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Lindsay Lohan Definitely Has Her Hands Full

9/23/2010 7:45 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Just two days before she faces Judge Elden Fox in court for failing two drug tests, Lindsay Lohan was spotted leaving a friend's L.A. home carrying cigarettes, keys, cell phone and other items in her hand on Wednesday.


On Friday, Linds could be sentenced to 30 days in jail for violating probation.


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Lindsay posted this on her twitter yesterday:

YAY one of my drug test violations was dismissed due to a "slip up" in paper work it pays to be rich and famous. Thank god for Disney!

about 8 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

1493 days ago


Did she sell her purse for drugs?

1493 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

How come she gets to take Adderall? I thought UCLA said she was not ADHD, and had been a victim of a bad diagnosis. If she doesn't have a prescription for it, isn't it illegal to take a controlled substance unless you have a current script for it? Since the courts can't get their act together where she is concerned, they should just let her go. Unfortunately, she is in self-destruct mode, and may take an innocent or two out with her. Very sad for her,left to her own devices...she's a gonner.

1493 days ago


Looks like shes carrying a tampon

1493 days ago


Looks like her friend John is going to have to get her out of trouble again. I know you're not supposed to believe everything you read in the media, but even with all the bad stuff said about her, Lindsay must be a great friend in order to be friends with someone like John. He's one of the few solid guys that's friends will all those people, so the fact that he went so far as to get the judge replaced on her case makes me wonder if she's really that bad in person (aside from her nightmare PR image problems haha)

1493 days ago


Boycott all things Lindsay Lohan, she is a junkie!

1493 days ago

Bill F. Murray    

Looks like shes carrying a tampon

Posted at 7:03 AM on Sep 23, 2010 by cali
Awful big tampon...well, yeah I guess that makes sense, LOL.

Nice boots, btw, I didn't know KISS was still touring.

1493 days ago


She is beginning to get chunky, no one likes chubby chicks! Put her in jail!

1493 days ago


I don't know why people are so intent on punishing Lindsay, not the law, the people who write such hatred toward her on sites like this.
This girl is the result of her parents' inability to parent. What Lindsay needs is a chaperone... 24/7... who will get in her face, keep her away from bad influences, stop bad behaviour before it starts. In other words, she needs a positive influence that used to be called a parent. She never had one as a kid. Behind bars, she can't do anything wrong. On the streets she can't overcome temptation.
And for all you sanctimonious preachers who think you are so much better... it's easy to resist temptation... until you're tempted.

1493 days ago


Tampon? More like a dustbuster...

1493 days ago


She NEEDS the extra weight, before she looked like a "user" so 5-10 lbs and everyone thinks she looks chubby, SILLY !!

No more chances kid, get it together so someday you can play Ann Margret to whomever plays Elvis on the screen.

Redheads don't go down without a fight, so FIGHT to stay alive and clean, stop putting yourself where you KNOW the trouble is.

1493 days ago


leave her alone already

1493 days ago


Marlboro ? Who smokes anymore?

1493 days ago


So it is true that John Allen is the person getting her out of so much trouble. I heard he's managed to get her out of so many legal problems that he's made her like Teflon. Supposedly he also got Paris and some of his other friends out of trouble? A magazine said he's friends with like every actor or socialite out there but tries to stay out of the spotlight and never talks about his friends, which makes people like him even more. Like one of his bodyguards even punched out a paparazzi for trying to take a picture of him and Lindsay when he was out at a club? I saw a partial picture of him but it was a really bad pic and looked more like anybody, but a lot of my friends from new york and la have heard of him. There was also some thing about him stopping reporters from printing stories about him in Page Six.

1493 days ago


I’m tired of people comparing Lindsay to Robert Downey Jr.
RDJ appeared as if he gave up. There was no life. It was very troubling to watch, and he made a very tearful statement to the judge.
There weren’t any blackouts in the courtroom when he was handcuffed.
Lindsay is a party girl who’s been giving the middle finger salute to the courts for over 3 years.
Robert Downey Jr. has more talent in his pinky than Lindsay has in her entire body.
She's not even close to his league.
RDJ took a hard fall, handled it with dignity, then picked himself back up.
He made a sucessful comeback because he ‘s a great actor. People love him, and always have.

1493 days ago
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