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Lindsay's Lawyer

Holds Secret Meeting

with Judge

9/24/2010 6:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's attorney Shawn Chapman Holley has something cooking -- possibly a Hail Mary -- because she just met with Judge Elden Fox in chambers.


This could be an attempt to get Judge Fox to allow Lindsay to post bail. For now, LiLo is locked up at Lynwood Correctional Facility waiting to get sprung.

Stay tuned...


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Lindsay isn't an addict or she couldn't have dealt with rehab so well, convincing them she should get out early.

Having said that, while she may not be physically addicted, she has behavior issues, entitlement issues and maturity issues. And she just won't "get it" unless she's locked up for awhile. Without getting some stupid early release that fuels her "I'm special" entitlement thing. Seriously.

No rehab. Just jail. She's a moron.

1491 days ago


Um...why doesn't anyone complain about how stupid her lips look? I hate it when pretty girls get stupid stuff to their looks. Insecurity is a weird thing...also, THANK GOD she doesn't have bail...She is an idiot.

1491 days ago


Nice picture of Lilo. Quack, quack.

1491 days ago


thats some **** get bail on a V.O.P she should stay in jail just like anybody else thats bull****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1491 days ago


First I realy enjoy the show. Second I was watching it tonight (Fri. 9/23/10) and Harvey said that he didn't know the judge had the power to put her in jail (WHAT!!!). This young lady should have been put in jail or at least made to compelte re-hab alot sooner than this. She laughed at the law (as did her parents with their responsibility) and did what ever she wanted to do.

I wonder about all the people out there who don't have her priviledge (did they get the same brakes).

Lindsey should have been made to accept responibilty for her actions alot sooner. I hope she can overcome her issue, but do we really care about her or are we just trying to sell papers and media time.

As far as her parent are concerned they should be ashamed. I have three childreenm, alot youner, but I'm sure as hell not living off them. I'm their mom; my word is my word. You brake the rules and their is a consequence (accept it deal with it).

1491 days ago


WTF IS #21 TALKING ABOUT???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

AFFIRMATIVE ACTION????????????????????????????????

1491 days ago


This was not a secret meeting. The Deputy DA was there. TMZ is a joke!

1491 days ago


Come on guys, really. I was the same age as Lindz when she started the partying way. I got hooked on things that took me 15 years to lick. Lindz will do it when she wants too and not on our time table. I am sure all of you have our own demons and maybe someone in your world knows about yours. Everyone knows about Lindz. How do you feel being judged? I love ya honey but if you are going to continue this way, surrender your liscense now. I respect your right to party but no one else needs to die because of it. Smiles....

1491 days ago

Rick Buckley    

She is finally being treated like most other defendants who continually violate the Court's order.

1491 days ago


Pay for what you have done. I know it's Friday night and a real bummer to have to sit in the gray bar motel. oh ya for the next 29 days. To bad. this may lengthen your life for at least 29 days if nothing else. Winding up DEAD because an addiction. Is a very permanent solution to what really is a temporary problem.

1491 days ago


I think people should get off Lindsay Lohans case. She hasn't been out long enough to change. I think if people leave her alone for a couple months things will get better for her. She is super talented and I wish her the best. Plus she is getting paid 1 million dollars for post jail interviews. L0L id go to jail for a few weeks for a million dollars.

1491 days ago

Alan Carver    

1. Today's meeting in the courtroom of Judge Elden Fox was not a formal Probation Violation Hearing. It was solely to determine a date for a FORMAL hearing. October 22nd.

2. Judge Fox has already revoked her probation as of Monday, and issued a warrant for her arrest if she failed to appear in court today.

3. Judge Fox DOES NOT listen to any arguments in regards to setting a date for a formal probation violation hearing. Any arguments are presented during the formal pv hearing.

4. Bail being denied in a matter as this is standard and typical if you are repeat offender on probation.

5. Judge Fox cannot and does not listen, read or take-into consideration any information from outsiders outside of those surrounding this case. He does not read letters, emails or bow to public pressure. He has sworn an oath, and that is to listen to the facts and make his decision on those facts as they are presented to him.

6. Meeting with Chapman Holly today after he remanded Lohan into custody this AM, could be Holly trying to get the Judge to reconsider his decision. He will not take Lohan out of jail until October 22, 2010 because he knows that she is at risk to once again, go back to using and is not on formal probation again until she meets with him on Oct 22nd. Lohan has proven she cannot control her addiction to the use of illegal substances, and COCAINE use falls under that 'heading'.

7. Chapman Holly is a great attorney. She believes in her client as all attorney's try and see the best in that person facing hard life choices at such a young age. Lohan continues to push the boundaries of probation by violating and Judge Fox has every right as a sworn under-oath authority to the county of LA and state of CA to protect it's citizens from those that are considered a danger, not just to themselves but to the public. 2 DUI's does not make you NOT a DANGER TO SOCIETY, let alone yourself.

I applaud Judge Fox for standing by his original directive and order, stay clean and if you do not you go to jail. He upheld the law today and that needs to be applauded and commended.

1491 days ago



1491 days ago


Thank you Mr Carver, #107
I found your calm voice of reason informative and refreshing.

1491 days ago


Another s***bag lawyer probably making $1,000 an hour to represent a celebrity has-been who damn well should be in jail, and in jail for a long time.

1491 days ago
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