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NBA Stars to David Stern -- What's in Your Wallet?

9/23/2010 6:22 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

LeBron James' $110 million contract is old news in the NBA -- now basketball superstars want to talk about how much cheese Commissioner David Stern is making.

Our sources on the hard court -- i.e. players -- tell us they think it's unfair for the league to tag players and their salaries for its financial woes.   In fact, they smell a rat since the paychecks of Stern and his deputy commissioner are kept hush hush.  As one player said, "There needs to be some transparency. It's hypocritical to single us out.” 

NBA owners collectively pay the commissioner's salary, which has been rumored -- but never confirmed -- to be in the neighborhood of $10 million per year.

Reps from the players union, led by Derek Fisher and Billy Hunter, met with Stern Wednesday in ongoing talks to avoid a labor dispute.

Sounds like no one's asked the commish to whip out his W-2 ... yet ... but with talk of a strike, it could happen. 

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I sure hope they fix what's wrong. And Stearn need to reveal his salary if he expects the players to do it. Now let's fix this. I'm not about to sit in front of a tv and watch a bunch of lesbo's run up and down the court in the WNBA.

1459 days ago



1459 days ago


tell these players to keep ther Fcking mouths shut. None of you overpaid mongols went to business school all you do is shoot a ball into a hoop. Worry about that. LeBron as well, you big baby.

1459 days ago


I don't care about Stern.
I care that he has too much power over the sport.
He's an administrator, not a king.

1459 days ago


Everything and everyone associated with the NBA should just go away until the league updates itself.The last 2-3 minutes of halves are unwatchable with the constant fouling and TV timeouts.Also when the NFL or MLB finds it's kickers or pitchers dominating they adjust the goalposts or the pitcher's mound,as NBA player's keep getting taller and bigger the rims remain at the same height,the NBA should raise the rims or lower the floor.How hard is it for someone 6'8'' or taller to dunk it,then do the necessary camera preening while the ball meanders downcourt for another dunk and preening session?

1459 days ago

artie help    

mr. stern is a playa, hanging with all sorts of bad peeps. heard he loves his weed.

1459 days ago


why do they care if he's rumored to be taking around 10 mil a year... a lot of the NBA players do much better than that just for playing basketball. seems like a stupid issue

and lebron's salary is downright ridiculous


1459 days ago


WTF??? i think this is insane! 110 millions to play basketball?? as my children are suffering in the school system because they are cutting staff, activities, etc. etc. etc! i think that each and every "superstar", "actor", "actress" etc. etc. etc. should have to donate 1% back to the school systems of the USA!!!! teachers are part of why they are where they ARE in the first place....never would have gotten there if it weren't for the teachers...(fyi-i'm a medical biller not a teacher) may if the government would put this 1% payback into effect all children would have the same opportunities :)

1459 days ago


i am so OVER these prima donna athletes who think they should be paid in the millions of dollars to PLAY A GAME, all the while the government is cutting programs and funds for education, kids, etc. it is RIDICULOUS.

the last NBA strike is when i completely quit watching basketball. i couldn't believe how greedy the players were being. to make that kind of money and know that there are homeless families and kids in EVERY CITY is beyond me.

gad. it infuriates me.

1459 days ago


There would be no NBA w/o David Stern. Young players should thank him for keeping them employed.

1459 days ago


Wow! TMZ doesn't have much going on this week. Eh? Samo Samo

1459 days ago


Go into work on Monday and tell the CEO you want to know how much he makes. See how long you last. David Stern has been connected with the NBA for 44 years. Yeah, Lebron's arrogant ass should ask him to tell him how much he makes.

1457 days ago


every body here is showing true jealously right now. i used to get mad at the players but stop. no point in getting mad at them. Look at it this way they are just doing what they love something they worked at their whole live and put alot of sweat and tears into and then somebody tells them hey ill pay you 110 million to do this. WHO WHOULDNT TAKE THAT. if it happened to any of you you would take it too. don't get mad at players get mad at the people PAYING the players that much money.

1457 days ago


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1455 days ago

The Cold Hard Truth    

Geez, what you d-bag haters never seem to ask yourself is this; If I can afford to pay an athlete x amount of millions a year to play a game, then HOW MUCH MONEY AM I MAKING?? Funny how Joe Mauer makes $184 MILLION to play catcher, dude doesn't even have 10 HR's, no one says a word. A-Rod signs for a quarter of a billion dollars, takes 'roids, and you numb nuts cry over NBA players? Dan Gilbert made 100's of millions of LBJ with packed stadiums, fat heads (he owns the company), etc. A wall street exec can tank an entire company, have people FIRED, and you douches talk about NBA players. Take your heads out of your rears and stop hating!!

1455 days ago
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