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Lindsay Lohan

Bails Out

9/25/2010 10:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan just high-tailed it out of the Lynwood Correctional Facility after posting $300,000 bail.

As we first reported, Judge Schnegg reversed Judge Elden Fox's decision for Lindsay to be held without bail.

Lindsay will once again don the SCRAM bracelet and must submit to search by law enforcement at any time.


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It's sad that the thing that seems to make her happy is avoiding jail. One day she may realize that her behavior has the potential to cause other people harm. When she does finally hurt someone I hope she and her expensive lawyers get a dose of reality.

1433 days ago


So what happens when her SCRAM bracelet goes off again?

Never mind, I remember - nothing.

1433 days ago


Who else has Lindsay on their "Celebrity Death Watch" list? I predict she won't live to see 26 if her lifestyle continues as it is.

1433 days ago


Maybe Lindsay and Paris could get together and co-author a book: "Drinking, Drugging and How To Stay Out of Jail,(for Rich People)".

1433 days ago


Its funny, we all say how much we love America but it seems as though many of us dont really understand why. This story is the the heart of it. This is why we support our troops, salute the flag, sing the national anthem and watch fireworks every July 4th. You may not like her, I dont like certain people, but she is an American citizen with rights and I for one am glad she is able to use them. Our laws are not there for your convienience. They are there to protect us. You cant pick and choose who gets to use them and when.

1433 days ago

Randy L    

Kris -

"You cant pick and choose who gets to use them and when."

That's exactly what just happened!

Do you really think if this little piece of trash didn't have money and fame, she would have been treated the same?

1433 days ago


Does Lindsay's Mom feed her drugs? Just asking

1433 days ago

Randy L    

It appears that much of our judicial system is as screwed up as the people they enable.

1433 days ago


In other countries, they don"t offer this so called "Help or rehab" for these kind of offenses..the help you get is the 10 year sentence to "THINK" about your offense then when you get out..& is offered the same think 'Do I wanna waste another 10 years where I was before?" There's your yourself.. Californai has the worst bleeding heart justice system....when is that state gonna fall in the ocean & sink already??

1433 days ago


This is disgraceful! Look at her face AGAIN! SHE IS ALWAYS SMIRKING LIKE A WISE*** KID going in and out of the courtroom and jail! She is doing this for attention full knowing she will get out. And her greedy mother better pay attention - if Lindsay dies, Dina where will you get your money then? Will you sue the courts and say "the justice system failed my daughter" just so you have someone to pay your bills? Lindsay will NEVER stop because the attention she gets from getting busted is more than she'll ever get from the entertainment world. She is washed up and finished and she will sadly wind up dead if she doesn't stop this life of drugs and boozing. Cocaine and meth cause heart attacks that is why she is so thin because she probably started doing the drugs to lose weight. This girl is a tragedy. And it's sad that Judge Fox had to be overruled. CA needs an overhaul of their justice system. I hope he throws the book at her in october.

1433 days ago


She will NEVER learn and get on the right track....why because she is Never held accountable and so she will NEVER take it seriously. I really hope she gets "it together" but doublt it. Too many enablers. That Hollywood Star Power works for her. But somebody else. If she OD's (and I really hope she doesn't) then again it will somebody elses fault...right? This is so out of control. She is an actress and she will again play the part and get out on good behavior. Here we go again!!!

1433 days ago


103. I see where you are coming from but many of you are making it personal and directing it at her. It is not about her as an individual. It is about a natual born US citizen who is allowed specific rights. I own a bar. You have never heard of me. If I get arrested and put in jail, the judge will set a bail and I will post it and be released. If I break my probation and it is a misdemenour, the judge will set another bail. I may be able to afford it; I may not. If I can afford it, I walk out. The fact that TMZ isnt there to broadcast me driving away doesnt make it any less fair/unfair. You may drive a porche. I drive a jeep. You may own a 500K house. I have a 250K condo. Should I be mad about that? Its really no different.

1433 days ago

Randy L    

Part of the problem is most people can't afford bail. Especially numerous times!

1433 days ago


Bar Marmont has temporarily closed its doors for business until Lindsay Lohan has her SCRAM bracelet removed and her Court-ordered restriction lifted which prevents her from entering any establishment that serves alcohol as its primary commodity. "She's basically our entire existence", an anonymous source was quoted. "Lindsay's tab by itself funds our entire staff, as well as our insurance and most of our inventory. We cannot operate without her". The source went on to say that when the nightspot reopens, they will consider allowing a couple of "the little people" inside on a trial basis to hang out with "the rest of us", but added that there would have to be a separate pricing scale for them. "Nobodies will have to ante up a premium to be accepted into the places where important people relax, but I'm sure that they will do it.... what choice do they have?" Lindsay Lohan responded this morning via Twitter: "I'm baaaaack and no stupid scram is gonna keep me from my belvedere polishe the mirrors for me and dont pick on sam either me and sam and my mom will be there and ali too thaks for all ur support".

1433 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

She will Overdose Dead in 3 months. YES!!!!!!!! She doesn't need Jail or Rehab. The only thing she needs is bad cocaine.

1433 days ago
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