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Michael Lohan Erupts -- Lindsay's Lawyer to Blame

9/24/2010 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan just exploded outside of court -- launching a vicious verbal attack at the people he thinks are responsible for Lindsay's latest incarceration ... which included a nasty stab at her lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley.


Michael's tirade -- in which he said Shawn is "destroying my daughter's life" -- came moments after Judge Elden Fox denied Lindsay bail ... dooming her to the slammer while she awaits her probation hearing.

It's worth a watch ... so check it out already.


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Michael needs to get a clue. His daughter is at fault for her actions. As far as jail not being any good for her, she can not drink or do drugs in jail. She is forced to sober up and face the fact that she is not special. She needs to do all of her time 90days plus more for violating then go to rehab. After jail her system will be cleaned out of drug and booze.

1489 days ago


Is this unwashed weirdo in the "Linnocent" t-shirt and dirty baseball cap Nicole or Delmar?

1489 days ago


What is the deal with that creepy dude in the hat pantomiming Lohans every word? He looks like a grinning, mental, lohan acolyte. Bizzare doesn't even cover it.

1489 days ago

John Stone    

Yeah. Sure Mikey. Its all the lawyers fault.

1489 days ago


Maybe if you and Dina weren't such sh*t parents your daughter wouldn't be in this mess. He's such an *******, just shoot him already.

1489 days ago

an-a-b wonder "it's not Lindsey's fault"....everyone else is out to ruin her life. WTF?

1489 days ago


Another Media Whore trying to extend his 15 minutes of expire fame in the media spotlight!! To paraphrase the old saying back in the 80's of Micheal Fay, go away, Micheal Loghan, GO AWAY!!

1489 days ago


Yes, it's the lawyers fault that Lindsay stuck coke up her nose! She knew she was gonna be tested and she didn't care, She did it anyway! Why is this loser still talking to the press!!!

1489 days ago


Blame Lindsay, nobody forced cocaine on her. I can see why Holley doesn`t want to represent her. She is trying to do her job, but Linds is really making that difficult. She won`t help herself and expects to buy her way out of a jam. Lindsay should be in jail and not segregated, she needs the full experience before she makes a change. She should get a restraining and gag order against her father like her mother did. With him around I can see the need for drugs.

1489 days ago


This is just like that Michael Jackson fiasco. Everybody is to blame but the right body. The girl is 24 years old she has to take responsibility for herself. If she keeps evading responsibility then her life will never change. Frankly, her father is an enabler because he needs to be objective about her.

1489 days ago


Thank you so much, that's comedy god right there. Between the creepy dwarf pastor giggling like a school girl, the stalker imitating her crazy father, who is blaming everyone in the world except the adult daughter - who made the choice to use TWICE. She was back in bars 24 hrs after leaving rehab. Jail isn't going to help her, she's being punished for violating parole/probation. Something Mike the Tyke Lohan admits to doing.
Lindsay didn't even acknowledge her troll father, she gets to decided who gets to visit, not Dina. He's so full of bull it stinks to high heaven. He's a big mouth joke, and all of her problems can be laid at his felon feet. Go home Mike you cry baby, your daughter hates you and with good reason. You just sold her out yet again, you loser.

1489 days ago

Butt Clown    

The judge is "destroying my daughter's life"??? Really?? How bout living up to the terms of your probation. As****.

1489 days ago


Good lord... this man needs to get his own life... If anyone is contributing to the destruction of her life it is him. If he could just open his eyes and see that his daughter is hurting.... but oh wait... he would have to remove the opaque stars from his eyes!!!!

Get a life Michael don't try to live vicariously thru your daughter.

1489 days ago


If his daughter wasnt such a screw up he wouldnt be able to support himself....the only money he makes is off selling info on his own flesh and blood to the tabloids for $$ and then making the rounds on the sleaze shows that pay him. He is a no one. If his kid were not famous no one would a give a flying SH*T what this douche had to say. Shame on him and shame on us for giving him the time of day.

1489 days ago


So it was Shawn Chapman Holley's faught that Lindsay sniffed cocaine and continued to use Adderal even when she was on probation? I understand everyone deserves a second chance but when you keep getting third and fourth and fifth chances and still screw them up, you eventually have to pay the consequences.

1489 days ago
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