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Oksana & Mel -- The Writing's On the Wall

9/25/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

How's this for love, Hollywood style -- the "Cohabitation Agreement" Oksana Grigorieva and Mel Gibson signed requires each of them to give the other written notice in the event they break up ... or get back together.

According to the "Cohabitation Agreement" the pair signed back in December 2009, "The parties shall be deemed separated when either gives written notice to the other advising that he or she has elected to separate."

The same also holds true if they get back together: "After the parties separate, the parties may reconcile and resume their previous relationship if both parties give notice in writing of their intent to reconcile and resume their previous relationship."

Nothing says I love you ... like a notarized letter from your attorney.


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Fredrick j frenger jr.    

I bet Oksana has an overzealous girlfriend leading her behind the scenes, they all do. My ex has one always barking about what an arrogant schnook I am. But back when things were cool I had to run all sorts of errands for this broad; driving her from here to there, helping her pick out clothes, listening to her stupid stories, all while biting my tongue. My kids and I even had to drive eighty miles to pick her up at the airport, and do you know what she did five into the ride? She took a crap in her white pants! Me being ‘Mr. nice guy’ tried talking about anything to save her the embarrassment. Thirty minutes later, people are gagging, this chick is poker faced and I’m giving a tutorial on advancements in carpet fibers.

I asked my ex “so now that we’re broke up, this chick has the gull to sit back and pontificate about me? After all the nice things I did for her, after listening to all those worthless stories? She takes a dump in my car and doesn’t even have the courtesy to acknowledge it and she’s whining about ME?! It took my kid HOURS to clean that thing up lady & there’s still a stain. Anyway, to my point: there’s probably a lot of screwy chicks involved in your mess Mel.

1492 days ago


Oksana took a dump in Mel's car while wearing white pants? Wow, that's nasty!

1492 days ago


10. Very early on in their relationship Mel out gunned Oksana and had her signing all kinds of stuff. He was probably represented by several attorneys while she could afford NONE. The fact that he wanted her to sign something like this tells me he really manipultated her. Posted at 1:33 AM on Sep 25, 2010 by JLS

Well, maybe Oksana asked one too many questions about his finances or family. Expected him to pay one too many times or didn't offer to herself at others. Just because someone can afford to always buy, doesn't mean they should, or not watching you to see if you expect them to do so.
Perhaps Mel got a whiff of Oksana's past just like we did; fool should have run like his pants were on fire, but Oksie probably got her pregnant by then. (natch)

1492 days ago


The pick is reqally great!
Thank you!

1492 days ago


Harv - Jason - Mike = excellent

Max? - not so much - needs make over, so doesn't wear farmer cap guber-style

1492 days ago


Apparent -

92% team Mel

8% team Ox

0ver 90k responses to TMZ poll

DH - public opinion - is not on your side

1492 days ago


This is standard agreement wording, but I doubt it would have gone that way. In any case, she was free to end the relationship anytime she wanted. No one put a gun to her head to make her keep f*ucking him and giving him b*lowjobs!!

1492 days ago

Blue Craze    

Rule Number One:

Don't marry your ho.

1492 days ago


im not on any side
but her english is not bad
shes been living in UK for 10 or more years before she came here
so she speak quite good from what i heard so far

1492 days ago


Like the comment Nothing says I love you like a notarized letter from the attorney. That's better than Hallmark. Mel Gibson was never never going to marry OX and after this, I can't imagine anyone else would either. It was never on the agenda. She was hoping for a miracle - she saw his dollar signs and figured she wanted in on that but got fooled. I hope Mel Gibson has learned a lesson from all this. Never never pick up with a bimbo. Better yet, beg your wife for forgiveness and if she will reconsider, go home where you belong. Lastly, stop calling yourself a Catholic, fundamentalist or not. Adultry is unacceptable Mel and you were still married.

1492 days ago


@ Sweetheart wow cant belive been like 6 months and you re still arguing about that Mel is not the father of the child.
You must be using some hard core prescription pills.

1492 days ago

j Coy    

READ Invesigative reporter
DEIRDRE McGill's Series on Mel and Oskana
On the partner website Associated Content.
She gives TMZ alot of love and her articles are fearless.
Read " When is Extortion Extortion" where she calls out the bull dog attorney Gloria Allred.

1492 days ago


Mel kept his end of the bargin - he gave it to the beotch on tape and it was more than likely followed up with a notarized copy:

"I don’t want that woman. I don’t want you. I don’t trust you. I don’t love you.”

1492 days ago


When there is so much money on one side, a real wife and so many
children (from a legal union)
why would Oksana want to tear down this family? $$$$$$$$$$$


BUT instead of STEAK, she got a BURRITO

1491 days ago


This woman is nothing more than a joke!! She has zero credibility--she is after the CASH!!!!

1491 days ago
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