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Lindsay Lohan

Bails Out

9/25/2010 10:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan just high-tailed it out of the Lynwood Correctional Facility after posting $300,000 bail.

As we first reported, Judge Schnegg reversed Judge Elden Fox's decision for Lindsay to be held without bail.

Lindsay will once again don the SCRAM bracelet and must submit to search by law enforcement at any time.


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"Team Fox. Schnegg is a fool. Lindsay is making the entire court system look like idiots, and has been doing so for a year.

Posted at 12:15 AM on Sep 25, 2010 by Disturbed"

Well that's not Lindsay's fault!

It's the court system that has been making themselves look like idiots for over a year now. If these Judges would stop grandstanding for the media just to prove they're "tough on crime" and instead treat her like everyone else, well that would be a start...

1436 days ago


I would do her

1436 days ago


What haters fail to understand is the hearing on Friday was to address the violation of probation NOT to be sentenced. The sentencing will take place on October 22nd. Judge Fox had absolutely NO LEGAL RIGHT to refuse bail and thats why his decision was overturned.

1436 days ago


I was surprised that Lindsey was actually sent to jail for misdemeanor charges when overcrowding in California jails are at an all time high. My question is, if Lindsey was wrongfully sentenced to jail for breaking probation on misdemeanor charges without an option to bail out, can the judge be reprimanded? I live in Oklahoma where meth is such a problem just driving to the store you are likely to pass at the very least three meth labs in the back of broken down gutted vans, a trailer park full of child molesters and a hot mess of obese kids carrying a bag of Dorritos and chasing it with a two liter bottle of coke. At no point would any of these offenses *i am including the fat kid in this point as well, for parental ignorance* be given such harsh sentences as Lindsey's. I would LOVE to get a few of your California Judges to come clean up a bit of Oklahoma because they seem to have the balls.

1436 days ago


So Oct.22 she's going to get credit for time served and won't do any jail time.

Lindsay needs rehab to help not jail.

1436 days ago


What a shame that it's not apparent to EVERY judge that this talented lady is DYING - and as bad as it may seem, only isolation from the people who are aiding and assisting (including her mother), will give her any hope of recovery.

I hope she gets put in the slammer for however long it takes, and can recover her life

1436 days ago


She's wlel within her legal rights to post bail, but the haters are just going to keep on whining cause they want to see her get punished even if it goes against the legal system itself, and Disturbed-you need some serious therapy!

1436 days ago


You clowns defending this trainwreck are pathetic. Probably the same ones running your mouths about drug addicts in the hood and what wastes of space they are. The only reason you're defending this trollop right now is because she's a polished up genuine faux starlet that looks good. If this was Amy Winehouse you'd be throwing away the key yourselves after locking her up.

Why do you even try to sound legit? You're full of it. Maybe she hits your kid's stroller next?

1436 days ago

Hey Now    


"What a shame that it's not apparent to EVERY judge that this talented lady is DYING "

That is not the judge's responsibility. They are not psychologists or parents. Lindsay is not 12 years old. If she wants to f'k up her life - that's pretty much her perogative.

If a judge is responsible for Lindsay dying then they are also responsible for every other addict out there on probation. He or she is supposed to do their job and respect her rights regardless.

and lets not pretend as if most people on here even care if she lives or dies. They come on here and say 'well its for her own good' but they also are not her parents, family, friends, or anything at all - but merely bored (& many times mean) people posting on a salacious-story website

I do wish Lindsay all the best. I would not want her life at all. Although the odds are against her, I do hope that she can get clean & stay clean.

1436 days ago


Lohan is making a mockery of the U.S. court system, especially in Los Angeles. She goes to rehab for a week and is cured. BS. This again, is celebrity justice. If you have the money, you can get out of anything!

1436 days ago


if i get arrested will they give me the lindsey treatment I FKN DOUBT IT!!!!!!!

1436 days ago


It's interesting how people are personally mad at this situation as if it actually affects your life. I wouldn't wish ill will on her because of her addictions. She's young, immature, and is typical in her actions as an addict. Do we throw all addicts in jail until their sentencing on a misdemeanor charge? Look, she's grown and making her own decisions. Maybe rehab will help her and maybe it won't.

Look, Lindsey is not special in her addiction. She just happens to be addicted to Cocaine, which in Oklahoma it's not really an option because our addicted are into meth and bilking the emergency rooms out of prescriptions of pain killers. So, they can't afford cocaine, but they have devised this drug that rots out their teeth, ages them a good 15 years, completely retards them and then they die. I don't know one Judge in Oklahoma that really cares if they are killing themselves because they have a meth habit on such a scale that they look like they've been eating rocks. I'm not glad Lindsey is on Cocaine, but of the two she's snorting a better one. At least there is hope for her and she's not a total loss like Courtney Love who has to wear cracker jack prize tattoos to cover her track marks *i don't really know if this last part is true @cracker jack tattoos, but whatever to make a point*. I think once Lindsey starts respecting herself she will see what's going on, but it's going to take getting rid of toxic people in her life.

1436 days ago


hmmm. Poor = stay in jail. Rich = stay OUT of jail.I truely canNOT understand why the media keeps putting her in the news. WHO FREAKING CARES.

1436 days ago


And they wonder why she keeps screwing up over and over! The justice system is her biggest enabler...

1436 days ago


She will be a career criminal until she dies of an accidental or intentional overdose.

How is she ever going to break free of the criminal justice system if they keep adding on new ways to convict her? She did 35 months of a 36 month probation, and then they added another 12 months to it.

The role that the courts played in creating confusion and upheaval in her life will certainly be a major theme of the John Belushi sytle post-mortem books on Lindsay.

1436 days ago
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