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Lindsay Lohan's

Mug Shot

9/24/2010 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Here is Lindsay Lohan's latest mug shot.

The mug shot was taken this morning after she was remanded into custody.

Lindsay Lohan Mug Shots.


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Her whore mom probably does coke with her and told her to fail tests so she can get a book deal or get paid a ton to go on shows like Oprah and other exploitive shows. Her $1200 shoes were likely free and every other outfit since she is always on camera.

1469 days ago


Now she knows this not a joke!Haha!!! BUT she'll get better treatment,more like a down grated HOTEL!!!!

1469 days ago


She got what she finially deserved. She's a big girl and these choices were her own no gun was put to her head.

Lohan likes her drugs and likes to party. Lohan was used to getting away with alot of stuff. Not this time as she expected.

Her bail bondsmen were in court ready to post her bail which she expected.

People keep referring back to Mean Girls movie how old is that movie? That was a typical high school movie. Nothing she has done has been any good. She is so over rated on her talent.

She was a major pain in the ass on the set of Georgia Rule nothing professional about her. This Linda Lovelace movie is probally gone. Who knows she may get sued for that.

Let's face it her movie career is shot. No one is going to hire her now. She's really way to much of a bad risk now. No way she would get any insurance. I don't feel sorry for her one bit.

1469 days ago


Seems like Lindsay is doing ok. She posted this to her twitter:

The officer who did my strip search looked just like Sam. Who says Im not having any luck today? Jail isn't that bad after all!

3m ago via twitter for blackberry


1469 days ago


I am completely through with Lindsay. She is nothing but a total waste of talent.

1469 days ago


Celebrity MUGSHOTS are NOT part of Celebrity Success!

1469 days ago


Lohan's attorney is a bonafide idiot, apparently does not know the law well enough to advise her client that the Judge could do this, plus she dresses so unprofessional , short sleeve blouses and hoochie mama dresses , blue fingernails, kick this clown to the curb.
The only thing this idiot attorney seems worth her weight is that she visits Lindsay constantly in jail.
Lindsay deserves her punishment , but that idiot chapman holley did not prepare her client for this possibility and if chapman holley was unaware that the judge could have the authority to do this, Ms. Holley needs to get her azz back into lawschool to brush up on the laws.

Lindsay , when you get out , fire this disco queen and get a real attorney that knows the law inside out , gives you the cold hard facts and dresses like a lawyer should so that he/she is taken A LOT more seriously.

Some of these dumb azz female attorneys that dress for court like they are going shopping or to a nightclub, how utterly embarrassing.

1469 days ago


It's not so exclusive if you didn't take the picture and everybody else has it. Dumbasses.

1469 days ago


So again she has her fake hair still on & the cheap eyelashes he borrowed from a drink friend. She didn't have to remove them before her mug shot. So she is leaving in 15 minutes????

1469 days ago


Baboon's Butt Lips. That ain't sexy! Who sells this crap to Hollywood people?

1469 days ago


Celebrity MUGSHOTS may NOT be part of success, but they dont have soap operas quite as good as this stuff. I mean 90210 dont have nothin on this girls dramatic life!

1469 days ago


Hmmm ... I wonder how long it will take for Paris Hilton to break the terms of her probation coming out of her recent cocaine possession arrest in Vegas?

A month? Two months? She already has been picked up twice in other countries before the arrest in Vegas. She's a slow learner. It might take her a while to "get it" too like Lindsay. Never know, Paris might get busted for being a "drug mule" at the airport. I'm sure airports around the world now know that Paris likes to hide her stash of drugs in her vajayjay. Maybe her other orifice too. Who knows? They'll probably X-ray her at every airport.

Paris is very sneaky, devious kind of woman according to people who know her. She'll probably try to do it.

"She knew it would be her only chance to hide the cocaine and avoid arrest. Paris is not as dumb as she seems. She's one of the most CLEVER AND MANIPULATIVE people one can ever meet. And she thinks quick, just like she did in Vegas. She has cat like reflexes."

Apparently Hilton eluded airport security in the past by stashing the drugs in a lubricated condom before placing it in her vagina.

Caroline added, "That's what I've heard from a very good source, she's a pro at it. Paris travels all over the world and parties like a rockstar. I love her but she definitely needs professional help."

Check out this video made by some people somewhere in Asia.

1469 days ago


Lindsay is a grown woman now and she has to take responsibility for the state of her life at this moment. Her parents do not make her decisions for her. Lindsays' life may have been negatively affected by the lifestyle of her parents, but it is up to her to explore how this has impacted her life with a counselor. She needs it, but she has to come to that realization on her own, just like she needs to realize that if she doesn't like what is happening in her life, she has the power to change it. She knows as everyone else that drugs may help you to escape reality, but everything she escaped from still sits there piling up for when she returns.

She can have the fame and respect of others, if she takes back the power by getting to the reason she feels she needs to take the drugs in the first place. What is her reward for taking the drugs? Her career as an adult has not been as successful as many others in her age group, so to keep her name prominent, perhaps she is going to nightclubs and thereby getting caught up in drugs to use the media for marketing. It has been working for her to a point, but when the reward stops, she will then accept that she needs to change so that she can get the movie star status she is seeking. Until she sees that her behavior no longer is the focal point of the medias attention, she will then make change.

It is all a matter of choice. Does she want the fame and respect she gets from integrity, or does she want to continue to feel shame and ridicule and have her life determined by others? If she wanted to stop this merry-go-round then all she had to do was stay in touch with her sponsor.

1469 days ago



1469 days ago


she's high in the photo! HUGE PUPILS

1469 days ago
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