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Lindsay Lohan --

Bail Bondsman

at the Ready

9/23/2010 8:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The bail bondsman Lindsay Lohan has gotten to know all too well will be in court tomorrow to bail LiLo out one more time ... TMZ has learned.

Lindsay Lohan bail bond.
The bondsman -- who also bailed out Linds back in June -- is going to court for the 8:30AM hearing before Judge Elden Fox.

As we first reported, it's likely the bondsman will have to post bail on the spot to allow Lindsay to remain free, pending a full probation violation hearing next month.

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Could the judge order her to jail without bond?

1461 days ago


Hopefully, FOR HER OWN SAKE, the Judge will place her in jail on the spot!

1461 days ago


Crack is wack and so is this chick!

1461 days ago


Well, if Harvey hasn't been blowing smoke outta his butt the past week the judge will be smart and call a court appearance from 30 days from now and she has to do all the time. NO BAIL, PERIOD!

This bailbondsman is looking for his 15 minutes of fame. I'm surprised Dog the bounty hunter isn't involved.

1461 days ago


I am not sure what it will take for Lindsay to get her life on a more productive track but whatever it takes, I hope that it happens soon. At the end of the day, it is Lindsay's choice if she wants to live or die. She is obviously choicing (even by default) to die. I thought that the last stint in jail and rehab would help. It did not. Lindday's enablers help her to stay sick. They all could benfit from help. Until she gets a healthier support system, she will stay in the news. I wish her well.

1461 days ago


People read the previous stories. Since this is a misdemeanor, the judge is required to set bail. Now the only hope is that the judge sets a ridiculously high amount for bail that the bondsman won't cover.

We can dream!

1461 days ago


I am so sorry for not proof reading my earlier post. "choosing" not "choicing".

1461 days ago


Just the site of her makes me wanna hurl...ugh

1461 days ago


and will her bondsman be there to do cpr when she suc***bs, as did anna nicole, michael jackson,etc...

the judge should incarcerate her, which might possibly save her life!

1461 days ago


I don't get it, so she can keep coming up with failed drug tests and it is only a misdemeanor? This girl can get away with murder!

1461 days ago


She ain't gonna do no time. Linds will probably be doing lines of blow by noon to celebrate her freedom.

1461 days ago

Joe Blow    

Sad news for Nicole Enabler and Team Lindsay Enablers, actually. With this posting of bail Lie-ho won't be able to cut them their weekly check for posting here and defending her as an innocent victim of cir***stances. Sorry Nicole Enabler and TLE, it looks like it's the McDonald's Value Menu for you two this week. :(

1461 days ago


she is making a mockery of the justice system, us normal working stiffs would be under the jail by now

1461 days ago


Why do they even have these hearings, trials, and sentences in California? Nobody goes to jail. Even when they do, it's for days or even hours, not weeks or months. If I was a cop out there, I probably wouldn't even bother to stop anybody. What's the point?

1461 days ago


IM SO TIRED READING ABOUT THIS LESBIAN HOOKER. It makes me mad to see her get off "scotch free" each and every time.

With the $$$ she got from E-trade, I hope she goes out, buys A LOT of blow, overdoses from it and dies. Well never have to hear from her ever agAIN

1461 days ago
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