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Lindsay Lohan's

Mug Shot

9/24/2010 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Here is Lindsay Lohan's latest mug shot.

The mug shot was taken this morning after she was remanded into custody.

Lindsay Lohan Mug Shots.


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It's about time! Im sure if it would ave been a regular JOE it be rotting in jail by now! Jeez money talks people walk!

1427 days ago


She'll fake an illness ala Paris Whoreton. She'll be out in about 2.5...anyone else see that crust on her lips?

1427 days ago

A thorough look at Lilo’s newest mugshot is the phantom looking back at you and laughing- ” The truth is I’m still getting paid and you know one of them bitches is going to want to offer me another cool million the minute my block wedge heels scrape civilization.”

1427 days ago


nice bet shes havin fun

1427 days ago


I think the judge made the right decision. They gave her several chances and she does not learn her lesson. She should of stayed in treatment then this would not of happened. I feel bad for her but tough love is the only thing that works for some people.

1427 days ago


loser, druggie, go to jail,!!!!
if us poor peaons did drugs laughed at the court the same thing would happen!!!!! If she gets out before 30 days it would be a shame on all of us californians who belive in our ocurt systems!!!

1427 days ago


Interested in opportunities teaching English overseas? Try Your 1st Stop in Korea!

1427 days ago


The only time Lilo is in trouble is when she has blond hair maybe she should go back to her original red hair and stay out of jail!!!

1427 days ago


Peter Sc at #71: The court didn't "go overboard". She violated probation, she was let out of rehab very early only on the condition that she pass all the drug tests, she was told very clearly that if she failed a drug test then it would mean 30 days in jail. If she stayed in jail pre-hearing, she would get time served and be done with it.

People without fancy lawyers routinely end up in jail waiting for hearings, either because no bail is granted or they can't afford the bail. Nothing unusual about this, Lindsay's people just think it's so "horrible" for her to be in a private jail cell in an orange jumpsuit that they keep bailing her out. The $300,000 bond just granted will cost her $30,000 for the bondsman's fee - that's more than half the people in my state make in a year. Then she is using many hours of lawyer time and several hundred dollars per hour. Do the math. Many, many people in this country only make a few hundred dollars a week, if they're lucky enough to even have full-time work (fewer of those every day). My brother was reduced involuntarily to half-time and brought home $800 last month. They can't pay a high powered lawyer to find legal loopholes for them.

My bet is that the judge figured the no-bail condition was the only way to keep her in jail for more than a few minutes - they also have a problem with the sheriff in that jurisdiction, he ignores the judges' sentences. Rehab is obviously pointless for her at this time and the low fines they can legally impose are pocket change to her, but she can't keep agreeing to probation terms and then violating them. What is the judge supposed to do, tell her it's okay, the laws don't apply to her? Why even bother having laws in that case?

Since she obviously can't stay away from at least coke and speed (she knew she would be tested but decided to risk having it not clear fast enough from her system) and is still driving, she is a risk to the entire community. Drunk and drugged drivers cause huge amounts of personal injury, deaths, and property damage in this country. Nearly half the fatalities in traffic accidents are due to them. It's not like Europe, where most drunks and druggies can stagger home from the neighborhood pub or take a bus or train home. We don't have good mass transit except in a few cities, people drive everywhere in most of the country. Even a cab is hard to get in my town - had to wait almost 3 hours for one of the 2 cab companies to come take me and a cat in pain to the vet (the other cab company wasn't even answering its phone). Lindsay DRIVES. Lindsay can't stay away from DRUGS. Lindsay is going to kill or maim herself and others eventually because she will DRIVE HIGH. Even taking away her license won't guarantee the safety of the community - scofflaws like her routinely drive without a license.

1427 days ago

Joe Dabb Babbalucci    

If LiLo kills anyone while driving it will be her lawyer's fault as well as the appeals judge. They should commit seppuku for such a heinous act. There is no honor with lawyers.

LiLo will be pounded into submission. She will die soon. Bet on it! Pray for it. It is obscene that she is even alive now.

1427 days ago


she is starting to look like heidi montag

1427 days ago

Mr Baxter    

Why is she always looking up at the camera? It's like she's really short and the mug shot photographer has always been a tall person.

1427 days ago



1427 days ago


so..did she go get her lips plumped before her court date cuz she knew she was gonna have to be kissing some major butt??

1427 days ago


her entire face is full of injectables. kim kardashian #2.

1427 days ago
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