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Lindsay Lohan

It's Jewelry Or Jail

9/23/2010 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We could know Lindsay Lohan's fate as she walks into court tomorrow ... by the jewelry she is or isn't wearing.


It's very, very possible Judge Elden Fox will schedule a formal probation revocation hearing 30 days from tomorrow.  If that happens, Judge Fox could order Lindsay to immediately go to jail and sit there until the formal hearing.

When defendants are remanded into custody they must surrender their jewelry before going to the pokey.

If Lindsay shows up without bling -- something she has never done in her numerous court appearances -- it would definitely be a sign that she sees the handwriting on the wall.

Interesting ... Lindsay posed for pics at a jewelry event yesterday in L.A.  A girl can dream.

Stay tuned ...



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X17online has Ali, Mike and her assisant leaving LAX last night headed back to NY
That can only mean one thing

Lindsay is going to jail with NO earily release
Wonder if it will be 30 day or 60 days

The assisant going with them tells me that she is going to jail and maybe a long term inpatient rehab

1308 days ago


I thought California was more 'easy' going on these 'minor' infractions. When did they get so 'hard core' on simple posession offenses? I thought it was all about growing 'pot' and partying hard?

Let her go and find some real criminals...

1308 days ago


Nicole, we are all reallllllllll sick of your posts. Go some where else and bug them .

1308 days ago


lindsay this, lindsay that...who cares. it's all about scott disick. talk all your trash about scott, kourtney, kim & khloe the beast at

throw in a little bruce jenner insult too

1308 days ago


The assistant was only driving them to the airport.
It means tomorrow she is getting sentenced to 30 days and getting out the same day because of overcrowding.
Or that she is going to rehab AGAIN

1308 days ago


radder be dead den red on da head!

1308 days ago


Saddly, she looks "high" in the photos from the jewelry event. Not sure if she is, of course, but I've seen that look before.

1308 days ago


@ Joe Blow: I couldn't have said it better myself... I got in more trouble than she did and all I had was a gram of weed LOL

1308 days ago


She looks like a Platapus with swollen lips.

1308 days ago


#56 Nicole her assisant had her own suitcase why dont you go to x17 and see video
She wasnt dropping them off
And if lindsay was doing a in n out why did Ali leave Ali lives with her.


I really dont care what you have to say. Like the rest on here I also feel you are a complete AZZHOLE.

1308 days ago



1308 days ago


Lindsay isn't going away you guys, as long as there are haters leaving comments and feeding into her gossip shes gonna keep popping up. She has more haters than she does fans, so obviously you guys are keeping her around. And are you people really that ignorant and think her doing drugs is suprising, you do realize that 90% of celebs do some sort of drug. Trust me move to L.a. and work in production or talent o r any filed of entertainment and you'll learn a lot about celebs. They all do it, lindsay just got caught. And honestly havent all of us had to much to drink or done drugs before and dont lie and say you havent. You people are so ****ing stupid, haha, shes in her 20s, let her do what she wants, we all made mistakes and partied that age. I've never understood why the people who hate her just comment on here like what they say is gonna make her go away. it just keeps the interest in her up. Man you people are stupid. and she looks hella good shes skinny and can pull of any outfit id like to see any of you fatties dress like her. its all jealousy it really is. if you guys hate her then stop talkin about her and shell go away, but that will never happen because you guys are in love with her even tho u say u hate her.

1308 days ago


@ Post 63
shes in her 20s, let her do what she wants, we all made mistakes and partied that age
Posted at 12:25 PM on Sep 23, 2010 by Casey

Blah blah blah...until she or any other of these people you allude to frickin hits you with their car and sheers off your leg while in a drug stupor.

1308 days ago


No, Casey, I don't think JEALOUSY is it. Are you old enough to buy a beer? It hardly matters if she can wear CUTE clothes well, those kinds of things are NOT really imporant to ADULTS.
Lindsey is REPULSIVE, she upsets people because she has had chance after chance and she can't get a friggin thing through her head. It's FRUSTRATION and DISGUEST, not jealousy.
Lindsay has proven to the world she is BUTT STUPID, and here she was saying she wanted RESPECT, and she is under the impression that these 14 year old twitter fans opinions are MEANINGFUL. How SAD. I am stunned to see someone here report she Twitted, or whatever it is, that she going to go to a SPA. I am starting to believe Lindsay has an INSANITY coach, for it is really getting to the point that it is UNQUESTIONABLE that she is deeply, deeply out of touch, or she ENJOYS antagonizining people. Regardless of official diagnosis, Lindsay is MAJOR MENTAL. It is unquestionable that she does not have the ability to LEARN, at even a 3 year old level. Lindsay is DAMAGED, she is technically RETARDED.
A little perpective is in order. Lindsay is a pretty thing (at times) who made A FEW cute movies. So friggin WHAT? No awards, no accolades of any RESPECTABLITY, she is "famous" for being known as The World Biggest Stupid Aszhole, and THAT isn't going to go away, it is going to be difficult for ANYONE to take that accomplishment away from her. Long, long time.
Lindsay, I think you are getting to the place where you are looking at being locked up in a a place WORSE than jail, you keep up with your public displays of DELUSIONS, you are going to end up in a STATE INSTITUTION where your little monthly check- up to see if you can GET OUT, are going to fail you. "Oh, yes,Dr. I am sooo much better, I can't wait to get out and Twitter and get my lips done, and...a TAN!!!" Good luck on that. You are so close to the end Lindsay. I am convinced you are missing PIECES of your brain from all the meth. Noone is naturally as STUPID as you. That is not an insult, young lady. That is an official diagnosis. Wow, nothing you can do at the SPA, is going make THAT more attractive. Hm? Does it pain you to THINK or something? Have you EVER asked YOURSELF...why do I constantly screw myself over, in International Media? When will you learn, attention is not the same as AFFECTION? You don't seem to notice, you have no FANS over 12.
Go to jail and have you a THINK.
Me, I'll keep trying to sweet talk the Lord into having MORE mercy on you. Apparently you are exhausing on ALL levels of reality.
good luck little moron. Figure it out.......

1308 days ago


Casey, of course she's skinny. She's a coke-addicted meth-head.

It isn't even about Lindsay at this point. She's let the world know that she doesn't give a damn. What it is about now is that she is a danger to society. She barely escaped killing a baby mere days ago. Next time someone may not be so lucky. Clearly her time remaining among the living is very limited by her choice of behavior. Hopefully she'll die soon so as to spare innocent bystanders. Fortunately when you consider her heath history, the likelihood of dying of an overdose or coke/meth induced heart failure or a stroke is extremely high. I hope one of those is the cause of her death rather than a car accident involving others. I work in a hospital and I see victims of intoxicated drivers die every night.

1308 days ago
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