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TMZ Live: Oksana's Lawyer In the House

9/24/2010 7:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva's lawyer Daniel Horowitz dropped by for TMZ Live today to field all of your questions -- and Harvey's -- about the Mel/Oksana case.  The domestic violence allegations... the extortion claims ... even the infamous audio tapes -- it was all fair game.

You'll definitely want to check it out.


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voice of reason    

IMO Mr. Lawyer was not well versed with the case and Harvey had to keep feeding him information.

The message: Lets make a deal

"If Mel said lets put this behind us for the sake of our family" the answer would be Yes. Meaning the OX would say yes.
Dont think so Mr. Lawywer, Mel has nothing to settle!

Lawyer "She will never degrade him in PRIVATE".
Mr. Lawyer, I dont know about private but she certainly has degraded him globally!

Lawyer, "Talented musical artist".
Really? What is "talent", 200 cd copies sold? I wonder why music producer David Foster, with whom she had a laison, coudnt launch her into stardom?

Lawyer: "Its a classic DV case with strong collaborating evidence"
Mr Lawyer are you referring to the photos that show no bruising? The non existing 911 calls, the non existing reports to the authorities? the fact that she didnt immediately remove her children from the abuser and a dangerous situation, etc.etc.

Mr Lawyer went on to throw under the bus the lawyers and retired judges in the mediation hearing and law inforcement for leaking the tapes.

If she is charged with extortion question.
Lawyer, "She would love to tell her facts in court and will not take the 5th".
Hearing the "facts" in court from OX, is going to be a field day in court indeed!

Does Mr. Lawyer know who he is representing? Perhaps he should some research as some of the sleuths on these boards have done. Quite a different picture than the Madonna he was trying to portray to-day!

When Harvey mentioned "the sea of change" in favor of Mel, Mr. Lawyer said that it was due to the recent letter from Mel that was just released by TMZ.
Harvey kept trying to tell him that the "sea of change" started a looooooong time ago, but Mr. Lawyer was at a loss, maybe he hasnt been reading the posts far back enough to know when the "sea of change" started and how revolted the public is by what his client has inflicted on another human being.


1490 days ago


I understand why her lawyer is defending her but either she is damage and ignorant OR she knew exactly what she was doing. The tapes is what turned people against her. Yes Mel acted like a A@@ and no excuse for his behavior. But it was obviously orchestrated on her end how she responded. No one is that calm when someone is talking to them like that if they were innocent. It was a set up. As for her signing something and being damage..blah blah blah. If she was abused and as concerned as she appears to be regarding her child, she would have reported it before the money issues. I can not believe she is that stupid that she did not know her lawyer was getting the civil case together.

1490 days ago


@voice of reason - great summary. IMO, the tide turned against Oksana when the "abuse" photos were released. A pic of a Botox bruise/vein, a missing veneer and a baby zit isn't all that convincing to most people.

1490 days ago


I've always been a big Jodie Foster fan. Team Mel!

1490 days ago


her lawyer has been thru alot..his wife was murdered several years ago by a young's amazing that he can come back after such a hoorific crime to his family..our prayers and thoughts are with you mr horowitz.

1490 days ago


Enuff of this boring lawyer, and the Oxsana stuff...LINDSAY is news today!!!!

1490 days ago


Oh come on!!! Look at what she is asking for... 50K a year for herself and 10K for the kid's college is extortion??
Hell no!
How many single motehrs on here have tried to put a child through college? There you go.
And he is a multimillionaire he should do ALL EH CAN to ensure the well being of his child. I think he is getting away waaay to easy.

1490 days ago


The reason she's being called a money grubber is because she turned her nose up on 15 million dollars. Frankly, I don't blame her, a one time payout is worth alot less than having her son as part of the inheretence(sp?) to Mel's fortune. And the dumbass is gonna die sooner than later. Oh, and Mr. Horowitz knows that. But I really like Daniel alot.

1490 days ago


I find it interesting, my question is this, is she thinking all this will work because of of mel's past history? and does she really think that people will buy that she didnt leak the tapes, police have a chain of custody

1490 days ago


Oksana is obviously looking for a graceful exit from this PR disaster. I'd bet she'd take deal A in a heartbeat now...

1490 days ago



1490 days ago


INTELLIGENT QUESTION #1: Mr, Horowitz is it not true that your client taping Mel Gibson without his permission is not only illegal but also any evidence derived from said tapping is inadmissable in any trial in any court within the state of California? -DangerDan

1490 days ago

here and now    

for normal people if you break the terms of your probation your PO comes and locks you up then you go to court at which time you can remain locked up or they can let you go. They allowed her to stay free until her court day and then locked her up. They can and they did.

1490 days ago


Hey Harvey
I do hope that You will take some time to read about domestic violence. It will help you to understand the cycle that happens. Then your questions, "why did she not report it till" and "will she go back to him" will be more clear for you. As a survivor myself I can say I hope she does not go back as this is an esculating abusive crime and one does not want to see things get worse. Have a look at murders of women by their significant others. The stats tell the story.
I thought today was a great interview. Thanks to Daniel and yourself. Please take some time and read about this domestic violence epidemic. Thanks for your time.

Posted at 2:43 PM on Sep 24, 2010 by raven
so if i read Oliver Twist
i'll know all about orphans, interesting

1490 days ago


Come and listen to a story about a man named Mel
A multi millionaire, kept his family well fed,
Then one day he was shootin at some booze
And up through the ground came a bubblin nude

Russian that is, black hair, pouty mouth.

Well the next thing you know Oxi grabs her millionaire,
Her kinfolk said "Lets move on up to there"
Said "Californy is the place we ought to be"
So they loaded up their trunks and moved to Beverly.

Hills, that is. Swimmin pools, movie stars.

Well now its time to say good by to Ox and all her kin.
And we would like to thank her folks fer kindly droppin in.
They all NOT invited back again to this locality
And NOT to have a heapin helpin of our hospitality

Extortionists that is. Set a spell, Keep your shoes on.

Y'all stay away now, y'hear?.

1490 days ago
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