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Everything Must Go!

9/25/2010 6:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Deep in debt, facing foreclosure, and trying to feed her children ... Octomom did today what any responsible mother of 14 would do ... had a yard sale!

Nadya Suleman tossed her goodies on her lawn in La Habra, CA in an effort to make some scratch. As we first reported, Octo is behind about $7,500 on her mortgage payments -- plus she owes a whopping $450,000 balloon payment which is due October 9.

The big item today ... you can get your pic with Octomom for just $10. That's about $9 more than it's worth ... but it's for a good cause.


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Hey now, a lovely intelligent 13yr old knows better. :) If this Kimba/ MsSarcia is a grown up well, just sad.

1457 days ago


how much money would she get a month on welfare?

1457 days ago



You are a VERY VERY angry man. What IS your problem? DO NOT compare Kate and John Gosslin to Octomom. There is no comparison. They are nothing alike. One is totally responsible and one is a total lunatic. Everone knows that. You obviously have your own personal issues and do not like children. I myself am 36 yrs old and have no children, only because I feel like I cannot afford any not b/c I do not want any. I understand that you feel Nadya was reckless and irresponsible, but your hatred and nastiness is unreal. I think it is time you take a step away from this story for your own mental health.

1457 days ago


Is tattoo the father of Nadya's first set of six kids? I saw the U/stream live stream (whatever it's called) of the garage sale yesterday. From the things being said in the background. Those two have some kind of history together. There was a picture on another website of the two of them having dinner or something. The looked like a couple. Just wondering.

1457 days ago


Kate had her tubes tied, no more kids. Nadya did not, and had surgery that she herself said would make her more fertile. Nadya says she cant plan later and might have more kids. Yes you can plan. Kate stopped it and many other women have chosen a tubal. Once again it IS a choice.

1457 days ago


Luluie who the heck knows. What we do know is that this knucklehead throws out teasers that he is their father and calls himself the Octodad with her eight year old son right there. That's not confusing for an eight year old.

1457 days ago


All the kids , I feel so bad for. I know there is nothing I can do until they are given a happy stable home away from " what the hell do i even call her"? My sister at the age of 17 gave up her baby for adoption. My sister is 50 now and her daughter loves her for what she did. My niece is a beautiful woman with her own children now and understands how much love it took for her mother to want better for her. It was and is the greatest gift she could have had, that is her words . To be loved so much and let me go so I could have better.

1456 days ago


"this isn't funny, this can happen to just about anyone"

Yeah, I hear stories all the time about single moms with 6 kids and no job deciding to have 8 more through IVF. And then being shocked to discover their income of $0 isn't enough to support the family of 15. It's practically a cliche by now, it happens so often.

1456 days ago


I told my story so Mssarcia, kimba who ever call me some more names to make yourself feel better. Get nasty with other posters and point out other families on reality tv, it never makes things right or okay. The focus should only be on Nadya's children and you can call me a b-word again an idiot or whatever. But just try to think about the kids. You won't make me shut up or go away ..To enlighten you, YOU pissed in my tea by calling me a B#@ch. For my children to see. You don't even know me.

1456 days ago


That's funny; haters trying to compare Nadya to Kate G. are worse then "THE VIEW" trying to compare the two. Kate didn't have any more kids after the sextuplets; Nadya didn't have any more kids after the octuplets.

Joy and Barbra were terribly cruel. What does Nadya looks has to do with anything? It's not fair to compare Nadya to KG. Kate has TLC exploiting her kids, putting them to work. She's has the kids money to do her surgeries, facial, hair, etc and TLC set up arrangement for Kate to do magazine shoots. Nadya doesn't! Fact is, without TLC Kate could not make it raising twins yet alone 8 kids. Kate's lives in a mansion and drive luxury cars because she put her kids to work, not because she works herself.

Keep this in mind, when Jon shut down the show. Kate was going broke and desperately needed money to pay her mortgage. She did DWTS to make a quick buck and beg like hell for people to vote for her and cried like a baby when she got canned because she knew she was financially in danger of losing her mansion among other things. Boy isn't she lucky TLC won and the show reopened. No more struggling, trying to find a TV show to make fast money for Kate. She sure as heck wasn't going back to this allege "nursing assistance" job. That would require her to work a regular paying job away from home and wouldn't pay for her mansion, 8 kids, vehicles and other luxury.

I'm not hating on Kate, but how dare people try to make like Kate this giant when she stand as tall as other large families with a reality TV show that can't support their large brood without it. Just saying...

1456 days ago


Posted at 6:30 PM on Sep 26, 2010 by Tina

Tina, you sound like a hypocrite. Here you are telling me to stay focus on Nadya and her kids and not to bring up reality TV shows families in comparison, when you can't even stay focus on Nadya and her kids yourself. Rather you bring me up in your twisted rants on here. I didn't mention names... Keep my name out of your rants Tina and we won't have a problem. BTW--I'll talk about any reality TV families I want too, you got that?

I can't shut you up, but um you can't shut me up either. So what's your point?

1456 days ago


What I really don't get... is why people who have SIX kids gets shows that make them millions.
This woman has EIGHT kids... come on... how many octuplets do we have? She has SIX others. WHY are networks not jumping all over this, and putting her on tv? SHE HAS FOURTEEN kids! I can't imagine. Even the 19 kids and counting has nothing on her! They had them one at a time... but they got a show!
Please... this is a woman with an EXTRAordinary family.... TLC... give her a show!

1456 days ago


My point Kimba in which your rant above proved again you rant and rave and put others down in your hatred. You have brought up all the TV people in which I dont even watch. post 152 you sound like a desperate fool. My other comment was in reference to you telling me to shut the f up and others and calling me a b itch. You are the only pathetic loser bringing up Kate and others in comparision to your octo skank . Whatever makes you feel good . You ARE your only friend. And You are your worse enemy. Try and get your facts straight for once and not resort to calling names, maybe it is time for you to grow up. Or just take your meds. BTW . WE HAVE A PROBLEM. Get It. You are FAKE

1456 days ago


HAH , I forgot to say looser too and stay up all night to post but others like me have to go to bed and say tah tah for awhile. I have responsibilities un like you who post all week and night non stop. Compare posts , you need to get alife. I WILL look for you again when I have time, your last on my list though. Night and bye for now I have people in my life to worry about. You keep thinking about your TV families and Nutso. If it works for you. Bye Jen, Kimba, I mean Sarcia or who ever you are.

1456 days ago


Posted at 3:28 PM on Sep 26, 2010 by Tina

Wait! You come on here attacking me and accusing me of things I didn't do and say, accusing me of posters I am not and you're upset because I retaliated? That's rich! You shouldn't have single me out just because I disagree with you about Nadya, Tina.

FYI--On ROL I am MsSarcia and on TMZ I am Kimba10. I was MsSarcia on TMZ too but; for some reason my password on TMZ won't work under MsSarcia. I am not nor have I ever been any of the other names you all accused me of.

1456 days ago
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