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Lindsay Lohan

It's Jewelry Or Jail

9/23/2010 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We could know Lindsay Lohan's fate as she walks into court tomorrow ... by the jewelry she is or isn't wearing.


It's very, very possible Judge Elden Fox will schedule a formal probation revocation hearing 30 days from tomorrow.  If that happens, Judge Fox could order Lindsay to immediately go to jail and sit there until the formal hearing.

When defendants are remanded into custody they must surrender their jewelry before going to the pokey.

If Lindsay shows up without bling -- something she has never done in her numerous court appearances -- it would definitely be a sign that she sees the handwriting on the wall.

Interesting ... Lindsay posed for pics at a jewelry event yesterday in L.A.  A girl can dream.

Stay tuned ...



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Shakes the Clown    

She is hoping one of these bling assereays kling to her freakles and goes missing

1436 days ago


I haven't clicked here in 2 weeks, and it's the same old stuff.

1436 days ago


If a non violent misdemanor offender is refused bail and forced to stay in an overcrowded jail until their sentencing.

The right thing to do is to sentence her to the 30 days tomorrow and then she can start serving her sentence immediately.

Posted at 9:45 AM on Sep 23, 2010 by Nicole
This would be for a SECOND probation violation in 3 months. It would absolutely be the norm for her to be remanded for the full 30 days. If this is not done, it will once again, be a huge lucky break for her. Funny how many of those she gets...

1436 days ago


This bimbo should go to jail, regardless of what she wears, and she should be in population with the other criminals. If it were me who got d.u.i.'s and charged with drug crimes, and failed drug tests, I'd be in jail instantly. As would most of the readers of TMZ and viewers of the show. There would be no same day early release because of "overpopulation". Does anyone really believe that's why bimbos like Lilo and Paris and all the other celebrity clowns are let go early? No dice on that. It's cos of connections, and this craps gotta end.

1436 days ago

Nancy "O"    

Does that mean she will surrender her nipple rings too?

1436 days ago


Seems like Lindsay isnt too worried, she posted this on her twitter:

Getting ready to spend 30 minutes in jail tomorrow. Think I will book a spa appointment later in the day so I can relax after my horrific ordeal

3 minutes ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

1436 days ago


Wow, that's a stretch. Slow news day.

1436 days ago


when she walked out of rehab I wrote on here that I would give her 30 days and she'd either be dead or back in jail. She's still breathing.

1436 days ago


Wow does TMZ think they are Hotch from Criminal Minds? Stop with your profiling and continue with spreading Hollywood gossip.

1436 days ago


Post #5..aka Nicole Enabler.

So I guess your recommendation is to be sentenced Friday to 30 days in jail,and thus get out that same day?

Nicole..Everyone here knows you're on the Lohan payroll doing your PR,and crisis management campaign.

Most of us,and I assure you the courts as well feel Lindsay needs to be taught a lesson.

Everyone know how you feel Nicole..that she's just an inncoent victim of hate.To bad you just can not see it's disgust we all feel.

1436 days ago


She sure likes to show the courts that she thinks this is all a joke...and she doesn't have a care in the , she needs the jail cell. She has mocked the court system and got away with it so long we can only hope this judge has more backbone then the others.The court should read her twitter

1436 days ago


Its called don't wear any or tell the bailiff I have something that I need to give to someone (a.k.a. jewelry) their very good about giving you the opportunity to give jewelry to someone that came to court with you. Believe me they don't want a theft on their hands especially with this one!

I just hope the Judge doesn't dissapoint the rest of us "simple folk" tomorrow & sends her back to the "full 30 days" in Gen Pop this will all let us know that "celebrities" don't get "special treatment & that there is only 1 judicial system!

1436 days ago

who dat    

TMZ this is one of your lamest posts ever. If you can't find anything good to post, take the day off.

1436 days ago


Send the rich skank to jail!!...She's no funkin better than anyone else....If it were left up to me...she wouldn't see the light of day....her poo-namy would be covered with dust, from lack of use...."Oh, but wait...Lindsay likes POO-NAMY too" So she would get a real work out in the slammer!!!
Best leave your jewelry at home.."Dumb-azz, b-otch"!!!

1436 days ago

Misha the CrackHo    

I swear, you TMZ guys are stupid. All she has to do is hand her jewelry to her attorney, and then go into custody.

Let me guess, this story was written by Mike the Moron.

1436 days ago
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