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Michael Jackson -- To Pay or Not to Pay

9/23/2010 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Michael Jackson Estate made some interesting calls when it came to creditors -- who got paid, who didn't, and who's still waiting.

Michael Jackson Estate
The estate made a bunch of decisions on creditors' claims, but four stand out.

-- Dr. Arnold Klein submitted two claims for medical services in the months before Michael Jackson died -- totaling $58,522.89.  Pretty ironic, since some people in the Jackson world believe Klein contributed to MJ's death.  The estate has taken no action so far -- neither rejecting nor paying the dough.

-- Tom Mesereau, the lawyer who did a remarkable job in Jackson's 2005 molestation trial.  Mesereau submitted a claim for $341,452.05.  The estate paid the lawyer in full.

-- Kai Chase, the cook who was at Jackson's home the morning he died and the woman who interacted with Dr. Conrad Murray that day, submitted a claim for $8,000.  The executors compromised with Chase and settled the claim by making partial payment.  This one is interesting because some of MJ's family got pissed off when she made the rounds on TV following his death.

-- Raymone Bain, MJ's longtime publicist and friend who had a mega falling-out with Jackson, had filed two claims totaling $404,000.  The estate rejected the claim and Bain sued. The court tossed her case out.


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Brigha from UK    

30. Posted at 1:19 PM on Sep 23, 2010 by Siggisiss
Very well said. I totally agree.

1398 days ago


Very well said. I totally agree.

Posted at 1:25 PM on Sep 23, 2010 by Brigha from UK

Thanks Brigha. It just pees me off when people call Michael a dead beat when that was the LAST thing he was.

1398 days ago


Hey Jazzy....I'm a white woman and I dislike Tiger Woods AND Paris Hilton AND Lindsay Lohan. So what does that make me - a bi-racial racist? What a stupid thing to say!

1398 days ago


I am more concerned about the jackson estate than these people, who actually contacted these doctors, chefs...Michael himself? Being so shy and untrusting,I doubt it.

1398 days ago

Brigha from UK    

33. Posted at 1:25 PM on Sep 23, 2010 by nan
Hi Nan. I wasn't really criticising Mesereau. I'm sure he is one of the better lawyers in MJ's life and I agree that he did a decent job at the trial.
But lets face facts - he was not really a 'friend' of MJs was he? Their relationship was one of lawyer and client, and there are 342,452 reasons why they were not friends.
My criticism was not aimed at Mesereau but rather at the legal system. IMO Michaels fortune was largely eaten up by legal fees. Any system which leaves an innocent person with a legal bill of that size is simply a disgrace. I often wonder why MJ chose to settle so many disputes out of court when he obviously should have fought instead. The answer seems to be that the legal fees probably were greater than paying the claim.
It's an awful, unjust system.

Posted at 1:25 PM on Sep 23, 2010 by nan

1398 days ago


Now why did Tom Mesereaux defend Michael Jackson accused of pedophilia in 2005 without getting paid? Because he believed Michael Jackson was INNOCENT and he could not bare to see an innocent man sent to jail for crimes he did not commit on children.

1398 days ago


Tired of seeing Branca and McClain portrayed as knights in shining armour. They are being very, very well paid for their efforts.
If they cared so much for MJ, then why didn't they help him sort out his finances when he was alive?

First let's get it straight, Michael Just rehired MR Branca just two weeks before he passed. I believe John was Michael's friend. and couldn't take it anymore watching Michael listen to all the creeps and told Michael so and got fired or quit. You also must remember there were three executors and he did not want anything to do with the estate. The Executors are doing a great job, pay them what ever the want..... Go Team!

1398 days ago

Brigha from UK    

41. The Executors are doing a great job, pay them what ever the want..... Go Team!
Posted at 1:52 PM on Sep 23, 2010 by Eddie
Eddie. I am not one for conspiracy theories, but I have some issues with both the will and Brancas role as executor.
It is too late here to go into all my concerns now. However, if you read the Leonard Rowe book (available on Jetzi) you may see another side to the story.

1398 days ago


Kai is the one who saw the doc go up and down the stairs every morning with oxygen tanks, etc. I am not suprised she got paid 1/2, the other 1/2 is when she gives her deposition for the criminal case. Get it?

1398 days ago


I am so sick of hearing news reports about Michael Jackson. I hated it when he was alive and hate it now that he is gone. Let me ask you - if any other 50 yr old man without wealth and celebrity slept with underage boys, was on trial for molestation charges and dangled an infant off a balcony, would anyone care that they died? No, as a society, we would be joyous and happy that such a person was no longer a threat to children. But this is Michael Jackson who had money and wealth and talent, so child endangerment, child molestation and sleeping with children can be overlooked. Shame on everyone who still looks up to this degenerate, plays his music, mourns him and celebrates his life. It was a waste of a life. It was a waste of talent.

1398 days ago

Love Michael for the Man that he is..    

Very good point on Kai Chase TCYB remember she is also the one that came out and said that Prince did NOT go up stairs when Murray came down yelling for Prince too. Things that make you go hmmmmm.. I think all Michael Jackson fans need to start a fund to hire Mr. Mesereau to investigate Mr. Michael Jacksons death.

1398 days ago


Courtney # 43... stop reading the reports if you are sick of them. Millions of people do care to hear the reports. Now shut your mouth and get ready to take the next order... the drive through is backing up.

1398 days ago


NOT ONE RED CENT FROM MICHAEL'S ESTATE.Arnie Klein You are such a louse. Don't you have any shame? MURDERER!!!You and Murray should hold hands....Mr Mesereau I wish you Gods blessings. You prove what we all knew Michael was innocent Thank you from the bottom of my heart.......Love you Mike

1398 days ago


spitewi, spitewi, spitewi, spit spit spit. There I think I got them all...

1398 days ago


Courtney #43 I thought by now you would have brain enough to do your own investigations without listening to and reading things that are absolutely NOT true. But I guess as an MJ hater you can do no better. Some people who initially believed the same bulls&*t you did, did their own investigations so as not to be biased and influenced by the tabloids and their evidence showed that MJ slept on the floor with another adult supervising the children. You are just being you usual wicked, destructive and brainless self. Why dont you get a life outside of MJ. We maybe you cant, maybe your fantasies wont let you you pathetic creature

1398 days ago
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