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Lindsay Lohan

Does Chinese,

No Fortune Cookie

9/24/2010 2:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan will be eating a poor man's Mr. Chow tonight -- dining on Chinese food, Lynwood Jail style.

Lindsay Lohan Jail
Tonight Lindsay will have a choice of beef and broccoli with rice, or beef and broccoli with rice ... or beef and broccoli with rice.

And it gets even better ...  there's also chicken gumbo.



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They must give prisoners alot of bread and butter along with that teeny meal because most people get fat in jail - even with exercise.

1487 days ago


Gumbo is my favorite

1487 days ago


The people who gain weight are the idiots, like princess, who have been jacked up on stimulants for far too long.

1487 days ago

Y do he got    

she`ll be dead in two one should be in jail for making muti-millions and paying tons of taxes if they have a drug problem..jail is for killers and child molesters and wife beaters but even the ponnif gets away with that.She is a money making run away train wreak for TMZ^^^SONY.THE DEAD star list is endless from doctors orders and she`ll be under a doctor`s care in there COURT ORDERED MEDS MEDS MEDS to death by order of the rightwing cornfeild shotgun mofia

1487 days ago


WHAT?!!! No cream of cocaine soup? That's not fair! I'm telling NICOLE!

1487 days ago

Y do he got    

She`ll be given the community standard by doctors order of 2o MEDS per day and she won`t be able to stand walk or talk after two days while TMZ sells pornos of stars she`ll be eating her own puke off a wall of crazys.Adult is the community standard at 1.50 secs of fake adult WHAT DID TMZ ever do about the internet GRAY OUT? nothing at all went all YELLOW as 99% of our goverment voted to ban all adult it`s just muti billions without paying ANY DUES at all

1487 days ago


You've got to be kidding me!!!
Your not seriously going to be giving us a daily menu recap!

1487 days ago


What happened to stale bread and water?!

1487 days ago

Y do he got    

pays her taxes didn`t rape or kill anyone LET HER OUT!

1487 days ago


no fortune, no future.

Leave Hollywood, go back to bum f*@k wherever

LA is done with you and your family

1487 days ago


IF She deserves a better food or doesn't in jail I don't know, what I know is IF She wants after her duties is I pay her the best steak,sea-food,chinese food or whatever she desires...'cause I hope She'll be in the right tracks again.

1487 days ago


The rest of the inmates will be eating tacos if they want. If she was in general pop she could have tacos too.

1487 days ago

Y do he got    

LET HER THE FN OUT or I`ll be calling my congress person what a unjustical act of a rightwing judge thug`ss crew.WHAT EVER Happen to america the land of the FREE she can get any and all meds she wants but if she uses a street drug the medical mofia drug labs puts her in jail to get her HOOKED back on thier legal JUNK how many people die every year on legal MEDS more than on street drugs.The real crime is the medical instuts useing her for a puppet genny Rf pig I~AM CALLING ON CONGRESS LADY NOW RIGHT NOW!!! LET HER OUT!!!

1487 days ago


Lynwood sounds nice - you get dinner options..most give you what you wedding style choice. I think the courts did this for a bit of good PR - because of the public bashing to the court system in LA..She'll be out soon - no worries. They probably paid her to stay.

1487 days ago


Put that Lesbo in with the general pop - she'll love it..endless taco buffet. When did prisoners get a menu choice..I see our tax dollars are being well spent. How about paying some restitution to the State or County for her over-head..??? She's making coin off this.

1487 days ago
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