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Lindsay Lohan -- In Custody, No Bail

9/24/2010 1:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is in custody ... after Judge Elden Fox shockingly denied her bail ... and Lindsay could be sitting there until October 22.  But LiLo's lawyer just told us, the judge was dead wrong.

Lindsay was in court because she failed two drug tests -- in one she tested positive for cocaine and the other for Adderall
Judge Fox did not hear any arguments from the lawyers before making his ruling.  Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, told TMZ on the way out of court ... the judge had no legal basis for denying her client bail.

Lindsay was handcuffed in court before being taken into custody.

It's shocking because the underlying offense is a misdemeanor, and people connected with the case were telling us the judge had to offer Lindsay bail.

As for Lindsay's reaction ... she was shocked when the judge remanded her into custody.  Lindsay looked at her lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, before being taken out of the courtroom. She was taken from court in a single Sheriff's vehicle, covered by a blanket.

Lindsay Lohan fun fact: She was hauled off to jail in a pair of $1,195 Christian Louboutin shoes. Fancy!

UPDATE: Los Angeles County sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore told reporters Lindsay will be housed in  "administrative segregation" because of her celebrity status for her safety and the safety of the jail system. He also said the only way she could be released before her probation hearing on Oct 22 is if the judge issues another order.



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The judge can deny bail on one charge and remand her into custody until the hearing on the second charge, ensuring that she actually has to serve time. Good for the judge -- I'd heard this was the most likely decision.

1488 days ago


Disrespect the law, over and over, and will pay for your actions! Maybe more ppl will wake up, not just LiLo. The justice system has penalties both for punishment and as a deterrant...too many think they're above the law. Way to go Judge Fox!

1488 days ago


whats the deal with the parents????? who left?? any one arrested ?

1488 days ago


people seem to forget the reason she was put on probation was because she had TWO DUI's and drove around like a crazy person kidnapping people. The reason she was put in jail last time was for violating her probation. Now she has violated the probation of the probation to her original offense. it's understandable he didn't allow her to have bail. ALL HAIL THE MIGHTY JUDGE FOX!!

1488 days ago


Just buy her an OZ and let her end it already

1488 days ago


now paris hilton is mad. she will do something to be front news again. maybe she will go out tonight w/ no underwear on and flash her vagina for all her fans.

1488 days ago



1488 days ago


TMZ- you really ****ed up on this one.

1488 days ago


Wow its going to be a great weekend lol...

1488 days ago


The jewelry theory was that SHE thought she wasnt going to jail. It serves her right for thinking she's above the law. And I'm pretty sure she cried.

1488 days ago


Well, the "people connected with the case" were WRONG. I'm so glad she being treated just like everyone else, in this instance. I like in CA and know someone who went through something similar, they also failed a drug test (for pot) on a misdemeanor offense and they were taken into custody until their trial. Regardless of the offense (misdemeanor or otherwise) if you fail a drug test, while on probation, your probation is typically revoked and you are taken into custody. It seems with the lawyers you have on staff at TMZ, at least one of them would have known this.

1488 days ago


While part of me is happy someone is putting their foot down with her, I also think we shouldn't be wasting the court's time and taxpayer's money on this.

If she is determined to drink and do drugs, destroy her life, and possibly die from this, maybe we should just let her. I'm all for helping people that want help, but it is clear that isn't what she wants. Who are we to force her to clean up?

1488 days ago


I wanted Lindsay to have to go to jail just so she wouldn't be able to do that STUPID "Inferno" (soft) porno movie. You wouldn't believe the nasty stuff she would have to say in that movie if she did it. Some of her friends were begging her not to do it.

No self respecting actress in Hollywood would even think of doing that movie. The producers of that movie need to get some woman who already does porn to do it.

1488 days ago


I will be in church Sunday!

1488 days ago


Maybe next time you guys should consult a psychic...

1488 days ago
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