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Run Bubba, Run

9/24/2010 10:18 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

The 53-year-old resurfaced at some event in Pasadena earlier this year, looking extra special.

Mykelti appeared on the final season of "24."

In 1998, Williamson was acquitted of attempted manslaughter for the stabbing of his ex-wife's companion.


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Give that guys a reality show! Brandi's a murderer and now she's on dancing with the stars! Look at Rebecca Gayheart too, she has no remorse for what she has done!

1304 days ago


I don't quite understand why y'all chose to do a "Memba Them" on Mykelti Williamson. Playing Bubba in Forrest Gump is probably his most memorable role to morons who don't really follow movies or TV, but the man gets steady work in Hollywood, and has plenty of other notable roles in good films and TV shows, like Sgt. Drucker in Heat, Josh Gibson in HBO's Soul of the Game, and Det. Bobby "Fearless" Smith in the NBC series Boomtown.

Hell, he was even in Black Dynamite, the best comedy NOBODY saw last year, because they were all too busy hanging on The Hangover's nuts...

1304 days ago


You guys love to put "murder" next to a black guys name. This guys has been successful in Hollywood for decades, yet "murder" is the tidbit you guys come up with to distinguish him. Institutionalized Racism, look it up.

1304 days ago


I think he was acquitted due to insufficient evidence. Guess there was no proof he was actually intending to kill the guy versus two men fighting and weapons being involved. I don't know but it'd be nice if TMZ had left that off. The guy was but on his hand and abdomen.,,20139715,00.html

1304 days ago



1304 days ago


#2 It kind of sounds like you may be Mykelti...pretty sore over the whole memba spotlight on you...simmadowna

1304 days ago


Steve, dude, trust me. I'm the furthest thing there is from Mykelti. Just can't understand why they chose him when you can turn on a TV or go to a movie theater and clearly see that the guy still gets roles. I thought this whole "Memba Them" thing was reserved for people who had one decent role or claim to fame, way back in the day, and totally disappear out of the public eye, after that....

1304 days ago


uhhh this dude is one of the chief of police on csi:ny. he's not totally irrelevant. plus he was in ATL! the ultimate black movie!

1304 days ago


So BallaBlocka, because some of us don't follow movies or TV, we're "morons"? Maybe some of us have a life besides sitting in front of a TV or movie screen all the time! No one here said he didn't get more work. Some of us don't follow the every move of a celebrity because we have other things to do besides watching TV or movies.

1304 days ago


this is in response to bubba's comment.

how is it racist? if the guy is a murderer hes a murderer, regardless of race. frankly im tired of the race card being played all the time

1304 days ago


Only racists are afraid of the race card.

1304 days ago


I've met this guy and he is the s*** of the Earth. He has driven around with a gun in the back pocket of the passenger's seat of his car for confrontations. If you don't know the facts about the case, he was stalking his ex-girlfriends house when her current boyfriend came out and a confrontation occurred. Mikelti pulled out a butcher's knife he happened to be carrying on him (while trespassing at the ex-girlfriends home) and stabbed it into the adbomen of the current boyfriend in the middle of the street in front of her home. The hung jury, I'm sure, wasn't due to justice. The man simply got away with attempted murder, but he should be put into the same league as O.J.

1304 days ago


I just saw him in a movie the other night……tick, tock, tick, tock. Oh yeah, Nicolas Cage’s diabetic friend in Conair when the prisoners stole the plane. He’s had a role on some episodes of CSI NY the last few years with Lieutenant Dan....errrr, I mean Gary Senise. He’s a character actor; he keeps busy but you recognize the face more than the name.

1304 days ago


#9(M), that's exactly what I was thinking.

Ironic comment of the week:

"is probably his most memorable role to morons who don't really follow movies or TV"


1304 days ago


To Jamie and M:

If you don't care to follow an actor or celebrity's every move, THEN WHY IN THE BLOODY HELL DID YOU EVEN BOTHER TO GO ON THIS WEBSITE AND RESPOND TO ME?!?

How's that for irony??

1304 days ago
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