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Lindsay's Lawyer

Holds Secret Meeting

with Judge

9/24/2010 6:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's attorney Shawn Chapman Holley has something cooking -- possibly a Hail Mary -- because she just met with Judge Elden Fox in chambers.


This could be an attempt to get Judge Fox to allow Lindsay to post bail. For now, LiLo is locked up at Lynwood Correctional Facility waiting to get sprung.

Stay tuned...


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Lindsay, did you ever see Deliverance?

1489 days ago


let her rot in hell with this no good for nothing little brat !!! You do the time if you do the crime.

1489 days ago


Why is it celebs keep getting off easy? If this were me who pulled all this crap...I'd be sitting in prison right now for twenty years. I'm sorry but I feel little sympathy for her or anybody else in the public eye. How many of these girls have to die for us to finally put down our foot and get them real help. Not a posh rehab or favoritism in jail. A real experience. Just because she's a trainwreck, this gives TMZ and everybody like it news. It's pathetic.

1489 days ago


let her do the time,it could be that the time in jail would be better than a clinic. She is a bit of a waste of space anyway.

1489 days ago

GReg T.    

lock her up for a good few months with the general population so she can maybe learn a thing or two. She's no good for society anyways.

1489 days ago


Well ... maybe she IS made of Teflon (like the NFL) .. if she goes to jail some place goes on layoff. Jobs end, families, starve, etc. So let her drive DUI and (do-in) a dozen people .. it'll reduce unemployment

1489 days ago

Elder Otter    

The problem is not just with Ms Lohan, the problem is that people see Celebrities get off and think they can too. Film Companies need a no tolerance policy - if you use drugs you cannot work in movies. Time to treat celebrities, including sports stars, movie stars, and music stars fairly - fairly would be being treated exactly like a regular petrson. No special treatment at all. Ms Lohan needs to sit in jail, she said she is ready to face the consequnces so let her, 30 days jail/and 90 days rehab. Do not pass go/do not collect $200.

1489 days ago


darkrage6, you're wrong. She was on probation and violated the terms of that probation. Go to jail, do not pass GO. She wasn't sentenced today, the court appearance was just a formality. It's similar to being in contempt of court, which the judge can put you in jail for an indefinite period.

1489 days ago


All celebrities should be put in jail for their crimes just like any normal person. Paris hilton should have went to jail a long time ago...

1489 days ago


Hey! let her out. Everybody flocks to watch a good train wreck. If we could be sure she wouldn't hurt anybody else, I'd say let her keep going. She'll do herself in sooner or later, and then the teeny bop world can find someone else to help turn into a freak

1489 days ago


She didnt get OJ Off of anything,,,she is just another enabler who gets paid for trying to get these people off. Hopefully the judge will stick to his guns on this.

1489 days ago

Uncle BERNIE    

I wonder how much this woman charges? Hopefully thousands.

1489 days ago

paul stanton    

I think it is about time that the judges should just carry out there duties no matter who is in front of them. These stars that think they are above the law should have their heads examined. Let them face reality as it is. A nobody would get any second chances. Put them away until they learn a lesson if they have any brains

1489 days ago


It's my opinion but the Judge should actually do something that is worth while because we are all tired of hearing about the druggy (Linsey). The Judge needs to lock her up and throw away the key, money or fame should'nt be a reason for letting her off easy.

1489 days ago


Wherever she ends up, I hope it helps her--but she NEEDS to pay for breaking the law!

1489 days ago
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