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Lindsay Lohan

Bails Out

9/25/2010 10:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan just high-tailed it out of the Lynwood Correctional Facility after posting $300,000 bail.

As we first reported, Judge Schnegg reversed Judge Elden Fox's decision for Lindsay to be held without bail.

Lindsay will once again don the SCRAM bracelet and must submit to search by law enforcement at any time.


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I agree
This case is a joke depending on the sentence on Oct 22nd she should just refuse probation and she will get out QUICK and be done with scram,probation violations etc

1459 days ago


She should have stayed in Jail! She needs to get punished for her actions, otherwise she will never learn doing it better.

1459 days ago


This judge is totally f**cked up. She needs to be tested for drugs. This girl is a train reck and her parents are the train engineers. Why isn't anybody helping this girl instead of trying to get their own 15 minutes of fame? This girl is pleading for help and is sure to end up dead from an overdose. Then we'll have to watch them "grieving" for the daughter that they did nothing for in the first place. This whole family needs to be comitted to a white cell and leave them rot there.

1459 days ago


Joe posted that jail does nothing for addicts. I am an addict myself, and you cannot tell one addict what will and what won't work for them. You can only share what worked for YOU and hope it helps another. Jail worked for me. AA and NA are good, but I don't HAVE to go to meetings to stay sober. Some addicts do. I had been to jail overnight countless times, but nothing was like spending two weeks in jail this year. That scared the everliving piss out of me. It was a drastic lifestyle change. I am upper middle class and missed the trimmings of my daily life (as well as my freedom, of course). Lindsay's filthy rich; jail, for a long enough period of time, might actually scare her straight. I went to inpatient rehab for 30 days last summer and got sloshed the night I got home. Alcohol isn't my drug of choice (I prefer pills), but it was THERE. After jail, however, I haven't had the want or need to be intoxicated. I didn't realize how good I have it until those fateful two weeks. Those 14 days did for me what 30 days of intensive treatment and other intervention programs did not.

Then again, I don't know what it's like inside Lynwood. Perhaps they make the experience too easy for their inmates. I was told by a judge that I had used up my options and I would ABSOLUTELY go to prison for 15 years for my charges if I messed up after those two weeks. Maybe Lindsay would benefit from something similar. Knowing that you'll finally have to face the worst consequences of your charges instead of being deferred to rehab or psychiatric hospitals or probation can be terrifying!

1459 days ago


why they havent done this to Paris Hilton??
she got way more money than Lindsay
and they conviscated her 200 hours comunity servise
caouse of the charities shes done
what a wonderfull US law system you have NOT!!!

1459 days ago


As long as Ms. Lohan can continue to count on treatment like this, she will never get the help she needs. The girl is going to end up dead because of someone's good intentions.

1459 days ago


This just ruined my morning. Now we'll get to hear about the beyatch running over baby strollers and snatching cars and snorting til she passes out on Sam's feet all over again. Waaaaaah!

1459 days ago

I. P. Rainwater    

Makes sense, her Mommy knows exactly what she is going to do. Lynds is ruined an no more golden ticket child and the rest of her no talent kids or herself can make or do anything. So, now the best thing is to keep Lynds out there so she can od and kill herself and Dina can sue the state for not keeping her baby safe. Because seriously her Mom and Dad probably care as much as we don't about what happens to her. You know the true families who care Nicole Richie and Britney's got them the hell away.

1459 days ago


guess you DID get it right harvey...............

1459 days ago


Party Down !!! Lindsay !!!

1459 days ago

Home Skillet    

I gotta get some sort of pool going - she's gonna test dirty again ... let's see. I'll say, given that she's fresh out of court, had a visit back to her old stomping grounds at Lynwood, probably makes her think, "I'd better be cool for a while," I'll give her two weeks before that SCRAM bracelet is blowing up. I'll take October 13th - she'll test dirty that day. We'll do this "Price Is Right" style - whoever gets closest without actually going over. Hey - neither Lindsay nor the courts are taking this seriously, so we may as well have some fun with it, too! Who's in?

1459 days ago


I hope she does kill someone driving and then she will pay the price finally. I know it's horrible to say to kill someone but she will end up doing it or perhaps some stalker will all do the world a favor and slash her up big time.

1459 days ago

David Long    

This stupid bitch got over again.

1459 days ago


I guess Stephen Colbert was the sit in judge on this decision of letting this spoiled brat post bail. What a complete joke. Our legislative and executive branches of government are in complete disarray...why not through the judicial branch in there to complete the package. The good judges across america should be hiding their heads in shame at this debacle.

1459 days ago


Next role Lindsay Lohan can be "BODY BAG, I don't have a problem, mom!" Yes, Dina will have to stay away from Lindsay as part of the bail...stay away from known drug users/dealers...aka DINA!

1459 days ago
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