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Lindsay Lohan

I Need Rehab,

Not Jail

9/25/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan confessed to her friends this week that she needed to go back to rehab -- not jail -- if she was going to defeat her addiction demons ... TMZ has learned.

Sources tell TMZ Lindsay was surprisingly self-aware that she made a big mistake by falling off the wagon and testing positive for cocaine -- and that she couldn't fight her disease alone.

We're told Lindsay was also aware that her relapse had "ruined a lot" in connection to the revival of her career.

And there's this ... Lindsay was "remarkably unafraid" about the possibility of going back to jail -- but at the same time, she didn't expect Judge Elden Fox to send her back to Lynwood Correctional Facility.


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Oh no..Sounds like the invites to the pity party are in the mail!!

Lindsay being the victim of honor.

1498 days ago


#60... I guess you have not been reading the comments. The judge who sentenced her to the 30 days was in the wrong. By law, and this is what we live by, she had the right to bail-period. TMZ even reported their expectation that she would be released after posting bail, then the surprise-30 days. This was not within the realm of the law which is what Judges have sworn on oath to uphold, again I say judges, who think the courtroom is "your" court room-the courtroom is not "your" courtroom to do as you please. The courtroom was paid for by the people, for the people and for the law. Judges have for too long overstepped their boundaries and my instinct tells me this will be the beginning of something new. When the little man does not have to have an attorney, with their "all superior" knowledge to defend themselves. It was never meant to be that way in the beginning, and there is a certain group of people in this country who are ready to address and fix those matters, until then you can expect Judges to act out of their own discretion rather than the law, and with that you can expect more people in jail for frivolous crimes, simply because the system is set up to reward the states for incarcerating people. I am not against jail or prison, but there is no more justice tempered with mercy because they are not following the law but their instinct. And every single judge doing that deserves to lose their job.

1498 days ago


If you even cared you would visit those prisoners, you would encourage them to change, the fact that you do not shows exactly what you are missing as a human being, it is called love. And I bet you are on of those people who says to themselves I am a good person. Sure you are. You are good at fooling those around you that you are a good person, but inside you are full of greed, hatred, discord, jealousy and every evil thing under the sun.

1498 days ago


CORRECTION- REPLACE "YOUR" with "THEIR"; The judges have the tendancy to think the courtroom is "their" courtroom, it is not their courtroom, it belongs to the people.

1498 days ago


And by the way, I stand up for those who are oppressed, even if it was in their own error and I try to lead them to a better way. What do you do? You place your foot on their back and tie them down with heavy loads which you yourself cannot carry and do not offer to lift a finger to help. So, who again is in the wrong?

1498 days ago


I'm all for anyone who is trying to better themselves. Most people are. People have a problem with Lindsay because she is unappreciative, selfish, and most importantly NEVER takes responsibility for her actions!

I think when she went before the Judge with her F U manicure (not to mention the time before looking like a 40 year old street walker) people had enough. She has been given chance upon chance for over 3 yeaars now and is still failing drug tests and thinking she's above the law.

I hope she gets clean because it is sad to watch...but she brought it all upon herself!!

sorry, just my .02

1498 days ago


#67 How do you think she did not take responsibility for her actions? She showed up in court didn't she? Sure, she brought it upon herself, but again, in case you missed it the JUDGE was wrong in his JUDGEMENT. And I agree, I hope, I pray, and I believe she will be free of all of this. But being free is not onyl being free of drug and alcohol abuse, being free is being so free that you are no longer just recovering, you have recovered.

1498 days ago


I have dealt with an addiction to pills in my life and I beat them. The diff. btween me and Lilo is I admitted to my problem and made a decision to stop and get help, she is just playing an addicts game with the court system. I personally think these Judges should be tossed out on their azzes. We will see which judge excepts responsibility when she is found dead. Put her in jail with a jail drug program. As long as she has freedom she is going to do drugs....

1498 days ago


She needs more rehab, what a JOKE!! She had her chance when she had 90 days, instead she pulled the wool over their eyes and got out 60 days early, just to run out and snort COKE~!

This B I T C H is a phony and should be locked up in jail!!!

1498 days ago


Yes the whole world knows you need rehab Lindsay so when are you going to go and get serious about your recovery. It seems like your doing the best you can to fight off your demons and you keep relapsing. You need to find good private counseling and hang out with people that are clean and sober . I think this is the turning point in your life. I really hope and pray you go on the right path. All the bad media is not helping your career and reputation. I think people are getting sick of the whole mess.. Hope you choose life.

1498 days ago


Let me count the ways for you;

1. Failed 2, not 1 but 2, drug tests.

2. Blames her father for her mistakes.

3. Consistently late for court, no...not yesterday.

4. F U manicure

5. Oh, Scram bracelet...remember "something spilled on it??"

6. Went to Cannes and "lost" her passport so she couldn't get back for court. That was Daddy's fault too.

I don't have the time or the will to continue this.

You should probably take your meds and go to bed though.

1498 days ago


She is only saying what she thinks everyone wants to hear. It is just a matter of time before she tests dirty again, and we will hear of her testing dirty again.

She did break the law, and does need to be punished.
Normal people would be under the jail with no chance of bail. But because she is a celebrity she gets all the chances in the world.

Maybe I should go to that town commit the crimes she has committed and then as the judge to give me a scam bracelet not jail.
Wow what a bunch of favoritism here

1498 days ago


jaker, you don't have a clue what you are talking about. When she violated the conditions of her probation by failing not one but two drug tests she set herself up for jail without bail. I work closely with addicts who are not in recovery as well as addicts who are in recovery and if you knew anything about either type of person you would know that an addict will say and do anything to be able to do drugs. She is an addict that has not admitted to herself that she has a problem and the judge has every right to lock her up after failing repeated drug screenings. What are you going to say when she is found face down somewhere? My guess you won't be around.

1498 days ago


How fitting that her latest and maybe LAST movie role is playing a porn star. Imagine that.

She needs help and I hope she gets it. The people of California shouldn't have to keep paying for her mistakes though. I don't even live there and it ticks me off.

She is in major denial. Anything this girl says should be taken with a grain of salt. Who knows if it's the truth??

She should go on total damage control at this point.

1498 days ago


By no means am I a fan of Lindsay, but, if Lindsay wants to live and have a productive life in the future she really needs to cut her so-called mother and leaches out of her life and work on herself. She needs an intensive rehab program far away from Hollywood that will not tolerate her narcissism. If she doesn't do this there is no hope for her. Maybe, it is time for someone neutral to come in and deem that she is incapable of making decisions for herself.

BTW - I wonder how long it will be before Dina once again goes on the everyone is against us media circuit? I am sure it won't be the Today Show!

1498 days ago
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