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Lindsay's Friend

Makes Plea to the Judge

9/24/2010 10:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One of Lindsay Lohan's close friends -- and a co-star in the movie "Machete" -- has written a letter to Judge Elden Fox ... pleading with him to spare Lindsay from jail time.

Lindsay Lohan friend.
TMZ has obtained a letter Electra Avellan wrote for the judge. We're told Electra wrote the letter with a few other friends -- and she's trying to get the letter to Judge Fox before this morning's hearing. It reads:

Dear Judge Fox,

I am writing you in regards to Lindsay Lohan. I have had the pleasure to get to know her very well and have endured the past year with her through her highs and lows. I am desperate to get this message to you. She is working really hard to be better and has done everything possible to stay healthy and clean. We (family members and loving friends) have separated her from anyone who can harm her or deviate her from her goals which are to be a model citizen. She is aware of her impact in this world and wants to rise from this. A few days ago she had a very low moment and made a mistake that has her so terrified it is breaking my heart. I am truly concerned for her well being.

I do not intend to tell you what to do, but as a model citizen to another, I must beg you to please not send her to jail. Jail brought her down, and created so many insecurities and anxiety that we are now fighting to strip from her. She is not going to make this mistake again. She is building herself back up every second and jail will only set her back.

Please Judge Fox look at Lindsay and know that she is a woman who is struggling to get her life back on track, maybe as a day patient and a lot of wonderful community service we can have her pay back the mistake. I also think that community service can show her a different human dimension and allow her to count her blessings more often. I want to see her succeed and shine again. Please help her do it. She wants to get away from this madness. She needs help.

Thank you
Electra Avellan

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isn't it about time that everyone associated with her realizes it's lindsay herself who's the bad influence?

1491 days ago


waaaaaaaaa!! pooooooor lindsay sniffle sniffle. Basically no time in REAL rehab and right back to partying! and in the cell next to her should be her fame-whore mother, her psychotic father and future slut sister!!!!

1491 days ago


Who does this loser think she is that a letter from her means anything to a Judge?? haha, what a crazy, delusional arrogant bitch to think she matters.

1491 days ago


What's scary is these two are the same age. Look at Electa and then Lindsay! Gee it's not hard to tell which one is doing the drinking, drugs and partying is it?
At this rate Lindsay won't see 30!

1491 days ago


Oh cry me a river!! Lindsay playyed ya like a fool. And that crap about the impact she has on the world? She drives drunk and on drugs. She has the power to kill an innocent person. That's the impact she has. Let's not forget what this case is really about.

1491 days ago

Jill Johnson    

Lohan is a huge talent! And those nay-sayers are just ignorant to the fact. However, she was only 1/2 raised by idiot parents and 1/2 raised herself. Money, fame, and youth have been her downfall. She needs a Robert Downey Jr. type of experience. Send her to PRISON, not jail for a year or two. We all know that is where we would be if we had committed the same offenses.

After some hard time being a number and sleeping with one eye open and bartering for toothpaste and such, she may very well come out and resurrect her career. If not, I am afraid we may just watch her slowly kill herself while TMZ covers every minute of it.

1491 days ago


I have a feeling these so called friends wrote this letter while high on coke at 4am. People have really great ideas high on coke at 4am.

1491 days ago

Oval Beach    

"She is working really hard to be better and has done everything possible to stay healthy and clean." Who IS this idiot of an actor anyway. Another spoiled over paid Hollywood starlet looking to help her fellow starlet out. Here is how you can help her out Ms. about letting the justice system do what they need to do to her, and that is, to wake her ass up, treat her like anyone else and hopefully instill in her, the idea that it could get much worse.

1491 days ago


That letter was probably what got Lindsay locked up.
It sounded like a cry for help, and the person who wrote it didn't sound innocent.
It's as if the person Lindsay is doing drugs with, is the same one who wrote the letter, or else it wasn't a true friend.

All this pleading that Lindsay needs help means the same as take her to jail.

1491 days ago



1491 days ago


great...just another enabler. she's got that with her mommy! throw the b*tch in jail where she and her mom should be!

1491 days ago


Hey Electra,

So you and Judge Fox are on the same par, buds, wow, I bet he didn't know that. I think your suggestion of community service is great, after she has done the time and rehab that she should have done to begin with. After community service she should go to college, you too.

Tell us what it is that you do to keep LL away from these bad ass people, cuz it ain't working.

1491 days ago


boy is that letter a crock of S H I T....sounds like another enabler....didn't look like Lindsay was taking anything seriously, and after the positive drug tests was at some jewlery show and going to restaurants...what world do these bimbos live in. Jail will do did for me...and rehab has already proven to not work for her...sorry miss actress lady...but she has you bamboozled too!!

1491 days ago


I agree with Ramin #71 also. That comment paints the best picture of what seems like was really going on.

I read in the news shortly after Lindsay was released from UCLA that the same people who got her into trouble in the first place were back at Lindsay's door.

I hope she doesn't have to go through that they put Robert Downey, Jr. through.

I think Lindsay Lohan is one of most gorgeous girls out there, and she's wasting her youth hanging out with the wrong crowd.

Lindsay Lohan could be making millions right now, instead of being in jail.

1491 days ago


hey Electra go funk yourself you dumb ditch

1491 days ago
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