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Lindsay Lohan's

Mug Shot

9/24/2010 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Here is Lindsay Lohan's latest mug shot.

The mug shot was taken this morning after she was remanded into custody.

Lindsay Lohan Mug Shots.


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She has certainally made her own choices and Im glad she is dealing with the consequesces, but I have to ask: what are some of you doing with your lives that this gives you a feeling of happiness? What is going on with some of these comments? Is it jealously? Are you envious of her lifestyle? Are you mad that when she gets released she is going back to her mansion and 5 car garage and your still gonna be stuck in the same dead end job and dead end life?.....Come to think of it, I guess many of you probably do have a reason to be jealous. I think it is time for some of you to start looking in the mirror.

1487 days ago


Listen, Here in NJ, we can go to jail for being late on are fines, not keeping up with a payment's, also late child support or nonpayments, tons to issues, also Judge's here put people in jail all the time for a probation violation's and they have to wait it out till there court date, and ya know what, LL lawyer should have gotten her into rehab BEFORE court today. That would have showed to judge she was serious about getting clean, No way would he have taken her out of rehab and put into jail, ML is correct her lawyer is NOT giving her the right advice, or LL wont listen one of the two. The judge can of course put anyone in jail for constant violations.

LL has been given many many chances. People,places and things.. you are correct Michael. Its sad he is the only one making sense when he is so obviously off the wall also. What chance does this girl really have? She needs and has to WANT more than anything to change her ways, if she doesn't this is going to keep happening.

I really hope no one here ever has to go threw the cycle of addiction with anyone. It's a sad/hard road to go down, even if you don't like LL, (I really don't)you should HATE this disease of addiction. It doesn't care how old you are how rich or how poor. I hope LL doesn't not become the next Anna Nicole and so many others.

1487 days ago


Lindsay is going to be havin a yearbook of mug shots! haha

1487 days ago


geez! hey, dumbass take the overdose already and get it over with. Stop dragging it out. Yer wastin' meh time.

1487 days ago


At least she took it like a grown-up.

1487 days ago


Well she has got the christmas card taken care now.

1487 days ago



1487 days ago


What the HELL did she do to her lips??? Good God!!!

1487 days ago

so over it    

Maybe when she kills someone while she's DUI people will stop saying it's not her fault.

1487 days ago


I am going to print out several copies of this photo and then blow my load on it each time I jerk off.

1487 days ago


Joe Blow- "detachment from reality' is what the problem really is with Lindsay and all her enablers, they are to out of touch with nature to see it.

1487 days ago



Posted at 1:47 PM on Sep 24, 2010 by dvd


Really, you haven't learned a thing have you? The girl NEEDS help, Jail or what ever.What she does NOT need right now is to be on the streets with you enablers. YOU people are NOT helping this girl.

1487 days ago


We are DONE! You don't EVEN KNOW! Stop running circus circles, BEcause I am ****ing DIZZY! Make us sandwiches RIGHT NOW...mmmm...lilo, mel, tiger, oksana, jackson, mmmm...WITH PICKLES!!!!!!!

1487 days ago

go home!    

4th mugshot? Now that is something to be proud of in your life!

1487 days ago


Posted at 1:42 PM on Sep 24, 2010 by Laur:

Drug addiction is NOT A DISEASE! It is a conscious choice!

The only people claiming that an addiction is a disease are the psychologists and psychiatrists justifying a paycheck.

Only an enabler would tell people, "it's not your fault because it's a disease". What a bunch of hooey!

1487 days ago
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