did to him and to Michael Jackson, then he is a coward who deserved every bad thing that happened to him in life, including that one time when his father tried to kill him in 2005. Whether Jordan Chandler was gay and had a crush on MJ, his father had no right to treat him like a piece of meat and try to pimp him to MJ and try to force the 13 year old boy to become straight by staging dates for him and teaching him how to kiss girls. This is not a normal relationship between father and son. It is too invasive and creepy. Like Evan was sexually obsessed with his son. He even said to Dave Schwartz the boy's stepfather: "I would die without Jordie, I would kill for Jordie, I would do anything to have him with me always." That's why in 2005 Jordan was still living with his father who faked being an invalid so Jordan would bathe him, dress him, sleep in the same bed with him. But if Evan was really an invalid with Gaucher's disease, how come he was able to choke his son and hit him in the head with dumbells and spray mace in his eyes? Jordan realized his father was a crook with a sick obsession for him. That's why he requested a restraining order in court in 2006 against his father. That's why he cut all contacts with him. The real child abuser pedophile was not Michael Jackson but Evan Chandler the boy's own father.

1422 days ago



There is is about as much chance a REAL Michael Jackson Fan would waste their money on a chandler book, as there is of them eating live chickens' or doing a 'voodoo dance at midnight, so ............Go figure....

1422 days ago


There is is about as much chance a REAL Michael Jackson Fan would waste their money on a chandler book, as there is of them eating live chickens' or doing a 'voodoo dance at midnight, so ............Go figure....
Posted at 3:39 PM on Sep 30, 2010 by SaraJane

You won't believe how much Amazon is selling the book 'All that glitters'. For 1 cent ($0.01). Diane Dimond's fictional book 'Be careful who you love' is also selling for 1 cent. I only spent 1 cent on Raymond Chandler's pathetic little book and in it he tries to portray his brother Evan as a dedicated loving father but he failed. After reading that book I had no doubt that Evan was a pedophile.Evan's best friend Dr. Richard Gardner was a confessed pedophile shunned by the medical community. And you have these two pedophiles coaching a child Jordan Chandler to accuse an innocent man Michael Jackson of crimes they probably commited themselves on children. But I agree with you that Michael Jackson's fans should not spend even 1 cent on books published by the Chandlers or Diane Dimond or Bob Jones. Since Michael Jackson's fans are not going to buy that book, here is one last shocking secret I got from it. Serial extorsionist Evan Chandler was ready to pimp his youngest son Nikky (Jordan Chandler's half brother) by saying that he too was sexually molested by Michael Jackson. But Evan's second wife Nathalie was mad that her crazy husband was now dragging their youngest son into a new fake sexual scandal with Michael Jackson so she divorced Evan and fled the country with her son and daughter.

1421 days ago


hi cher..
that trial was disturbing to me on so many levels but really bothers me is i think it had to be evident that sneddon et al knew before the trial even began that michael was innocent ,
i believe zonen even said at the frozen in time forum that it was a **** ,,,really duh...
anyway i asked randy t if gavins doctor was ever called to testify because that would have been a no brainer for the prosecution , a really slow pitch for his doctor to show up and say the child was a deaths door and how detrimental it would have been to the child heath if michael gave him alcohol.
the defense would not have been able to dispute that ..

and yet the prosecution didnt call him or any medical personnel from the hospital, not the make a wish people either...hmmm
really the only people saying that gavin was dying was his family.
he may have been sick but i think they exaggerated his diagnosis in order to get close to michael and others.
remember it wasnt make a wish that contacted mj , it was others from the comedy club etc.
you know the prosecution had to have realized this , they put everybody but my grandmother on the stand but not his doctor?
even randy t was like hmmmmmmm, after i brought this up to him.
the reason i mention these things to him and others is i want them to acknowledge these things is,maybe next time they are interviewed about mj , they might focus on the prosecution and not michael , who was the real victim..
i really would like the subject of this court case shifted away from the ugly allegations and toward maliciuos prosecution..

1420 days ago


Nan,I already mentioned on another TMZ blog that Gavin Arvizo's cancer was already in remission since 2001. He had chemo in the year 2000 all paid by his father's work insurance. But his mother Janet was scamming celebrities like Chris Tucker and Georges Lopez asking them money for her son Gavin who was 'dying' of cancer. Then when Gavin met Michael Jackson in late 2001 he did not have cancer at all. He was a cancer survivor. But Janet told Michael that her son was 'dying' of cancer and needed lots of money to get better. So Michael invited the family at Neverland and paid holistic doctors a fortune to cure Gavin's cancer with a method called the visualization technique and it's very expensive and it does not involve chemotherapy. Gavin was gaining weight but not because of Michael's doctors doing a great job but because he did not have cancer after all since a year and he was 100% healthy. Michael was happy he helped 'save' Gavin's life so that's why he invited the ugly talentless 'looking like a rat' loser to the Bashir video. But Gavin wanted Michael Jackson to open a trust fund for him and then put him in a private school. Michael refused. So Gavin out of revenge accused him of sexual molestation and told the media he was 'dying' of cancer at the time of the abuse. The evil teenager hoped he would inherit all of Michael Jackson's fortune after the trial in 2005. I am glad Michael Jackson was acquitted in 2005. Gavin Arvizo is now penniless and his cancer might wanna pay him a little visit.
That's why Tom Sneddon never called Gavin Arvizo's doctors in court because they would have testified that the boy's cancer was non-existent since 2001.Tom Sneddon knew Gavin Arvizo was a liar.But he wanted Michael Jackson in jail so bad.Even when he had proof that the singer was innocent.

1420 days ago


i hate tom sneddon.he knew mj was innocent all along and not one talking head in the media ever questioned y his doctor was not on the stand.
he should be sitting in a jail cell

1419 days ago


What was she living on before Michael (God Rest HIS Soul) passed? Then she can live on $26,000 a month!

1418 days ago


What does it matter!! Michael wanted her to have the money!! Everyone needs to back off. She is entitled to exactly what Michael wanted her to have..

1415 days ago


I'd do just fine with 26,000 a month. Heck, I'd do fine with 6,000.

1334 days ago


ok the kids security has to be paid their school tution is unreal and travel clothing and regular expenses..remember they have to have alot of people around them now that have to be paid like the tutors for blanket as well..its always easy to scoff before you look at the reality

1331 days ago



1330 days ago
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