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Lindsay's Bosses -- We'll Deal with Hijinks

9/25/2010 12:36 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan might have to worry about being sent back to jail next month, but one thing she doesn't have to fret over ... her next movie.

Sources close to the movie "Inferno" -- the Linda Lovelace biopic LiLo is scheduled to star in -- tell TMZ they don't want to lose Lindsay for the part ... so they are going to start scouting locations in Los Angeles and begin shooting in January.

As we first reported, it's going to cost the flick a chunk of change to move from their original location in Louisiana -- but we're told they are willing to spend the dough to keep Lindsay as the lead.

One source tells us, "We're staying [in Los Angeles] -- good for the movie, but also the best way to deal with travel restrictions or other hijinks."

As long as Lindsay is around, hijinks seem unavoidable.


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I don't get it.
Is she really that good an actress?
Now she will be playing a porn star who's
clam to fame is well you know.
Why doesn't she just GO AWAY for a few years and see if she can clean up her act and become relevant

1497 days ago


They'll be ever so sorry! Right in the middle of shooting, she'll be jailed and destroy their little bio-pic. These men are stupid! They can see her pattern here and just don't get it or.....perhaps they realize nobody else would want to play Linda Loser Lovelace.... It isn't like A listers are lining up to play her ->

1497 days ago


What gives? I want to know the REAL reason they won't do the film without Lindsay. I smell something fishy, and it ain't sushi.

1497 days ago


Lyndsey is a tabloid star, not movie star, those days are long gone. Let her resurface on Dr. Drew's Celebrity Rehab then let us hear nothing from her until she gets a radio show at like 45-50 like Danny Bonaducci. She is a has been---she has NO IT factor she looks about 30 years older than she is. I know women in their 40's that look better. As for her playing Linda Lovelace, exactly who are they making this film for? Boogie Nights was stupid and made money because Mark Wahlberg was in his tightie whities every week on billboards at the time. Remind me---who is Linda Lovelace and who will care but the Viagra generation?

1497 days ago


anyone else would be fired, their life ruined, and sent to jail. this is not justice. send her *** back to jail where she belongs.

1497 days ago


If this film is any less than XXX rated, it will go down faster than Linda Lovelace, pun intended. If the fire crotch stars rather than Lindsay, it will be a money maker!

1497 days ago


Do they really think anyone is going to want to see this movie with her in it?

I for one WON'T go see it just because of her being in it. I feel she thinks she's invincible and well, the courts are treating her that way. She can do all the wrong she wants and not have to pay for it. Sure doesn't make me want to fund her drug habit.

I think, it's a mistake to keep her on this film as I imagine I'm not the only one who feels this way. She doesn't need to be shooting a movie, she needs to take time off and get into rehab and fix herself first. She's setting herself up for failure and these movie people are enabling her.

1497 days ago


I like Lindsay Lohan. It's not like if she stops using cocaine the Mexican crime lords are going to go broke either. So what if she uses the stuff? Cocaine is fun, although staying up until dawn can do a number on the day. Oral sex is fun too, so you all can pontificate about what a "stinky" and "slutty" person she is all you want, hopefully you're all married or celibates or what have you. Don't like *******s? Say "no!" the next time it looks like it might happen. Certainly none of you use porn, or illegal drugs. Sheesh.

1497 days ago

Johnny 5    

If I was the director of *Inferno* I'd try to get Megan Fox to star. It's unlikely you'd find a straight guy who 'doesn't' want to see Megs nude. Fox is not considered a good actress and other than the Transformers movies and the box office bust *Jennifer's Body* Megs has done nothing other than pose for some pics in magazines. Millions of men would be willing to shell out $10 or $15 for a naked Fox doing the dirty deed.

As for LiLo getting out of jail yet again, it just shows that if you can afford a lawyer and have hundreds of thousands of dollars for bail you can avoid jail time.

1497 days ago


Leave Lindsay alone! She's not Mel Gibson!

1497 days ago


"I will laugh so hard when this movie is a bust who cares about the story of linda love lace. It is boring a porn star turn activist to dying in a car crash. Exciting

Posted at 9:13 AM on Sep 25, 2010 by Gloria"

Yeah nobody cares about a Linda Lovelace biopic/docudrama about a porn star turned activist's life. That's why Hollywood financiers are currently funding TWO Linda Lovelace movies that are being made right now. One is an official licensed biopic and the other is an unauthorized biography of her life. Stupid Hollywood financiers, don't the know no one cares about this womans life story? /sarcasm

1497 days ago


flop flop flop. dumb producers, dumber court system. LL is a good type cast for LiLo; a better one would be Anna Nicole Smith. But she won't complete either.

1497 days ago


Once again she doesn't have to face the consequences of her behavior. Until people start saying no, she won't change because she doesn't have to.

1497 days ago


Should have read: "We will deal with High Jinx"
And of course that is a lie....

Managers and bosses in the entertainment industry CARE not about the lives of their 'tools' and that is what she is to them.

Who ever is stupid enough to be her boss needs to step back and say 'Into treatment you go and then you must remember it for life. In otherwords treatment does not end with the weekend.'

And honestly is not her MOM her boss? The enabler?
Lindsey will never see the light of day as long as she is surrounded by the enablers.

They are seeking fame through her and care not if she really lives the next day. (Such loving compassion from such parents are really NOT parents.)

1497 days ago


This will be Lindsay's "Somethings got to give" unfortunately. You know the movie Marilyn never got to finish because of all her problems. She wont live to see its debut.

1497 days ago
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