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Lindsay's Lawyer

Holds Secret Meeting

with Judge

9/24/2010 6:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's attorney Shawn Chapman Holley has something cooking -- possibly a Hail Mary -- because she just met with Judge Elden Fox in chambers.


This could be an attempt to get Judge Fox to allow Lindsay to post bail. For now, LiLo is locked up at Lynwood Correctional Facility waiting to get sprung.

Stay tuned...


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I seriously doubt this is a "secret meeting" unless the D.A. is also present. If Atty Holley is the only one there, my best guess is she is simply seeking a setting for a Motion hearing. I don't practice in CA, but generally you can do that without having everyone present, though all parties have to get notice of the hearing.

This is L.A., though, so anything is possible.

1487 days ago

LA Native    

@LA Native
She hasn't been sentenced it isn't right.

Posted at 3:32 PM on Sep 24, 2010 by Nicole

And, it's not right to do drugs while out on probation.
Get over it.

1487 days ago


Looks like she had her lips done in preparation for her arrest.

1487 days ago


Judge Fox stick to your guns. You are right.

1487 days ago


Given all the crap this young, stupid woman has given the Court I think Fox has shown amazing restraint, some judges might have attempted to deny her any kind of immediate hearing and slammed her in jail to wait for a docket slot opening next year. Even so, I think the LA Sheriff has some ability to let people out on his discretion because of over-crowding, regardless of what the judge had said. I'll tell you though, she's lucky she wasn't sent to Van Nuys, they might have locked her away in a place called the "Twin Towers", not a nice place, even if you are put in solitary for your protection.

1487 days ago


Oh crap! If Lindsay gets out, he folded like a cheap suit. I take it all back about the judge. That's why they wanted a male judge instead of the woman judge, they could get a hold of his gonads.

1487 days ago


Well she missed her spa treatment appointment for the day, but she could be giving the bird to the pap at anytime for our entertainment if things go her way, which I hope they dont.

1487 days ago


How much does this attorney charge for her outstanding legal
work? Where in the heck is Lindsay's money coming from. She must have one heck of a business manager too because she still has money...or a great credit line. One of the things I'd like to see investigated is where/who is getting this stuff for Lindsay.
That person or persons sure don't need to be on her visitation list. She returned to the same toxic relationships. Until that changes I doubt there will be much growth on this child's process of recovery.

1487 days ago


Someone needs to investigate this farce of justice. Lindsey broke the law, and needs to pay the penalty like anyone else. what makes her so great and powerful that a meeting can even take place.. she's a star? Well who cares.

If the public is upset or outraged at the wishy/washy treatment of this case, we should all ban together and make Lindsey pay the price, where the justice system has not. Don't buy her stuff.. don't watch her stuff, and don't spend any money on anything she does. If she has no money she can't buy coke!

I won't be spending one red cent on this little law breaker, above the justice system tramp until I see her pay for her crimes, and do the time just like anyone else!

1487 days ago


I hope the prosecutor was in on the meeting, otherwise it was an improper, unethical ex parte (one-sided)communication and both the lawyer and the judge should be held to account for it.

1487 days ago


Hey jazzy - #21

Did it occur to you that Shawn Chapman Holly is really just a well paid 21st century version of a "house slave"?? She has to pimp, lie, dance, jump through hopes, humiliate herself, do whatever she has to do in front of judges to clean up after Miz Lindsay. Holly has to shovel all the crap and clean up all the mess while Miz Lindsay parties in la la land and does anything she wants, just like Scarlette O'Hara !

1487 days ago


Another judge playing hardball

1487 days ago


Looking like the Botox baby she is. Yawn!!!!!!!!!!!!

1487 days ago

Joe Blow    

Today Nicole Enabler says that Holley is the best lawyer someone could have.

Tomorrow, once her attempts to get Lie-ho out and get away with breaking the law and violating probation to down in flames, Nicole Enabler will be blaming Holley for all of Lindsay's troubles and talking about how horrible she is.

Mark my words, it's coming.

1487 days ago

Joe Blow    

*go down in flames.

TMZ, please add an edit button. I'll be your best friend.

1487 days ago
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