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Lindsay Lohan

I Need Rehab,

Not Jail

9/25/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan confessed to her friends this week that she needed to go back to rehab -- not jail -- if she was going to defeat her addiction demons ... TMZ has learned.

Sources tell TMZ Lindsay was surprisingly self-aware that she made a big mistake by falling off the wagon and testing positive for cocaine -- and that she couldn't fight her disease alone.

We're told Lindsay was also aware that her relapse had "ruined a lot" in connection to the revival of her career.

And there's this ... Lindsay was "remarkably unafraid" about the possibility of going back to jail -- but at the same time, she didn't expect Judge Elden Fox to send her back to Lynwood Correctional Facility.


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Dear Lindsay,

I implore you to look past all of the negative criticism. These people who put you down would like to place their foot on your vack and keep you there, all out of jealousy, hatred, and envy. This is not what your creator is all about. He has a plan for your life, a good plan with hope and a wonderful future. Look past all of the negative comments. When you first come off drugs and alcohol, it is easy when problems and anxiety form to want to drink them away. Then when the depressive effects of alcohol take over, it is easy to want to bring emotions back up and feel good. I promise, once you detox, and stay away from substances, your brain will regain it's natural endorphines and you will begin to feel good again. Start setting goals, big or small. Take each moment, not each day as it comes in the beginning. Find people who want to prop you up and believe in you and delete all of the old contacts the so-called friends of the past. They are headed in the wrong direction and you are their free meal ride. I do not know you, but I love you as a person and believe in your talent. If the talent has gotten old(been there) and lost its lust, do not despair, pray. Ask God to give you the courage to do whatever it is He desires from you. Stay active, make new friends, when people around you are drinking, have a tea. Start your own research, use google or any other search browser and start studying drugs and alcohol and the effects on the mind and body. You are a star, yes you are a person, but your a gifted person and you can use those talents and gifts to help other people. When you start helping others, you will feel a peace, a release you have never sensed before a satisfaction that will bring you a great deal of confidence and a greater concern for those around you. This will ultimately set you free and you will find yourself not just recovering, but having recovered. What it is that you want is to feel good, and you haven't felt that way in a long time. You can have that again. Your a beautiful woman, young woman, and as I said I do not know you but believe in you. So, go after it. Never look back. Each step you take forward is one more step ahead of your past. I have prayed for you, I am glad you are free, and you will make it, just believe. I look forward to hearing good news about you as I feel confident I will.

a friend,


1456 days ago


CORRECTIONS IN LAST COMMENT: the word vack should read back.
The word lust, should read luster...


1456 days ago


OMG, Granted I'm writing here so it caught my attention, but, to make money, is it crucial to write all things possible about has beens to watch them self-destruct? It's almost like we are devolving to the days where hangings and beheadings were local sport and everyone went to watch.

What is it about us (or TMZ or other media) that allows us to watch, jeer and talk about people we don't know, dont really care about, (even if they did something once that amused) ?

We have become a planet that rejoices in evils done by or to others; we are witchunters, mob-executioners, Christians and Lions all over. We haven't evolved at all.

USA -- world taken over by Jerry Springer show media!

1456 days ago


I'm tired of celebrities thinking that because they have money they can do what they want to do and don't have to answer to anyone. If this was a everyday citizen this case would have been over and done with a long time ago. They have patted this chick on the wrist way to long. Send her jail just like everyone else who don't do the right thing!

1456 days ago


So how come my ex-roommate - here in San Francisco - was dragged out of here on his sorry, drunken ass for a minor VOP and this judge is somehow "breaking the law," or "terrorizing" the queen of denial? Pah-leeeeze!!! And, BTW, to call TMZ anti-Lindsey is insane! I go back to the "No harm! No Foul!"piece when she "tapped" the baby carriage. They're so Lindsey obsessed that they used her name in the Mel Gibson item. She should have stayed in Psyche at U.C., or one of the canoe and picnic rehabs camps. I'm not all that familiar, but how she got out of jail, retained her license, and didn't get tossed in county alludes me. We'll just have to wait and see if she actually does go in for a 30 day minimum rehab. And stays. For the entire 30 days. I'm not holding my breath. Frankly, I'd like to see her go to one of the lovely rehab facilities anyone else with the same record (and the same number of days worked in the past year), would have to go given the jail or rehab option. Full on participation, 90 in 90, dragging her worn little paper up to get signed. Yeah, right...

1456 days ago


Correction to #47

Word Vack should have been HACK.

Word Luster should have been BUSTED.


I drop out of reality every once in a while.

Do you believe this RANT?

1456 days ago


well if she go's to jail she's not going to do any drugs there ether so why does it matter?

1456 days ago


# 33 I do not usually use strong language, but I am warning you now. You have the right to free speech. Speak away as you may wish. But in all of your speaking you reveal one thing. You need more help than this beautiful young woman. You obviously have no understanding of the resiliency of the human spirit or of the human mind, or of the body itself. I have experience with this. All you can do is spew hatred because you my friend are a MISERABLE soul. Before I said anything further, if I were you, I would get a mirror-look long into it and see the Lindsay Lohan on the otherside that you are. You disgust most of us Americans who believe in the ability of our people to be transformed from the inside out. Her face, in fact looks better than ever. Besides all of that, the radiancy of beauty shines through the soul, through the eyes. Jesus said when a man(a person) has the light of life within them, it shows in their eyes. Many people who have experienced His love shine from day to day, but you choose hatred and darkness. Your darkness will ever increse until your death, unless you repent, change your mind and start treating your fellow human beings with love. And by the way, this is not just to #33, this is to all of you haters, who have no hope and so therefore try and spring your hopeless lives upon those who have hope. You should be ashamed. If you have a conscience left within you, you will apologize. If you do not you know exactly where you are headed and it did not take me to tell you that, you knew it already. Try forgiveness, try love, try hope, try peace, try finding joy and try a silent moment alone with God and tell me if you are not encouraged. Do not do what I am telling you and stay steeped in that darkness until it overwhelms you and you are suddenly destroyed without any remedy. That is the plot of a person who speaks the way you do. You have no courage. You have not guts to stand by the down trodden and lift them up, all you can do is self sympathize, were you ever raised? Grow up, and find a life. Your comments and many others are disgusting.

1456 days ago

RJ Hunt    

Well she already started her 30 day detox...I still can't believe that TMZ thought she would not go to jail...You guys really blew this one and so did Lindsay...SAD...SAD...SAD...

1456 days ago


Last, to all of you MEN, and I AM A MAN, who sit there and type all of these nasty comments. Is that what you were taught by your mother? Is that how you were taught to treat a woman. It would not suprise me if you have never been in a long lasting realtionship with a woman, because you obviously do not know how to treat, speak to, or respect a woman. And if I seem angry, let me tell you I am angry, I am angry that you tear people down, especially a woman. Man's duty and responsibilty to woman is to be big enough(in heart) that she has a place of security that never changes, that always offers the same message-besides where would us men be without women? They offer what we do not have within oursleves, the ability to love and express emotion and to many times whether we like it or not just be plain truthful about manners. Again, I feel shame for those of you who were not raised-you could at least have raised yourself and surrounded yourself with people of good courage and moral standing, but you choose to lay in the gutter. And you do this in the most promising country on the face of the planet. You are what is wrong with America-not the Lindsay Lohan's who just want to have fun in life and maybe got a little carried away. Grow up, and like my mom always said: IF YOU DON'T HAVE ANYTHING GOOD TO SAY, THEN DON'T SAY IT AT ALL.


1456 days ago


#50 It alludes you because you have your eyes upon yourself and what you can get out of life. It alludes you because you are self centered and do not care about other's. Again I have to refer back to the Lord, because you cannot hear. He said, it is better to understand, than to be understood. This is not about star special treatment. This is about the fact their was an injustice done yesterday morning that has been corrected. ARE YOU SO DULL OF MIND THAT YOU ARE NOT GETTING IT? And do not expect in court or this world for anyone to be treated in the same manner by mankind. If you want fairness, look to the only one who is fair. Do I need to tell you who that is?

1456 days ago


MAMA GRIZZLY, I agree with you. But it should come as no suprise, as the days grow longer it has been spoken that the love of most would grow cold. I am not perfect, but I trust in His perfection for me. Love is not an emotion, it is an action. There are emotions which follow the actions of love, and in the beginning of a relationship there is attraction often mistaken for love. Love is patient. Love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud, and it keeps no record of wrongs...

Keep up the faith, it will be richly rewarded for those who follow after it.

1456 days ago


I hope she overdoses and dies I am so sick of reading about her

1456 days ago


Ok, Julie that is your hope. But you shoul know this, the evil we wish upon other's generally comes back to ourselves or those we love. So just keep it up, keep digging the hole deeper for yourself. I have a feeling when tragedy strikes near you, as it does all of us in this life, you won't be feeling so good about your comment.

1456 days ago


She should be running out of money by now, since she doesn't really make any. Why give someone a sentence, they violate their conditions of release, and be able to bail out? Ridiculous.
Prison certainly helped Robert Downey Jr.

1456 days ago
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