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TMZ Live: Oksana's Lawyer In the House

9/24/2010 7:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva's lawyer Daniel Horowitz dropped by for TMZ Live today to field all of your questions -- and Harvey's -- about the Mel/Oksana case.  The domestic violence allegations... the extortion claims ... even the infamous audio tapes -- it was all fair game.

You'll definitely want to check it out.


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Oh god, can't we just have Daniel Horowitz put to sleep? I'll drive him to the v-e-t.

1401 days ago


This is a so-called top attorney? He must really be off his game today

1401 days ago

John Stone    

This guy is right up Harvs alley.

1401 days ago


If the glove doesn't fit, you must acquit.

But everyone knows she leaked the tapes.

1401 days ago



Horowitz doesn't sound credible at all. He's just making excuses and overlooking many facts. This isn't an attorney...this is a PR guy. He is insulting our intelligence, and only making OG look worse.

By the way, the word, "evidence" was in quote marks in the short form, meaning it was not verifiable. OG had a civil suit ready in the background. So now mediations are worthless? Come on!

1401 days ago


While everyone is accusing Oksana of leaking the tapes and we are all caught up in the he said she said and who's the bigger jerk, why are we not all outraged that the police or someone involved inside this investigation is releasing photos, info and evidence to the gossip sites?

It is probably someone in law enforcement leaking everything and these are the same people who are responsible for prosecuting this case. Seems very dirty

1401 days ago


Lets go through some of the “Billionaire Mel” “facts”.
Search the internet for facts on Mel Gibson’s father and there are some interesting postings about Mel Gibson’s father being a racist. If Mel was raised by a racist, he was taught how to hate from the moment he could understand words. Hateful people are angry people. Add any mind altering substance to that mindset and you have a recipe for violence against others. On July 28/2006, Billionaire Mel was arrested for DUI with an open bottle of tequila with him in the vehicle. He then went on a drunken racist rant conducted in front of and directed at police officers whose jobs are to protect the public from people just like Mel Gibson. Hate crime laws came to fruition based on actions by individuals with the mindset of Mel Gibson. Just two years before this DUI arrest, he had made hundreds of millions of dollars on “The Passion of the Christ” a film highly criticized for its Anti-Semitism. In 2010, some audio tapes are released to the media, with a voice that sounds like Billionaire Mel on another racist rant. Unfortunately, there have been no real consequences because of the source and the scandal is just so juicy, who cares if he actually did go on another racist rant? Let’s just focus on what Oksana did instead! We know all she wants money so Billionaire Mel, why don’t you just make it go away? Think about this, there could be a clue here…. So now were on “Lets Make a Deal”: DOOR #1: maybe he wants to come out as innocent on all public and criminal charges by making his accuser look nuttier than he is. DOOR #2: they are both just nuts and want the publicity. DOOR #1 WINS!
Now Robyn Gibson, is stepping up to the plate to defend him in this mess with Oksana. Mel was married to Robyn for years, and they had several children together. That didn’t stop the Billionaire religious zealot from committing adultery then leaving Robyn for Oksana. Mel has bad mouthed Robyn in the past. See 2003 interview with “The New Yorker” where he states that she will not be granted Salvation basically because of her religious perspective, which obviously does not fit with his interpretation even though they both say they are Catholic (not quoted word for word but that is his general point). This is the mother of his seven children! Later in 2006, he contradicts that previous statement about Salvation in an interview with Diane Sawyer by saying “It is possible for those who are not even Christian to get into the kingdom of Heaven”. Why wouldn’t Robyn defend him with the scandal involving Oksana considering what she is up against? He is one of the most wealthy, influential, powerful people in Hollywood. What kind abuse has Robyn endured in the past at the hands of this hateful and very powerful person, and what would she endure if she didn’t defend him? Abused women rarely speak about the abuse they have endured, especially when they have children with their abuser. Regardless of who his spouse is, he will abuse because that is what haters do. I am not trying to defend Oksana, but I highly doubt that Mel Gibson did absolutely nothing to bring this situation on. I’m certain that there are many personality differences between Oksana and Robyn, but just because Oksana said domestic abuse occurred and Robyn didn’t, doesn’t mean that there was no abuse in one or both relationships.

Billionaire Mel exhibits the classic symptoms of a religious zealot with substance and abuse issues. Standard textbook behavior: lash out, then apologize, and then say it will never happen again. THEN HE DOES IT ALL OVER AGAIN. He does it with domestic issues, and with his racial scandals. Is it such a stretch to say that this hater abuses the women he commits to? Are we all so stupid that we cannot see that this man’s behavior for what it is? Abusers and haters don’t change. Mel’s ace in the hole is the monetary power and influence he holds over all of Hollywood. So these factors negate the behavior he is constantly apologizing for? Mel Gibson is a hater, abuser and a tyrant that acts as Hollywood’s ruler that no one can challenge because he is above the law.

“If it walks like a hater/abuser/tyrant (see DUI sobriety test), talks like a hater/abuser/tyrant (see DUI police report), looks like a hater/abuser/tyrant (view police video footage taken at the scene of DUI, all police cars have it), it must be a hater/abuser/tyrant.” I know that is going way back, and you would think that would have been enough to put Billionaire Mel out of biz, but until we get some real facts on the recent developments, let’s just go with that.

What really sucks about all of this? Billionaire Mel will get away with it all (again) because we will continue to give him movie awards, throw money at him, and defend him.

Oh ya, and Harvey,
I DARE you to read this on TMZ live. Fall for the taunt, you know you want to. :)

1401 days ago

Eric Anderson    

My feelings are that this case with Oksana is simply an necessary and sufficient act to capture and frame
Mick Jagger and his fiance and or dates by perhaps
Barrack O'Bamma in some type of Legal Loophole!

This type of insight might become plausable in the future in cases of this typa and are not necessarily directed or have any direct focus regarding any other similar couples!

1401 days ago


Money money money money... Mel's money!

1401 days ago


is this guy woody allen in disguise??

1401 days ago


Also, this guy needs to sit up straight. If you're going to wear a suit, wear it well. I can't take him seriously. Solid-colored ties for the win. Messy, messy.

How are they ever going to convince anyone that this woman is a reliable? The story changes, the amounts get larger, and the PR folk and lawyers (except these guys) all seem to be glad to be rid of her.

1401 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

IS the quoted sum of $2500 that Ox gets from Dalton in POUNDS or DOLLARS?

1401 days ago


If she was so intimidated by all those lawyers of the mediation and didn't read the agreement why who would she right in to add the piano? Must of read something, and quite well to know the piano wasn't included.

1401 days ago


After this attorney finds out who "really" leaked the tapes, maybe he can help OJ find the "real" killers.

1401 days ago


I think she is a gold digger come and sue me arshoe

1401 days ago
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